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A while back I saw a website that interviewed musicians and asked them about music they listened to in their past, to see how it affected the music those people were making at the age they were. I like the idea of looking back in time at your own musical taste and seeing how this might have affected your being (and of course your current taste) years later. So, what were you listening to when you were 5? 10? 15? 20? Do you still listen to that? Why did you like it, and do you like it still?

Of course, it doesn't have to be 10 years old, 15 years old, etc, you can look back over your change in taste for one year, or what you listened to in elementary, highschool, college, whatever you feel. My list is broken down into 2-year intervals, because doing only 10 and 15 wouldn't be too much fun.  :razz:

Anyways. What were your favourite songs?

8: Tom Waits - Clap Hands My family took me to see The Black Rider as a child, and from there on I would listen to Tom Waits' album Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years repeatedly.
10: Supertramp - Bloody Well Right My family won an iPod in some sort of raffle, and I would often sneak it out with me for the bus ride to school. It was full of my mum's music, and I quickly fell in love with the Autobiography of Supertramp album she had put on there.
12: The Beatles - Happiness is a Warm Gun My bus ride music shifted from Supertramp to The Beatle's White Album. It was a bit more relaxed than the Supertramp album I had, and had a bit more of a diverse sound.
14: Kings of Leon - King of the Rodeo A good friend of mine introduced me to Kings of Leon. We would sleep over at each other's houses, playing mount&blade and listening to Because of the Times. Kings of Leon marked the spot in my life where I started searching for new music often and actively. If I listed all the bands I found and loved when I was 14, this post would be a lot longer, but I feel that Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes deserve a mention. Kings of Leon was the sound of my summer after eighth grade, and the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys were the defining sound of my first semester of highschool.
16: We Are the City - Peso Loving Squid Between 15 and 16 I started getting into the Canadian indie rock music culture quite a bit, and found a large number of great artists from the West Coast. We Are the City is probably my favourite of these bands, with a good indie rock feel but with some heavy progressive rock influence, and of course a sense of youth and energy that appealed to myself perfectly. Unfortunately, my love of music around this time was accompanied with a heavy sense of elitism. I liked what I liked, and everything else was terrible.
18: Tom Waits - $29.00 Since 16, I had expanded my tastes quite a bit. Indie rock was starting to sound too boring, so I would listen to lots of very intricate or heavily layered sounds; everything from jazz to techno. This broadening of horizons opened me up to a lot of new and old music. I purchased a bunch of new albums by some of my old favourites, and got back into classic rock/blues and of course, rekindled my love for Tom Waits. Since I'm still 18 there were a lot of close seconds for this list, mainly Talking Heads and Stereolab songs, as well as LCD Soundsystem and Pink Floyd.


Master Knight
I don't really like to define my musical taste by one artist, but I think these had the most impact on what I listen to today.
7: Billy Joel- Uptown Girl I went on a lot of car excursions as a kid and my mom would play Billy Joel nonstop.
12: My Chemical Romance- Welcome to the Black Parade After I got my first portable music player, iStarted getting into Green Day, MCR, Linkin Park... the list could go on.
13: Brand New- Play Crack the Sky Timeless album for me. I discovered more music through my friends.
15: Bad Brains- Jah Calling Moved to California from Virginia. Started smoking weed and experimenting with drugs heavily at the end of eight grade. The stoner "culture" and punk-rock "culture" really appealed to me and though I didn't really invest a lot into the scene, I listened to a lot of punk and ska artists like Bad Brains, Black Flag, and Streetlight Manifesto.
17: Joy Division- Isolation All through high school, I was content with having only a handful of friends. I started becoming more active, cut my drug usage to marijuana exclusively and developed my own taste in music. Joy Division is one of my favorite bands and have since listened to a lot of acts like them. I also listened to a lot of electronic music and synth-pop.
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