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This thread will be used by admins and streamers to announce and archive streams. Please feel free to use this thread to request streams.


French Toast
Would like to see some streams for the following matchs :

03/07/15 19:30 BST : BEHWUI vs One Eye Family
03/07/15 19:00 BST : Polish Eagle vs Enmity
04/07/15 19:00 BST : DoF vs Sith
05/07/15 19:00 BST : BRO vs GvL
05/07/15 19:00 BST : WUT vs Thunders
05/07/15 19:30 BST : Mudlarks vs Elastic Warriors



French Toast
18/07/15 19:00 BST : Emnity vs Rising Flame
18/07/15 20:00 BST : Carthage vs 303
19/07/15 19:00 BST : Mudlarks vs Polish Eagles
19/07/15 19:00 BST : 19 BST WUT vs Mauz
19/07/15 19:30 BST : Tschabowy vs The One Eye Family
19/07/15 20:00 BST : DoF vs Wolfpack

For streamers.


Sergeant Knight
That's a lovely overview Tardet! It convinced me to stream tonight  :mrgreen:

Gonna do a back to back stream tonight.

It will be rusty cause I've not done one in a long time  :iamamoron:

[list type=decimal]
[*]19:00 BST : Mudlarks vs Polish Eagles
[*]20:00 BST : DoF vs Wolfpack

EDIT: Twitch is screwing me over so I'm recording instead of streaming. Will upload my footage on YouTube as soon as possible!
I managed to record most of Demba Ba Army vs Opportunity Ducks. Sorry about the scoreboard, I didn't realise they were called Demba Ba Army, so I just used the tags most of em were wearing. Although I'm sure they're regretting the Demba Ba name now that he's left xD

I just uploaded it, but once it's finished rendering it should be 1080p.

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