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Posting this here since I don't want to mess up the picking thread right now.

Number  Picking Team  Time (BST)
1  Thunders  18:00-18:03
2  The One Eye Family  18:03-18:06
3  Espada  18:09-18:11
4  Carthage  18:13-18:16
5  303  18:16-18:23
6  Wolfpacks  18:23-18:26
7  Mudlarks  18:26-18:29
8  Convaleyne  18:29-18:32
9  Mistake. Jump on the next one.  18:32-18:35
10  Polish Eagles  18:35-18:38
11  Stormcows  18:38-18:41
12  Opportunity Ducks  18:41-18:44
13  Cheshire Cats Clan  18:44-18:47
14  Nvno and Frandz  18:47-18:50
15  Battle Ready Orphans  18:50-18:53
16  Sith Order  18:53-18:56
17  3 Ok Akıncıları  18:56-18:59
18  Mauz  18:59-19:01
19  Defenders of Faith  19:01-19:03
20  Gruppe von Leuten  19:03-19:05
21  Fearless  19:05-19:08
22  Calaquendi  19:08-19:11
23  Tschabowy  19:11-19:13
24  Team Rising Flame  19:13-19:16
25  Enmity  19:16-19:19
26  Unity  19:19-19:21
27  New Kiddos  19:21-19:24
28  Elastic Warriors  19:24-19:27
29  Illuminati  19:27-19:30
30  Albatraoz  19:30-19:33
31  Warband Ultimate Team  19:33-19:36
32  Demba Ba Army  19:36-19:39
33  BeNe Benchers  19:39-19:42
34  Bendetto's Points  19:42-19:45
35  BEHWUI  19:45-19:48

Whats with this picking order? You are curerntly allowing teams with less round won to pick before teams with more rounds won, even though in the rules it says the order should be the other way around:

[§ 1.2: Pick-System]
(1) In order to determine the opponent for the next match, a picking system will be taken. Teams can decide their opponent by their own. 
(2) The Pick-Night is always on Monday at 18:00 BST till 20:00 BST .
(3) Picking order is prioritised as follows:

• For the first pick night, teams will pick according to their order of registeration, from the first to the last.
• After that, teams will pick in order of points from lowest to highest.
Should teams have equal priority, then the team with the most rounds won is given priority.
Also, with teams that have equal points and rounds won, its pretty weird to set their picking order by their team names, which is the case right now for example with the five teams that have 16 rounds won (WUT picking first and BEHWUI last etc). Would be better to just randomize the order in that kind of case.

Currently the picking order is just a mirrored version of the league table, which should not be the case.


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Asked Tardet about this rule before the pick night:
(4) Teams may not pick a team they played against in the previous week or a team more than two levels above them, unless there is no other alternative.
This is why it's from bottom to top, because as the top team, you could pick everyone below you.
I'm pretty sure it will be changed once that rule is changed.


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I am pretty sure there will be an update concerning these certain rules.
Thanks for pointing it out, though:smile:


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Maybe for next seasons, in thread where new teams join Division C, old ones should confirm that they still want to play, because it seems that at least two teams after pre-season left and didn't let anybody now before normal season started.


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In the first week 2 teams of devision C withdrew from the league.
How will this affect the already posted fixtures regarding upcoming matches? Will there be just default wins for the teams that were randomized against a withdrawn team?

If yes, how are you going to handle the issue that a team with 3 default wins will most likely have a better rank in the league than a team with 3 wins in played matches due to the higher amount of rounds won?


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imemine said:
After week 1 we will re-make the fixtures, since we still have an even amount of teams, there will be no default wins. Thanks for pointing this out ChatNoir. :smile: