32nd Hosting Saturday event 28th April


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Hello Vikingr community!

The 32nd will be hosting a Vikingr event this weekend (Saturday 28th of April). We host a "mod event" every Saturday with a new mod each week, and this week its Vikingr.
We try to change our rules to fit the mod and era as much as possible so we will be taking on some of your rules from your events.
It won't be historical or reenact a specific battle as some of your events do.

Please note, this will be an organised event, therefore some rules apply. It is required for all participants to know these rules.

General rules:
• Each infantry group must form a minimum 2 men-deep shieldwall formation before the melee begins.
• Infantry must engage the enemy in formation. Charge at a reasonable distance. When a formation has been broken, one-on-one combat can follow.
• Both Footmen (archers and infantrymen) and cavalrymen must stay at all time with their respective group. Dismounted cavalrymen should try to join the infantry if they are able to. Archers must stay close to the infantry at all times, they can position themselves in front, on the sides or behind the shieldwall.
• Must join another group if 3 or less.
• Players cannot flank an enemy formation on their own. No ramboing, you can't attack out of formation.

Class rules:
• If a group/regiment/clan bring 20 or more people, they can have their own standard-bearer
• For every 3 footman you can have 1 archer. So 6 footmen would be 2 archers
• For cavalry (if we choose those factions), a group/regiment/clan will be picked to play as the role with numbers around 10 people (numbers of cav deppend on amount of people at the event)

If you are interested add Captain Gurudennis https://steamcommunity.com/id/gurudennis/ or Me (Painmace) https://steamcommunity.com/id/Painmace/.
(If you are interested in the other events, other mods, you can still contact us)