25th Regiment of Foot "King's Own Borderers" [Recruiting] [EU]

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Chief Sosa said:
Styrepils said:
Wow, all this drama!

If you don't have anything better to say than insult us for various reasons, leave the thread, or take the personal beef with Eazy in Pm's and don't include the regiments in the discussion, as this don't reflect the beliefs of the regiments.

Didn't insult your regiment at all. Blame your Captain for insulting me first, I just retaliated like any normal person would. Read the conversation before posting. kthxbai

I don't care who started the discussion first, I just don't want the regiments include in the discussion cause they have nothing to do with it, and thus I don't read the the conversation, cause I care more about the white background you are posting at, than the words you are saying to eachother.

Doge would like to thank you for the contribution.
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