2handed rebalance in MP


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i would like to discuss 2handed weapons in a way that several 2handers will be suited for duels.
and to make them have more blocking and handling chance,

i'm talking about compromising some "existing 2handers" damage and length stats
to their speed and handling

for myself i will speak only of Menavlion.
after reading it stats and comparing it with other 2handed weapons
and of course using it a lot "+200 hours" playing MP

i would suggest that the "light Menavlion" should have decreased length and damage
and compromise that with more speed and handling
right now the stats that are making it slow and not suited to defeat a skilled opponent :
swing speed 83
handling 72

we already have 3 types of "Menavlion"
would u please make the light Menavlion more of a hit and block weapon.
it's too heavy and has a large damage and reach. it's basically a large axe.

this will just add some variety and more fun gameplay in my opinion.


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You are too friendly with changes this will barely change anything.

Reduce the dmg scale of menavlion from momentum, this will reduce the crazy damage it can have on foot. Ideally try reduce the max damage to 90, instead of 160 it can reach. So you will have the reach and speed but not damage, the weapon is too good right now.

Reduce the swing manipulation on all twohanders so we dont have 180 assfacing speedy gonzalez ninjas twisting their spine and hit you max damage. All it will take is slowing the yaw rotation during the swing, simple.