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57th Regiment of Foot


The regiment started out as the 59th Regiment of Foot raised in Gloucester in 1755. After the disbandment of the 50th Regiment of Foot and the 51st Regiment of Foot in 1756, it became the 57th Regiment of Foot. In 1782, it was given a county connection, becoming the "57th (the West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot".
The 57th Regiment earned their nickname of "the Die Hards" after their participation in the Battle of Albuera, one of the bloodiest battles of the Peninsular War, fought on the 16 May 1811. The commanding officer of the 57th, Colonel Inglis, was struck down by a charge of canister shot which hit him in the neck and left breast. He refused to be carried to the rear for treatment, but lay in front of his men calling on them to hold their position and when the fight reached its fiercest cried, "Die hard the 57th, die hard!". The casualties of the 57th were 422 out of the 570 men in the ranks and 20 out of the 30 officers. The Allied commander of the Anglo-Portuguese force Field Marshal Beresford wrote in his dispatch, "our dead, particularly the 57th Regiment, were lying as they fought in the ranks, every wound in front".".
The 57th arrived in New South Wales during 1826 serving at Van Diemens Land, Sydney, Victoria South Australia and the Swan River colony. The regiment was transferred to Madras in March, 1831. In 1881 it was united with the 77th (East Middlesex) Regiment of Foot to form The Middlesex Regiment.
Its regimental marches were 'Sir Manley Power' (quick) and 'Caledonian' (slow)

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33rd Regiment of Foot (Line Infantry)
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Event Schedule
Monday Linebattle 20:00 CET
Tuesday - Formations 20:00 CET
Thursday - Melee Training 19:00 CET
Thursday - Siege Event 20:00 CET


Colonel [Col]
Lieutenant Colonel [LtCol]
Major [Maj]
Captain [Cpt]
Lieutenant [1stLt]
2nd Lieutenant [2ndLt]
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Do not:
Troll, Spam, Insult, or Teamkill!

Anyone that shows maturity are welcome to the regiment. We will only recruit people from Europe, as this is best for the gaming experience. Players from other parts of the world will experience lag where we will be playing.
You can apply to the regiment through our website www.57th.xippy.org

Or you can apply to the regiment right here on this topic, by filling out the Application Template

Application Template
Steam login name: 
(Your account name, not your current one.) 

Desired nickname in game: 
(Add 57th before the name. e.g 57th Bill.) 

(Your current age.) 

Current residency: 
(Country you currently live in.) 

Do you speak english: 
(It is required you at least understand English.) 

Do you have teamspeak 3 and a microphone: 
(Teamspeak 3 is required. A microphone is not, but is handy.) 

Are you willing to fully dedicate yourself to the Regiment, follow the Code of Conduct and stay active: 
(More of a oath than a question.

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So the 57th is remembered for getting slaughtered according to your history section and it's called "Die hard" because the wounded colonel shouted obscure slogans. Seems like a glorified article you pasted there.

And good luck.

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