3. Kurmarkische Landwehr-Regiment

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Recruiting 14+ Mature Players!

[size=12pt]This regiment fights for the Vaterland!
Teamspeak :

About us!

With origins from all the way back to MM. And after one disbandment one year ago we are now back.
Once again under the all mighty wings of Mr_Eazysteel.
And this time we aim to become the most disciplined well organised regiment in NW.
But we will also aim to have fun and make all new comers feel welcome'd in our open arms!
If you choose to join us then be ready to do anything for the Vaterland!


Landwehr meaning militia was one of the core factors in Prussia's war machine during the Napoleonic wars.
To distinguish from what part of Germany each landwehr unit came from they decided to wear different colored uniforms, as you can see on
the left here our unite the 3. Kurmarkische Landwehr-Regiment wore a blue and red colored uniform because they where from the Kurmark area
other landwehr units like the Silesians wore a blue and yellow colored uniform for example.

Code of Conduct

1. Respect others, within our regiment and outside our regiment. You wearing our tag represents us, so represent us well.
2. No retaliation, this includes insults,kicking,teamkilling, and everything alike.
3. Listen to your commanders at all times.
4. Do your duty according to your rank. Do not take on the duties of a higher rank than yours.
5. When in linebattles or trainings use PTS if you have anything to say


In this section I will list all the current ranks we use their abbreviations and what there tasks are in the regiment.

Oberst - Oberst - The all mighty leader of the regiment! Leads in battle and in administration. 
Oberstleutnant - Oberstlt - Second in command of the regiment.
Major - Maj - In command of the first company.
Hauptmann - Hptm - In command of the second company.
Oberleutnant - Oblt - In command of the first zug.
Leutnant - Lt - Second in command of the first zug and protects the zug commander.
Fahnrich - Fhn - Officer in training.

None Commissioned Officers
Oberstabsfeldwebel - OStFw - First in command the 2nd zug.
Stabsfeldwebel - StFw - Second in command of the 2nd zug. Also acts as a bodyguard for the zug commander.
Hauptfeldwebel - HptFw - Flag carrier of a zug and third in command of the zug. Also acts as a bodyguard for the zug commander.
Oberfeldwebel - OFw - In command of a Grupp which consists of 2 cells.
Feldwebel - Fw - Second in command of a Grupp.
Unteroffizier - Uffz - Leads a cell of 3-4 men.

Oberstabsgefreiter - OStGfr - The elitist of the elite, skilled, active and amazing members!
Stabsgefreiter - StGfr - Long time members of the regiment that have proven themselves in both combat and activity.
Hauptgefreiter - HptGfr - Long time members of the regiment that have proven themselves in combat.
Obergefreiter - OGfr - Experienced members that know what there doing.
Gefreiter - Gfr - The backbone of the regiment, should have basic knowledge of combat and formations.
Rekrut - Rkt - Entry level rank, still learning basics.



[td]  [/td][td]-
Traning & Linebattle
[td]  [/td][td]-
6 pm GMT
7:45 pm GMT
6:45 pm GMT[/td]


To join our regiment please fill in this application format here or on our website or if you are not to found of application formats you can always contact me on steam.
Real Name:
Steam Name:
Ingame Name:
Preferred Name:
Nationality/Time zone you're in:
Do you have a Mic?:
Do you have or are you able to get TS3 (Teamspeak 3)*:
How active will you be?**: 
Previous NW or MM experience***: 
How did you hear about the regiment:
*TS3 is required to be able to join the regiment
**This does not affect your chance of being accepted
***State "No Experience" if you have none, when you have no experience you will be trained


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