In Progress 24 Million Tribute Gain for Peace after Kingdom Creation

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Sorry if this problem has already been reported, but my search didn't turn up anything.

I have encountered a potentially Game-Breaking Tribute Calculation after i created my Own Kingdom in Version 1.6.0
How i got there:
- earned some money as a mercenary for the Khuzait
- left the mercenary status to siege a town that had recently rebelled (Danustica)
- went to the other side of the map and went to war with vlandia independently
- won some battles, ransomed the captured lords through the menu in the tavern and sold the loot
- finally created my own kingdom after making some money
- my personal war with Vlandia was taken over into the kingdom
- i could immediatly declare peace, receiving roughly 24.000.000 tribute

The Screenshot is a couple of weeks after the kingdom creation, i waited a while to see if it would disappear after a few ingame days or reloads.
It doesn't, i just checked and today it actually went up to 24,9 from 24,7 million. (without significant war interactions)

Also on a related note, both the Khuzait and the Southern Empire seem to be dumping prisoners of war into my town,
and i get the ransom offers for them, even though i am at peace with both factions. After a reload these prisoners disappear though.

How to Reproduce: Be at war with a Main Faction, while independent, and Create a Kingdom
Have you used cheats and if so which: No
Media (Screenshots & Video):


Community Support
Community Support
Hello, i have forwarded the issue to the QA team. Thank you for reporting it in and for your time.
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