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The 59th Regiment of Foot was once the valiant 4e that fought for the Emperor and France. We now fight for King (Gorge III) and country. We are an active regiment with a regular attendance of 20-25 per event and there is always 10+ in teamspeak at times of the day ready to play games and chat because we are a close group. We have around 5 events a week including, line battles, sieges and Training. In the 59th you don’t have to be high ranked to be known and welcome everyone from around the world, recruits will be accepted into are close group from the very beginning. We have a complex administration, and ranks play a big part in the 59th however you don't get rank-spammed, you need to earn it through your time with the regiment, which works as a good system of fairness and not bias. The 59th Regiment of Foot focuses on melee but can unleash a overwhelming well aimed volley, we are known for good formations in our battles that outweigh are opponents!

But why the 59th? Well it's easy, because we're understand that in the end its just a game. And you game for fun. We try to be the best, whilst keeping it fun for everyone. You don't have to attend all events, but we'd like to see you attend as much as you can. Besides that, we're all friends, and game alot. And that's also why you want to join a clan, right? Well I think you almost can't resist to join the 59th. So why don't you just signup now! Or just read furthur!

Ranks and Roster

Senior Officers
Lieutenant-Colonel; Lt-Col
Major; Mjr

Junior Officers
Captain; Cpt
Lieutenant; Lt
Ensign; Ens

Non-Commissed Officers
Warrant-Officer; WO

Regimental Serjeant-Major; RSM
Serjeant-Major; SjtMjr
Colour-Serjeant; CSjt
Serjeant; Sjt
Corporal; Cpl

Lance-Corporal; LCpl
Kingsman; Kgm
Fusilier; Fus
Private first class; Pfc
Private; Pte
Recruit; Rec

Thanks to Spunned



59th Regiment of Foot was an infantry regiment of the British army, Formed in 1755 in response to the threat of renewed war with France.

War broke out between two great nations, Great Britain and France this war would become to be called "Seven years' war".
The British Army was increased. On 23rd of December 1755 Sir Charles Montagu a Lieutenant-General raised the 61st regiment of foot in the counties of Leicestershire and Northhamptonshire.

Following the disbandment of two junior regiments the 61th were renumbered as the 59th regiment of foot in the following year 1756.

"Lieutenant-General Montagu was the son of Brigadier-General Edward montagu, Colonel of the 11th Foot and Governor of Hull. Montagu had a brother that died at the battle of Fontenoy being the lieutenant-colonel of the 31st foot."


Shortly after 59th regiment of foot was formed they were moved from England into Ireland for garrison duty until 1763. The following year 59th were sent into Nova Scotia America. They remained stationed there untill 1772 when they were stationed in Boston Massachusetts.

" The American War of Independence broke out 1775 and ended 1783, It was war between Great britain and the thirteen Colonies, It grew into world war between Britain on one side and the newly formed United states, France, Netherlands, Spain and Mysore on the other side. The main result was an American victory "

When the American War of Independence broke out the 59th were still stationed at Boston and the regiment suffered several casualties, 1776 the remaining soldiers of 59th returned to Britain to reform.

In 1782 59th Regiment was assigned to garrison.
In 1782 all regiments of the line without royal title were given a county designation and the regiment came to be" 59th - 2nd Nottinghamshire Regiment of Foot ".

"Boston Tea Party"

When the War with revolutionary France the 59th formed part of the British force and were dispatched to Flanders.
When the 59th arrived to Flanders 1794 the situation wasnt good for the British Army and their allies. The 59th were evacuated back to England in 1795.

Later the same year the 59th sailed to the West indies where they were to remain for seven years. Stationed in Saint Vincent where they suppressed uprisings by the Maroons.

" Maroons were escaped slaves in the West indies and America who forumed the indepen0dent settlements, In the New World, as early as 1512, black slaves had escaped from Spanish and Portuguese captors and either joined indigenous peoples or eked out a living on their own and were later to be called Maroons."


2nd battalion, 59th Regiment of foot.
In august 1804, while stationed in England, A second battalion of the 59th foot was raised. When the 1st battalion sailed to Cape of Good Hope the following year the 2nd battalion were to remain on garrison duty in England, Ireland and the Channel Islands until 1808.

The Cape of Good Hope which had been captured by the British in 1795 had been returned to the Dutch under the treaty of Amiens.

" The treaty of Amiens temporarily ended the hostilities between the French Republic and the United Kingdom during the French revolutinary wars. it was signed in the City of Amiens. The treaty only lasted a year. "

"Treaty of Amiens"​


On 7th of january 1806 the 1st battalion of the 59th was part of the brigade that landed and assaulted the Dutch forces, The Dutch surrendered. 59th had light casualties and the battle for the Cape of Good Hope where the first battle the 59th got battle honour.

" A battle honour is an award of a rht by a government or sovereign to a military unit to emblazon the name of a battle or operation on its flags "
Meanwhile the 2nd battalion sailed to spain in 1808. On 16 january 1809 it took part in the Battle of Corunna. Later the 2nd battalion were sent back to England for garrison until 1812.


From France the 1st and 2nd battalion werepart of the British Force that were dispatched to Belgium. While they were present in the Waterloo area they didnt take any part in the hostilites,
that has formed part of the army of occupation in France the 2nd battalion were sent to England and later is 1816, they were disbanded.


For the next 20 years the 59th were assigned to garrison duty when they were sent to China 1849 to become part of the small force enforcing the terms imposed on China following the first Opium war.

" The First Anglo-Chinese War 1839–1842 known popularly as the First Opium War or simply the Opium War, was fought between the United Kingdom and the Qing Dynasty of China over their conflicting viewpoints on diplomatic relations, trade, and the administration of justice "


" First opium war"​

In 1856 Britain deemed the terms of the treaty to have been broken, and the Second Opium War commenced. In January 1858 the 59th Foot, along with members of the Royal Marine Light Infantry and the Royal Navy occupied the city of Canton
In 1858 the 59th Foot moved to South Africa, subsequently returning to the United Kingdom in 1861. From 1867 to 1878 the ergiment again served in India and Ceylon. From India the 59th Regiment of foot crossed into afganistan in November 1878 as part of an invasion force, seeking to stem the Russian influence in the region. April 1880 they fought in the Battle of Ahmed Khel. 59th returned to england later the same year.

1 july 1881 the 30th and 59th foot became the 1st and 2nd battalions of the east Lancashire Regiment. The Lineage of the 59th is now continued by Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.
We now have a server , 4e_Grenadier_Server. It will be commander battle ( almost ) all time, and it will be passworded when we train / have linebattles.

A vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRbmqv5_je0&feature=youtube_gdata
Hey Mack you may want to update that roster,people don't like regiments with such small rosters and I'm sure we're up to 20 people or more.
jezza93 said:
Hey Mack you may want to update that roster,people don't like regiments with such small rosters and I'm sure we're up to 20 people or more.

I'll do it after tonight's bootcamp.

Skass said:
And there goes the 4e again  :razz: Good luck Mack, you Noob :grin:

Thanks noob, go host your linebattle instead of being mean to me :sad: !

Tromez said:
Good Luck Mack! :smile:

Thank you very much!
Just a question; do you guys both have British and French ranks? :p
or ever other serious regiment if the game will never take your seriously, but yeah the opinion of one ?German? is far more important.
Frederickson said:
or ever other serious regiment if the game will never take your seriously, but yeah the opinion of one ?German? is far more important.

I feel offended now :cry: :razz:
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