25th Regiment of Foot "King's Own Borderers" [Recruiting] [EU]

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Looking forward to our 1v1 with the 84e next week, whatever the outcome it will be a great experience for us and hopefully will be a lot of fun!
Good linebattle today against the 84e, we lost but we managed to win 4 rounds which I am very happy about. Our shooting was okay but we did really well in melee
Hello, i just started using taleworlds forums, so ill bring some spamm here xD

+ i need help, i made an awesome gif, and i want to put it as my signature, 1st can i ? 2nd if so how the hell can i ? xD
Really good day today, firstly a fun 3v3 groupfighting tournament which my team only lost in the final because Nicos Tk'd me. Then we had a 9v9 Groupfighting match with the 33rd in which we won 10-5, due to very good teamwork :grin: Was really fun thanks folks
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