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Colonel H. Austin


His Majesty's 2nd NottingHamShire Regiment.


The 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot was an infantry regiment of the British Army, formed in 1755 in response to the threat of renewed war with France. It was amalgamated with the 30th (Cambridgeshire) Regiment of Foot in 1881 to form The East Lancashire Regiment as part of the Childers Reforms.

Formation and numbering

In 1754 war broke out between Great Britain and France. As a consequence of what would eventually become the Seven Years' War, the size of the British Army was increased.

On 23 December 1755 Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Montagu raised the 61st Regiment of Foot in the counties of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. Following the disbandment of two junior regiments, the 61st was renumbered as the 59th Regiment of Foot in the following year.

Early service in North America

Shortly after its formation, the regiment moved from England to Ireland, where it performed garrison duty until 1763. In that year the 59th Foot sailed to Nova Scotia where they remained until 1772 when they stationed in Boston, Massachusetts. The 59th were in Boston when the American War of Independence broke out, and suffered severe casualties. The remains of the regiment returned to England in 1776 to reform.



    Cape of Good Hope 1806 (1836)
    Java (1820)
    Nive (181:cool:
    Waterloo (1815)
    Battle of Vitoria (1813)
    San Sebastian (1813)
    Corunna (1809)

How to join?
- You've two ways, to join our Regiment..

1. Add one of us on steam; Thedon1313 , powerbandit1 .

2. Make an apply, below this post.

- Steam name ( Inlog name )

- Ingame Name:

- What do you expect, from being in this regiment?

- What is your exp, with mount&blade, and mount&musket?

- Why do you want to join?

- You understand, that dis-obeying the rules, can get you kicked out / demoted?

What to do, when you got accepted?
1. - Go ingame, and change you name to; HM_2nd_NHS_Cdt_<Name> ,
    - Also change your flag to: http://i52.tinypic.com/2nw0uth.png

2.  - Join our steam community, group. And also add ''Thedon1313'' on steam, if you didn't.

3.  - Download teamspeak 3 from: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
    - If you downloaded and installed. Than go top left corner, ( Connections --> Connect )
    - Than fill this in:

      Adress: ts.hmarmy.org
      Name: HM_2nd_NHS_Cdt_<Name>

4. Well done, you joined our regiment. Now wait till there comes an event / training.

[list type=decimal]
[*] 1. Listen, to your higher ranks.
2. Follow orders.
3. You respect others.
4. You do NOT troll, FUN is something else than trolling.
5. You don't flame, blame others.
6. You act nice, in official server , events, and linebattles.
7. You don't cheat.


Training schedule:
Wedness Day - 7:00 - 8:00 ( GMT+1 )
Friday - 9:00 - 10:00 ( GMT+1 )


Colonel - Col.
Lt.Colonel - LtCol.
Major - Mjr.
Captain - Cpt.
Lieutenant - Lt.
Lieutenant 2nd Class - Lt2.
Ensign - Ens.

Warrant Officers:

Warrent Officer 1st Class - WO1
Warrent Officer 2nd Class - WO2

Non Commised Officers ( NCO ):

Regiment Sergeant Major - Rsm.  ----> Also a drill-master.
Colour Sergeant Major - Csm.
Sergeant Major - SM.
Staff Sergeant - SSgt.
Sergeant  - Sgt.
Corporal - Cpl.


Lance Corporal - Lcpl.
Guard - Grd.
Private - Pvt.
Cadet - Cdt.

- Colonel Staff -

Those guys, talk about promotions & dicisions with the Colonel.

Rank Roster:
Total Men Count: 68


Senior Officers:

Colonel: H. Austin

Lt. Colonel: Bordon
Lt. Colonel: BlueBite

Major: Miggy

Captain: xChampions


Lieutenant: Youp

Colonel Staff:

- LtCol. Bordon
- LtCol. BlueBite
- Major Miggy
- Captain xChampions
- WO1 Taco

Warrant Officers:

Warrant officer 1nd class:

- Taco.

I Battallion:

Leader: H. Austin.
Co-Leader: Bordon.

Line Infantry:

Leader: H. Austin.
Co-Leader: Bordon.

Colour Sergeant Major:

- CSM. Elliot
- CSM. Forteling
- CSM. Sauraus

Sergeant Major:

- SM. MrBubbles


- Sgt. Boindil
- Sgt. Tibu
- Sgt. Prinz_Karl
- Sgt. Wallace


- Cpl. Ancientfaroe
- Cpl. Gamer216
- Cpl. Sharpshooter
- Cpl. MrCrab


- LCpl. Dark
- LCpl. Janissery
- LCpl. RegularRage
- LCpl. Set2121
- LCpl. Snysoo
- LCpl. Peter


- Pvt. CriticalFail
- Pvt. Dievoorje91
- Pvt. Groavia
- Pvt. Eoperic
- Pvt. Jossepro
- Pvt. Machell
- Pvt. Martin
- Pvt. Shooterr
- Pvt. Tanks60
- Pvt. Rixofy
- Pvt. Quinn


- Cdt. Admonitor
- Cdt. Ajax
- Cdt. Akatosh
- Cdt. Baris
- Cdt. Bred
- Cdt. Brum
- Cdt. Colgate
- Cdt. Commander Kyle
- Cdt. Desmon
- Cdt. Ghost
- Cdt. George
- Cdt. Hannover
- Cdt. Joell
- Cdt. Jojos
- Cdt. Kyle Katarn
- Cdt. LuckMcHill
- Cdt. Lyon
- Cdt. Mario
- Cdt. Markus
- Cdt. Matthew
- Cdt. Mitch
- Cdt. Nach
- Cdt. Northman
- Cdt. Norris
- Cdt. Oconnor
- Cdt. Timon
- Cdt. Rain
- Cdt. Rev
- Cdt. Revan
- Cdt. Pema
- Cdt. Seven
- Cdt. Serkan
- Cdt. Sicoen
- Cdt. Graham
- Cdt. Wollmar

Volunteers: ( Often invites in our regiment , They are NOT in our regiment )

2nd_NHS Rank Roster 08-12-2011
Made by 2nd NHS. WO1 Taco.

Updated at: 27-12-2011
Updated by: Colonel H. Austin


Our flag ( Ingame )

- Officers only -

Exellent Commanding Medal:
  - For using extremly good tactics, in battle.

- For All -

Sharpshooter Medal:
- For killing, serveral enemy's , in serveral battles. From a far distance.

Propaganda Medal:
- For recruiting, much soldiers. Or using good propaganda.

Melee Ninja Medal:
- For showing extraordinary good melee fights.

Good diciplined Medal:
- Awarded, to a soldier. Who's good disiplined.

Teamwork Medal:
- Awarded, after showing some good teamwork.

Thanks to Loppen, of the 19th Prussian line infantry. To upload those beautiful Medals..

TS3 Server info.

( We're almost at the top! )


- No trolling
- No racism
- Respect higher rank
- Passworded things, are also for RolePlay. Don't try to get the password.
- Don't hack / glitch use other exploits in any way.
- Don't  abuse your powers.
- Don't insult other people and / or Regiments.
- As a guest, you behave like one.
- If you come in to join. Than make simple ONE time a client poke. Don't spam.

Pictures & Movies. :grin:

Official 2nd Nottinghamshire Trailer:


The British Ambush:

The Escort:

More will come!

<For Members>
Formations & Tactics.

Green = Officer
Red = Soldier ( Reloaded and standing )
Blue = Soldier, who shot & crouching.

Collum: A collum, is a straight line of soldiers. With the captain on top. If the commanding guy, will say forward. You'll move up in a straight line. Behind the captain.

Like this:

Double Collum: A double collum, is basiscly just a normal collum. But with 2 lines. Infront of the 2nd line. Is probalry a officer, so the line will be perfectly straight.

Like this:

: Advance, got 2 definitions in our regiment.

I. If the captain is on the left, and the line on his right. And he says ''advance'' than the captain moves up, than the soldier on his right, than the 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Etc.

Like this:

II. The 2nd meaning is, if the captain is in the middle of the line. And he says advance, that the people in the center will start advancing, as first one.

Like this:

The Machine Gun: The machine gun means, if you've a line of 2, 3 , 4 or 5. In a row of 4/5. Like:

If the commander says: ''Fire''. The first line will fire. Than they will crouch, the 2nd rank will fire. They crouch. Etc etc. When everyone fired, you stand up again.

Like this: ( with 2 lines )

More will come.



Um, think you've got some of your battle dates a bit wrong, Corunna was in 1809, Vitoria was in 1813 and so was San Sebastian, still good luck!
Training schedule updated.

This regiment is also part of the HM now..

All the best to you, however I feel I must point out that Nottinghamshire does not have that many capitals in it. Sorry if this has already been addressed but it does kind of stand out to those who have lived there :s
Nonetheless, good luck :smile:
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