7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

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Javelin melee is actually pretty good in an emergency situation, since a stance switch is sometimes more reliable than a weapon switch, though you'll be doing much less damage in an attempt to fend off an attacker.
Thats the problem. Its not an emergency weapon, its a main weapon. You can deal 50+ damage to heavy infantry reliably, with fast attacks. Add the fact that everyone with javelins have insane movement speed, and its annoying as hell to fight.
Reduce the speed and damage of melee mode and its fine.


Someone needs to sit down with the employee that created the ranked system and explain to him what ranked means.

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The problem is that right now they are not being matched against each other. We currently have 6-stacks queueing into 6 randomly assembled players, hence the need for some separation between the two queues.
but there are not enough players to do so. Sometimes over all not even 50 players are on the skirmish mode...


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I don't care about rankings at all. I want to play with smart and decent teammates who can play complex tactics. Why do I need a random set of partners and the same primitive tactics (aka inf rush)? It doesn't give me pleasure.
Before this patch, our team was mostly matchmaking with noticeably comparable teams in terms of skill, and we were getting tactically difficult, but interesting matches... Now I get random partners, and with them (in most cases) I get suffering and boredom over the past state of matchmaking and my smart and decent friends from this game.
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