6 months into EA and devs still do not understand what ruins their game.

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It's pathetic that it has come down to this, since early summer 2019, veteran players and then newer players alike have made it crystal clear that there are several fundamental issues with the game that are getting fixed so slowly that even even on official release and exit of early access, the game will be dead regarding its multiplayer aspect. Let's not kid ourselves, early access is simply a title for most people, official release won't change the playerbase much and whoever is a die-hard warband fan either bought this and dropped it within the first 2 months, or did not even bother at all. Since last summer, key issues of the game have been:

*Archery is extremely easy and arcade like, in a game that wants to be realistic and grounded.
*Classes run the game to the ground, majority dislikes it for anything else other than Captain's mode, where it does actually fit.
*Combat has been horrible for infantry for over a year, it's either too slow or spam like, stances are a system nobody asked for, nor anybody likes since it adds nothing of complex depth in the game.
*Map design too open for most maps
*No personalization or customization
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*Outrageous claims by community managers that steamrolling would not exist, the new modes would be better than older ones, more competitive environment for those who wish it, a welcoming experience to the new people.

Steamrolling is at all time high, worse than warband ever was and worse than what power-fantasy mods like mercenaries and CRPG were. The new mode, Skirmish, is a total travesty, effectively trying to 'ReiNveNt ThE WHeeL' instead of adopting the great upgrade-gear-with-gold standard, and forcing assymetrical classes to try and compete into set-in-stone flags on each map. Regarding the new player experience, it's absolutely hostile against anyone new. There are no tutorials, feeling like playing a fighting game without anyone teaching you the most basic combos, you get thrown against premades etc. etc.

It's very clear that based on claims made in beta and before, the inter-communication between the team is an absolute joke. Recently, crush through has been introduced, a feature nobody cared for or asked even by the testers who help TW, yet TW ignored everyone, as always, and done their own thing. In a game oversaturated with RNG damage values, speeds and a combat that makes no sense most of the time regarding anything melee and hitbox-wise, they introduce another ****ty mechanic in the game. And not only that, they have the audacity to not even take a look at how it worked in warband, or mods that used it much much more like Mercenaries in order to gather knowledge and balance it accordingly.

The latest patch has made the game into a ****ing spamfest of who can click and spazz the mouse around faster. But thats not the worst, the worst is that it made slow 1 handed weapons unviable further more, all while 2 handers can still outrange you by pressing S, aka no effort, can still swing magically faster than you, and can still run like speedy gonzalez.

And now, in the present, there is no talk about classes other than 'mid-infantry'. I swear to god TW wants to take the game to the grave with them. They do not want to admit the class system is ****ing garbage, and they defend it, all in the same time the playerbase has been reduced to like 10 clans who play the game out of 'hope' for the future and many of them do not actually enjoy it. But they play it with the hope of change and because they are used to competitive warband.

Staying in the present, there are no talks about new siege maps, the so called 'fan favourite' and they try to introduce a skirmish ranked mode. Like anybody gives a **** about skirmish or 'competitive' anymore.

All in all, an ignorant developer team who does not really give a **** about what the players say and want, and they try to force their 'vision' on players. I would accept a vision from someone who is reknowned by their achievements in competitive game-making. I will not accept the bull****tery you continue you add on your game and leave fundamental issues unfixed. You cannot fix combat properly, or you do it in the pace of a turtle, you won't admit class system is garbage and remove it like any fan-respecting developer would do.

That's all, this is a rage post that comes from my love of warband but at the same time how sick I feel playing a game which is a decade old and all the hopes for bannerlord that get shattered everyday by a bunch of clueless men who ruin its multiplayer patch by patch.

Any game that makes me quit during morning/afternoon because i cant find matches due to low population, mean they are ****. Even on peak hours we struggle to find matches, or we end up playing with the same people again and again. If you cannot understand that and still defend bannerlord, then I really have nothing to say.


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Something hilarious is that the glitched on the tdm map are still not fixed and literally 3/4 of the server would rather glitch than play. Game is dead


Sad days... i really liked captain mode but the fact that TW doesnt police its servers from tkers and overall asshats, and how they generalize the "balances" for ALL of the modes rather than having it seperate really killed it for me. Havent been on for about 2 weeks, and quite frankly, I probably wont be back. Last time I was on, game was dead (30+ minutes to find a game with only 3 people, with one of them being a well known tker).

I really hope they turn things around.


It's sad to think we all agree on this.
I would like to know what the non forumite average player thinks, even though the low population in the servers should be enough already.


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I think adding pre-made classes was very unwarranted for. But the issue about combat is that for a new player it probably won't make a difference, and given that the majority of players play SP they are more likely focusing on that (After all, they are just fighting an AI) . At the end of the day SP is probaly what brings huge revenue to TW
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Game needs battle/community servers/custom banners etc and an actual good trailer with someone showing off the mp combat that isnt dog**** to bring people back. Mordhau for example had a good trailer that got streamers attention which made thier community grow, Among Us is a recent example of streamer influence. Combat and balancing is in a bad spot atm but its still fun when its populated.


I have to agree. I think if TW acknowledged some of these issues it'd go a long way. The worst part is that some of these issues have been brushed off by the devs as it's working as designed. But that design is ****. Hope they give some input into these issues soon because I can't even stand playing a whole round now.


personally i need a mode that can homing my skill back to my warband level, i dont get to do that on TDM, and in peak time skirmish i can't match the top player 1v1, i just wanna a public option that can work on my instinc back to the top. and for that TW simply can't deliver. and balance is not even a issue here since i already start to abuse that spin spam contest to abuse other newcomer.

and for what i really disrespect Developer is: if they got balls they will just dropped the skirmisher mode at start, just leave it to the community since they are not that many to start with around 1.000 top, and just focus on Captain mode which i believe is where the New causal base is.

instead they kick off this half bake class system try to attract player that never been attract it 10 years ago. Guess developer believe those new player are not into warband is simply because there was no Class back then... it's just sad, logically sad.
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it was easy to answer "what's ur favorite game?" in the past decade
the answer was mount & blade
right now, bannerlord release burned it self and warband


Its sad to think how i was hyped up for this game 8 years ago just to come to the point where i am dissappointed with it. Especially the combat system. I dont like how they forcing us their "innovative" ideas ensuring us how good its gonna be. Because it won't. And I dont like the approach they take to make it ****ing esport. Damn even that word is cringey. 🤮


I don't understand. It's like the devs never heard of Warband and its mods... and they definitely never played it.
If they had dropped a Persistent Kingdom mode done by them, with the support of the original mod developers since it was their idea, RP elements, allow players to play instruments and a proximity voice chat, Bannerlord would have been so popular between streamers.
I mean, we have the football player Kun Agüero playing GTA V RP streaming to thousands of people, I doubt a medieval RP mode would have got so far, but man it would have got together people for sure, and it would have been fun. Instead they just focused into their niche competitive scene and they didn't even got that right! That's laughable. I love SP but the MP I can't stand it, and I used to play Warband with my own clan lmao.
If PW is done right and simple this game will get hyped and popular in a matter of months. What people look for is to interact with others in dumb ways, competitive games exist obviously, but Bannerlord can serve both, for sure
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