56th Regiment of Foot (West Essex) Recruiting!

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56th Regiment of Foot (West Essex)
A Brief History
The 56th (West Essex) Regiment of Foot was an infantry regiment in the British Army, active from 1755 to 1881. It was originally raised in Northumbria as the 58th Regiment, and renumbered the 56th the following year when two senior regiments were disbanded. It saw service in Cuba at the capture of Havana in the Seven Years' War, and was later part of the garrison during the Great Siege of Gibraltar in the American Revolutionary War. During the French Revolutionary Wars it fought in the Caribbean and then in Holland. On the outbreak of the Napoleonic Wars the 56th raised a second battalion in 1804 as part of the anti-invasion preparations; both saw service in India and in the Indian Ocean, with the first capturing Réunion and Mauritius. A third battalion was formed in the later years of the war, but was disbanded after a brief period of service in the Netherlands. The regiment spent much of the following period on foreign garrison duties, and saw service in the later stages of the Crimean War, at the Siege of Sevastopol. It was despatched to India during the Indian Mutiny, but did not see active service. The regiment was amalgamated with the 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot to form the 2nd Battalion of the Essex Regiment in 1881, as part of the Childers Reforms; the Essex Regiment's lineage is currently maintained by the 1st Battalion, Royal Anglian Regiment, a mechanized infantry unit.​

Regimental Roster

Col groenewoldr​


1. Rec Recruit​
2. Psc Private Second Class​
3. Pfc Private First Class​
4. LCpl  Lieutenant Corporal​
5. Cpl Corporal​
6. Sgt Sergeant​
7. SLt Sergeant Lieutenant​
8. Lt Lieutenant​
9. Cap Captain​
10. Maj Major​
11. LtCol Lieutenant Colonel​
12. Col Colonel​


1. Respect your Commander
2. Respect Peers and Elders
3. Be Mature
4. No Rude or Inappropriate Language
5. Be Respectful of the enemy​

We Will Use Faction Banner

Where did you hear about us:
Why do you want to join:
What is your preferred in game name:
What is your experience:
Can you follow commands:
Where did you hear about us: A EU regiment leader named Neo
Why do you want to join: I want to get into these line battles
What is your preferred in game name: Dinoalptug
What is your experience: None but I have played some multiplayer  matches
Can you follow commands: Yes of course
Email: I am not allowed to post it, according to the forum.
Steam Name: Dinoalptug
gokiller said:
How can I join this lot of good men? I m new at this game but I have played the game Mount and blade warband. Iam a good sport and say good game after I win or lose something. I will fight for freedom and for life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness for the world and for its people and if I have to die to do so then so be it.So follow me boys bayonets forward! 
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