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I have a problem and need help, I'm trying to create a new type of Sarranid armor by combining the Sarranid Guard armor with the Sarranid Mamluke armor

this is how I want it to look like in this picture


however, keep notice on this aspect that the armor does not show the straps of the Sarranid Guard armor, that is because I do not want the straps to show in the armor, I want to make it look like the shoulder armor of the Sarranid Mamluke armor is covering the straps, so I purposely got rid of the straps to achieve this part

now this is the problem


I want to bring the Sarranid Guard portion of the armor to look like it is getting attached to the shoulder armor of the Mamluke armor to give the illusion that the shoulder armor is covering the straps of the Sarranid Guard armor even though they are not

so I ask how will I be able do this


I want to get the Sarranid Guard portion of the armor to be aligned with the Mamluke armor, if that makes sense, without distorting the image of the Sarranid Guard armor

note: I am still a novice at using Blender, I know the basics of Blender and have watched a few tutorials, but so far I have not learned what I must do to achieve the result I want for my modeling project

can someone please help me or at least give me insight in what I can try to do ?
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Your Blender version is very, very out of date, but this will still be applicable to you. Go into edit mode, select the vertices that are on the corner of the chest plate, or even the whole top edge, turn on Proportional Editing, set it to a mode that you like (don't worry too much, you can edit the falloff later), and move the verts along the Y-axis (G to move then Y to lock the axis). Mouse wheel up will increase the proportional size, mouse wheel down will decrease it.

I made a quick video demonstrating the idea.
There are better ways to do it, but this is probably the easiest if you're just getting started.


thank you for responding, what about the problem I'm having with some parts of the chainmail covering up small parts of the chest armor ?
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