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Greetings reader we are the 33rd Regiment of Foot and we are looking for new recruits.We are a large regiment but we want to expand our numbers even more.
Our regiment consists of Light company, No.2 Company, No.3 Company, No.4 Company and Cavalry Company

NOTE:The Lights are invitational only, due to their standards for skill being high. If you think your good enough, show them what your made of on the battlefield and on our Groupfighting Server!

Mondays:33rd Internal Event
Wednesdays:Conquest Event
Saturdays:Line Only Event(After the event we play other MW modules)
Sundays:Normal Line Battle(All Companies)
If you are interested in joining or have any questions that would like them to be answered add: Me, [33rd]Flashcoms497,[33rd]Kincaid
[33rd]Tylerus on Steam
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