3. Kurmarkische Landwehr-Regiment

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WildOrangutan said:
Real Name: Frian
Steam Name:Giannero
Ingame Name:Giannero
Preferred Name: Giannero or Gian
Age: 20
Nationality/Time zone you're in: USA, Washington. PST
Have you read and understod our code of conduct?: Yes
Do you have a Mic?: I do
Do you have or are you able to get TS3 (Teamspeak 3)*: I don't, but i'm able to get ts3
How active will you be?**: i might be able to come to the event on the weekend, and sometimes on weekdays
Previous NW or MM experience***: been playing mount and blade warband , but not as much NW
How did you hear about the regiment: from one of your post on other regiment
Accepted, welcome to the regiment man!
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