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Scuba Steve

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mario777 said:
Is there any hope still for thid mod to finish ?

Just be patient. It'll be done when it's done, and if it's dead, we'll likely get word on that too. But honestly, I think it's somewhat disgusting at how some people ask "is it dead" in threads that haven't been posted in for a while, and their only form of speculation is that the mod maker hasn't logged in for a few days. Mods take time to make, and good mods take even longer.


:idea: - http://flickrhivemind.net/flickr_hvmnd.cgi?method=GET&page=1&photo_number=50&tag_mode=all&originput=comitatus&search_type=Tags&sorting=Interestingness&photo_type=250&noform=t&search_domain=Tags&sort=Interestingness&textinput=comitatus


















more updates






I'm still looking foward to this mod too. : )

There aren't many Dark Age/ Late Antique mods out there, and beside, this one is developped by 1257AD gang's friend. How can I miss it.

Ritter Dummbatz

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No time to talk yet.  :neutral:

Still developing. Still fun in doing that. Found a bug that gives me quite some trouble. Trying to get back on the internet (not being connecting gives me a feeling of freedom although I feel like my grandpa....both at the same time  :shock: ). Anyway...

Just a 'Hi' to everyone! Especially all those mates from here to which I haven't talked to for far too long. Sorry guys, hope you all do well!

Cu all soon.


I've been looking forward to this mod ever since I first found this topic. This mod kind of reminds me of Brytenwalda since it involves Germanic tribes during the last days of the Roman Empire. I've actually researched/wrote a paper on the Langobards in the past, so that's probably what my character will be. I'm glad to see that the creator is enjoying the making of this mod and I can't wait for the next development update/the mod's release!

Ritter Dummbatz

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mike56 said:
How it goes? Can't you show some new images?  :razz:

Believe it or not but I don't have internet....  :roll:
So, no, I am sorry, I can't.

I am currently trying to make social life a bit more... hmm, challenging?... I am not sure.
I don't really know where this leads to and if I am keeping the things I made so far.
I find courting the ladies to be more fun than to actually get married. And what? You get married and that's pretty much it?
Well, I took the challenge in trying to change this. I mean wars have been fought because of the ladies, haven't they?

To be honest, I am starting to understand why the Mount&Blade developer team kept this simple.
Anyway, I am almost done with that and think this adds a lot more possibilities and fun.

Other things that I was working on were economy for example. It is far more alive now and you won't be the only customer in all of Europe anymore.

I changed a few things for the AI. I'm constantly working on as equal as possible conditions for the player as well as the other parties. Whenever I can see a chance to get rid of things like the player wins a battle in no time all the while other lords keep fighting for days I am usually trying to change that. Well, you still win the battle in no time since the game engine makes it hard to change this but I worked out stuff that evens out these advantages the player has.

I worked in more specific recruitment conditions especially different for roman factions to simulate assimilation of cultures, well...somewhat. So, over time and with certain buildings or so you can achieve regular roman troops wherever romans own a center. And from what I experienced while playing the game this is highly appreciated.


Anyway, the joy to develop this mod  is strongly inspired by the many many details that are already worked in, to see how they influence the game flow, to notice the difference between playing this or that culture and as programmer to see how fast I can develop things by now. I can assure you that you won't get to know everything that has been changed if you play the game just once.

Well, 'nough said. I have pressing matters to attend to... this time real life issues.
Although my real life sucks right now I hope you guys can enjoy.  :cool:

@matmohair1: Thanks man for continuesly posting all the pictures. It is always convincing to see how some of them look those I know from the mod.

When he mentioned about how he try to improve the social life and courting the ladies, I thought he was talking about real life.

I was like "Oh no! D: Is he going to quit or delayed this project because he is currently in relationship with ladies or something".


Anyways,thank you. I really appreciated the news.


I hope this mod is still alive!  I love this period in history and would love to see another historical Dark Age mod in addition to Brytenwalda.  The previews available look amazing so far! 

If this mod is dead, is there any chance of releasing the completed items as an OSP pack?  I'd love to beef up the item variety in Brytenwalda!  Such beautiful work should be put to use  :smile:


Because imageshack "restructured" their service a while ago. That wasn't something that Dumbatz actively did.
Who also hasn't been active since February last year. Go figure what that means for the mod.
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