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3 little things for the singleplayer that may affect player experience in the game

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Hello There Dear Calradians!!

I have Game Mechanic Concept ideas and i want to explain these 3 small but in my eyes very important game mechanic that will make the player bond this world even more.

1)Calradian Card Game

I love the gameplay of the minigames such as tablut board game inside of the game itself however i would also wanna see a Witcheresque card game inside of the which you can play with Ai lords and this hopefully makes the game more immersive gives more reason to talk with these npcs. Just like the Witcher you should be able to play with any Ai lord inside of the game and npcs inside of the Taverns.You could earn special cards from some these npcs and build your own deck just like in the witcher game.

For the Cards

Beginning for this I think there should be 30 unique cards for each Culture which makes 5x30=150 cards also add in general effects cards +30 in total 180 card for the game.

For each Calradian Culture the cultural Influences can be used are listed below

=>Sturgians:Norse/Slavic Mythos



=>Khuzait:Central Asian,Turkic

=>Aserai: Pre-Islamic Arabian Peninsula



I love the death being part the game however when player or other npcs such as your beloved wife dies there is no funeral or burial of their body.I wanna see a mechanic when your Clan members(including you) dies you could give them an eternal rest inside of a city’s cemetery.Giving to your wealth at the moment 2-3 choices can be made with the dead body:

1-It can be just buried with unnamed people(Cheaper version)

2-Cremation(Not so cheap)

3-Special Burial Chamber(Expensive)

I think this small but effective thing would affect players actions inside the game more and give the npcs lifes more importance in players eye.

3)Executed Lords

After you have killed an Ai lord not so much happens.Well i think i have something to with their dead body(!) too. Well if you have some respect to the lord you have just killed you could bury him yourself as mentioned in “Cemeteries” or (here is a sinister proposition) you could put his decapitated body and his severed head on a spike somewhere inside of a city that you own.It could be a dynamic thing that can be put in display inside of a city and be removed say like (in game) 10 days(It has to be shown inside the city otherwise why would you). It should also provide some loyalty in your own town as well.

Here is my 3 Game Mechanic Concept ideas for the game.They look small but in my opinion it will make the game so much more immersive.
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