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Apparently, based on about 60 people saying the same thing. Around 2 am EST, for June 25th,  27th Siege had an admin who went crazy in the chat (mainly about people of a certain race) and began mass-banning all players. The server then went offline (no idea, as no one knew).

I advised all players who went to the 15th Humans vs Bots after this happened to post about it on Taleworlds and FSE, so the owner of 27th Siege can get this sorted. It appears that possibly about 100+ people have been banned by a random troll who somehow got the admin password.

Hope this helps out the 27th and good luck with your server!
Had to join these forums for this, I recently got into this game and I've been enjoying it a fair amount. Been spending a lot of time either on the 27th siege or one other that I cannot remember the name of(though I can remember some of the better and more talkative players). Last night I: A. Crashed while on the 27th Siege server and when I turned my computer back on it was no longer on the list of servers and B. Randomly lost connection to the other server and I con no longer see it on the list of servers either(I think, as I could not find the server with those some players). Both were extremely high traffic servers and I was enjoying getting better at the game.

I dunno if the 27th one is connected to the issue that happened last night(I crashed around 1:30-2 EST) but I'd love some advice as I was enjoying this game greatly and loved the nature of both servers.
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