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(268) 268 B.C. Media Center (preview)

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ealabor said:
Here you will find the media center hub for the upcoming release of Hegemony 268 B.C. for 1.011, displaying everything categorized from equipment to custom scenes.
Is it still valid?
or you will skip to warband as you told us?


No, this is for M&B v1.011, look at the name of the topic.

Edit : Aw, i've seen the post of the progress of the work, its a version for Warband or 1.011, or for the two ?
(sorry for my bad english, its not my native language)


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Ok, I myself am confused as well...

All OPs state it's for 1.011 yet I keep hearing these rumours and reading posts about a WB version...

Please tell me it's for 1.011 first.


WoOp wOoP !!!!! Will it be possible to become a ruler in the upcoming version?  :shock:

Might sound odd but for me it would be just mega awesome to be the Roman Emperor and everyone addressing me as "Caeser"  :twisted:


This needs to be released ASAP. I just bought Warband yesterday, but Vanilla feels pretty bland and boring. That, and I don't know the place names, which makes accepting certain quests from lord a major rage. Oh sure, I'll kill that murderer. What's that, he's on the other side of the Kingdom?

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