32nd (Cornwall) Regiment of Foot


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Lieutenant & Private, 32nd Foot Guards


The 32nd Regiment of Foot was formed by old and new players of the community, as a small number of members in April 2017. They, being veterans of other Napoleonic War Regiments, we wanted to create an atmosphere of respect, fun, and entertainment while playing NW and PF. We achieve this by focusing on using excessive teamwork and tactics while playing the game. Our prime goals are to provide that same sense of comradery in and out of PF and into our other games we play. Our rank structure promotes a meaningful, but not overdone, organisation and couples with our focus on using historical line tactics and commands in both Napoleonic Wars and Persistent Frontier. We brag over several years of experience, and over this time, the Regiment is anything but average. We are consistently welcoming new players and focus on bringing players in that mesh with our attitudes and ideals. Many of those members have stayed and remain here to this day. Rank advancement is possible, we have no set limit for any ranks, and take those that can showcase their capabilities in and out of game, and have shown dedication to the Regiment over time.

We respect and ask that all new members respect everyone in this community, and we endeavour to achieve this goal daily. In addition to our consistency in Napoleonic Wars, we play a wide variety of games and encourage members to play together. We have members that turn up multiple times zones, so in the event, you’re staying up late, we are certain that you will have someone to play with! Our current list of games changes consistently, so if you are even remotely interested in playing with us, whether you are a veteran of Napoleonic Wars and Persistent Frontier or a beginner, no matter the age, you are welcome to join us, just add one of the following recruitment liaisons on Steam. See you on the battlefield! We mainly focus on playing Persistent Frontier as a group, to bring the mod back to life and to also enjoy ourselves, being strict and disciplined doesn't come into play often as we've said, we're only here for fun and the end of the day. If you wish to join the 32nd add either one of the Steam contacts down below, see you on the battlefield soldier!

Our In-Game Tags & Names

In our Regiment, we use a special unique tag that will identify ourselves. The tags are simple to put down and follow. We only want to have our own unique identity and being known in this Regiment as well as the Persistent Frontier community. Our in-game tags will be 32nd_Rank_Name and you can choose whatever name your comfortable with as long as its sensible. We allow Forenames and Surnames for individuals who wish to have one. Here are some examples:

Example 1: 32nd_Sjt_Adam
Example 2: 32nd_Pte_Lucas

We want you to keep your names as simple as possible. It is better for role-playing and being recognised by others in the Regiment. When you have joined our Regiment and followed the recruitment phase, we will give you a talk about the Regiment and what we do in detail. As you may have seen we use ranks in our Regiment. Everyone is alike. We have 2 Commissioned Officers who take leadership in battles and trainings so things don't get muddled up. For King & Country!

Organisation of the Regiment

The Regiment will consist a mixture of Line Infantry and Light Infantry. We are not strict on weapon choosing. In Regimental battles, however, we will work
with formations and try to re-enact historical line formations. These formations require high discipline and knowledge of the game and the commands. One example of this is a double firing column with line infantry and light infantry standing behind them. If we come to use various other units we'll be using cavalry as a flanking force with devastating power. We will try to bring historical 1700s fighting as realistic as possible to the battlefield in Persistent Frontier.

The Regiment will also use a wide variety of historical British military ranks. These ranks will be shown in-game, but they will be in the Teamspeak as well. Reaching higher ranks in the Enlisted section requires you to be skillful and very loyal. Special ranks and medals will be given to people who make the best out of the Regiment and show their very best on the battlefield.

Trainings & Promotions

Here in the 32nd, we have a weekly training on Saturdays, 7pmGMT. These help us to develop ourselves and the Regiment, we experiment with new tactics and formations and train in besieging forts and defensive/offensive strategies. It is not only on the battlefield that you can prove your melee and shooting for promotion but in the training field too. After trainings there will be a small debrief and promotions moment, were certain individuals of the Regiment who have deserved a promotion, are either promoted or medals get given out. There will be a channel for both on how to get promoted and how to earn medals in our Teamspeak! Promotions and certain medals can be handed out for those who recruit above the certain number they need to get before awarded, with that being said, we will also have community nights, nights were members of the Regiment can freely come on Teamspeak to play specific games with other members to make our community more active and encouraging for others. There will be recruitment nights, which will take place every Monday at 6pmGMT.



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32nd (Cornwall) Regiment of Foot
Regimental Muster Roll

Commissioned Officers

Captain. Finn
Lieutenant. Jack

Non-Commissioned Officers


Commissioned Officers: 2
Non-Commissioned Officers: ...
Enlisted Men: 7
Recruits: 2
Total Strength: 11

Enlisted Men & Recruits

Grenadier. OldNosey
Grenadier. Swirlyo

Regular. James
Regular. Clausewitz
Regular. CPU

Private. Doyle
Private. Eross

Recruit. BananaElf
Recruit. Luke

Father Guzzo

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