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4y Pavlovskiy Grenaderskiy [EU] [Recruiting]

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Welcome to the 4y Pavlovskiy Grenaderskiy

The "Pavlovskiy" Grenadiers Regiment,  formed the most important infantry elite regiment of Czar Alexander's Army. The soldiers were characterized by a very high stature, and wore the typical caps with the frontal brass plaque. Took part, on Grande Armèe soldiers opposing front, to the main battles of the Napoleonic period : Austerlitz, Eylau, Friedland, Borodino.

We would like to emulate this, we are regiment based more on melee than any other. We aim to get into melee as quick as possible and to destroy the enemies ranks with ruthless force and speed. If you think you are great at hand to hand combat in Napoleonic Wars go and submit your application to join us here! http://4thpavgren.enjin.com/


Commanding Officer's

Colonel - Col
Lieutenant Colonel - LtCol
Major - Maj
Captain - Cpt
Lieutenant - Lt


Sergeant - Sgt
Corporal - Cpl
Lance Corporal - LCpl


Private First Class - Pfc
Private - Pte
Cadet - Cdt

Special Ranks

Grenadier - Perceived to be as good or better than an
NCO, they have shown extreme skill in melee

Col - DanishKnight
LtCol - Robert Clive
Maj - Kim
Cpt -
Lt - Christian

Sgt - Zehel
Cpl -
LCpl -

Pfc - Bloody
Pte - Smeagol
Pte - Zacy
Pte - ApplePolice
Cdt -

Gren - Angron


Thank you, I use british ranks because I can never find a good logo pack for teamspeak with Russian ranks :razz:


Sergeant Knight
The 77y also just uses normal english ranks so outsider people can atleast understand what rank people are  :razz:
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