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Hello friend I have a problem with the hegemony 268 BC and you have the solution: the helmets are dark with a strange texture to put in direct x7 download page there is an article about it just because the link to download the file that fixes this off will could you send me the solution
Link screenshot :http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/703/mb2y.jpg/
Please help me need of that with urgency will take screens for class


Just noticed something while looking at the map:  Buridiva is spelt incorrectly, it should be Buridava - a dava being a Getian/Dacian name for a settlement.


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-AoG- X3N0PH083 said:
Just noticed something while looking at the map:  Buridiva is spelt incorrectly, it should be Buridava - a dava being a Getian/Dacian name for a settlement.
Didn't know that people are still playing this version to be honest.


Is this mod still available? I would love to play it but I can't find a download link that is working. If anyone could give me a hand here I would really appreciate. Thank you!


this mod keeps being build? I'm sorry it has been nearly 8 months since I last checked.. ehmm, is it under construction or already dead? I know this might bother a bit.. but.. you won't see me again in some other 8 months so if you can answer this simple question thanks in advance.


gugicas said:
link is dead  :evil: <snip>
The link was simply in the old format for the Repository. I've updated it, but glancing at the second link should have been a clue to how to get there yourself...without the smiley spam outrage.

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This, my at least partially swaybacked friend, is what we call a corpse.
In particular, it's what we call a dead, rotten to the bone with no chance of revival type of corpse.

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ealabor said:
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Place it back, If you please.

Anyhow, I got a extreme amount of red text after winning a battle. The red text showing up in the combat map. I used the wedge formation, and the Formation Follow tactic. Also, I saw a lot of "templates" in the text. I 'll see if I can recreate it, unless of course, you already know this one. It doesn't really affect gameplay.


this is already a known issue. I've already found a solution to fix the problem and presented it to Mirathei in which he successfully implemented it with his new formations.

I've touched base on this in the readme and bug reports thread. It would also probably be best to post and future findings there as well, and check the first post of it to see if the issue isnt already listed to begin with.


Have looked everywhere for a 'fix' for the 'red text after winning a battle' referred to above-- no luck!  It's not game breaking but is certainly annoying!

Anyone else experiencing this, and if so, is there a fix?  (This is an excellent mod!)


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Please, need an answer. In this topic someone said that the mod would be realised for warband.

Is it true? Nobody wants to help a noob english-speaker?  :neutral:
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