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2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

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Quick Changelog for version 22:
1) All the quests have been updated with new scripts that prevent the parties from wandering off.
Neko quest has extensive choices and dialog revisions.
See the Taleworlds forum for a thread on this.
2) New dynamic campaign map script that both boost and decreases your speed for various factors.
The old scripts actually didn't decrease your speed if you were travelling around enemy territory.
Speed factors:
--Enemy territory near a city or castle: decrease 60% for 2 seconds every 5 seconds.
--Pathfinding skill gives you a larger speed boost
--Riding skill is now a party skill. It boosts your speed about half as much as pathfinding.
--Horses still boost your speed as in native. I plan to add a new script to increase this boost.
--Escaping from hostage situations gives you a huge 4 second speed boost.
--Sneaking slows you about 25%. Sneaking allows you to ambush other parties even if they can see you. Set this in camp menu.
--Loot wagon slows your party by about 20%.
--Weight has a big impact but is still unchanged from native.
--Prisoners should slow your party about 10% and increase with more prisoners.
2.5) You get 5% more ransom money from ransom brokers, and 3% more from young warriors.

3) Flails available that sound and feel authentic.
The two low-tier flails are avaiable from weapon merchants.
The elite steel chain flail is availabe from the 7 special merchants when you get to a renown of 400.

4) Optimization of triggers for minimizing lag issues.
I moved a number of simple triggers over to triggers so I could more accurately control when they go off.
Unless you have a gaming rig, you should see the stuttering occurring every night for 3 hours sometime between 9pm and 6am.
Night is a good time to rest becuase you only go half speed and your party benefits in speed and morale from resting.
You can also read one of the many new books that are available.

5) The script for gaining Right to rule from public speeches is changed.
It's quite complicated. Basically, you need entertainment 4 to start getting responses. Then your persuasion level and renown are the biggest factors to ensure success.
Success still only occurs about 5% of the time on average, but failure (loss of RTR) should be much less common with high persuasion.

6) Two new companions who are level 18 veterans with training skill of 7. Unfortunately, they don't like each other. They are labelled Gtrainer and Bandittrainer.
The Bandit one "Bronn" dislikes Eithne (who is already the most well-liked companion) and the other trainer. The Good one dislikes Brian and the other trainer. I forgot who they like in the party mix.

7) Numerous other tweaks.


Knight at Arms
New source file posted.
I have improve the game even more today.
The flail now is a one-hand/two handed weapon if you toggle with an x. It works like a great hammer, but is longer and slower.
I want to hear if you all encounter any bugs so I can try to fix them before the next patch.

Patch date likely Wednesday.


I play Brytenwalda 1.41 using ''brytenwalda256x256'' low texture patch. Can I use the same patch on your submod?


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I'm not familiar with that but don't see why it would be a problem.
I encourage you to try it out and report back.
The module system I'm using is the latest from Steam.
You can lower your textures manually in options.


Good optimization so no need for that patch, nice mode,congratulations.
Those are the problems I found until now, maybe they are not bugs and is something wrong with my game....
1.Game crush when I try to use any flail...stop working. I try more then once with rusty, heavy....
2.Great hammer is not working as two handed/one handed weapon. Only two handed.
3.I got some ,,unrecognized op-code 2720;line no:3....2718: line no.2.......and: at script:eek:f is_thrusting_weapon..something like that
4.report messages not working in battles
5.Some wrong dialogs like''who are you my lady......I'm the son of....''
That is all I find out until now. I cant say are big problems, only that crush from flail but I can play without. It is good that you add more blunt weapons and more ransom guys. If I got one our to play is not funny to spend half by looking for one.
Thanks for your work,bye!


Knight at Arms
1.Game crush when I try to use any flail...stop working. I try more then once with rusty, heavy....
2.Great hammer is not working as two handed/one handed weapon. Only two handed.
3.I got some ,,unrecognized op-code 2720;line no:3....2718: line no.2.......and: at script:eek:f is_thrusting_weapon..something like that
4.report messages not working in battles
5.Some wrong dialogs like''who are you my lady......I'm the son of....''

I like very specific feedback because it allows me to fix things. I don't necessarily have time these days to play more than 20 minutes into any given patch.
1) What is a game crush?
The flails work to a point. The new OSP pack has not been successfully implemented anywhere yet. You don't see the flail swing is the only problem. They sound and feel like flails though. The steel chain flails have a long reach even if you don't see them actually making impact. I have some PM's out to the developer of that mod to get it working.
2) Great hammer are supposed to be 2 handers. They work because they're just so very heavy. I have 3 other smaller hammers plus 2 kinds of pick-hammers for those who like to use a shield.
3) op-code 2720;line no:3....2718: line no.2.......and: at script:eek:f is_thrusting_weapon Very good feedback. I can track that down. If you see an opcode warning, always save your rgl-log and send me the exact opcode.
4) Their seems to be an issue with people referring ladies as men. I changed some family scripts back in August to make family members less likely to "quarrel". I am not sure how this is occurring and I need some exact quotes to track down the source. If you see that again, write down exactly what you see on the screen.

Thanks and I'll keep improving it.


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Who needs Steam sales when Brytenwalda is working better than ever.
There's no other place to roam dark age England and establish your name in real history!


Fixed: Opcode errors on formations
Crazy spies self-deploying.
Flail now is an awesome weapon when you toggle it with the x. It is like a very long great hammer.
Neko quest

I'm still working on getting the flail to actually show a swing instead of just sound like it and hitting the enemy.
Next patch will fix the strange naming and the funny texture issues.
I am eager to see what you all discover.


Thx for the patch that fast,  now is some good time to rise again! :party:
Yes, you are right there should be more games like this even on steam. I like history much and learing about it while you play in such an awesome time periode like The Dark Ages... Well, not all games can be good as M&B or  (mods)BW.
i will give feedback as soon as possible.


Knight at Arms
Fixed the following issues in this patch:
Opcode on form Battlegroup when you encounter enemies that do formations thank you hootman
Neko quest triggers even better
Farmers more active thank you Dan1

I did not change the itemkinds and made only minor changes to troops.
So if you're modding itemkinds you can keep the one from patch A.

Get it here:



,I found this: SCRIPT ERROR ON OPCODE 1570:invalide item kind ID:-1:Line NO:49
AT SCRIPT:STORE_battle grop_type
I know the great hammer in native and other mods is two handed, but in this mod  great hammer in description is twohanded/onehanded and he act like that but only first part. Normally you cant draw a shield with a two handed weapon but here you can draw the hammer and shield but you cant hit. So great hammer  act like a one handed weapon but only half. I personal can put the shield away and use it like a two handed but companions they will not do that. They see te hammer like one handed weapon but unfortunately they can hit. And I think this is the problem with all weapons they have in description ''twohanded/onehanded. To be honest I try only blunt weapons, the hammers ''great'' and the other one''sladge'' or something like that.
In my last comment I forgot to say that only chain flail make my game stop like ''mount&blade:warband stopped working'', not all flails.  That is the game crush I was talking about. Have a nice day/night ,bye. :grin:


Knight at Arms
That 1570 opcode means that it can't figure out what to do with a guy with an axe in your group assignment. I thought I fixed that in patch b, but please let me know if you see it after using the scripts from patch B.

The great hammers are all 2 handers from what I see. Are you sure you're using a "Great Hammer?"
However, the pickaxes and the long iron hammers are 1-2h.
What this means in this mod is that you start with the weapon as a one-hander.
When you press X=toggle, it becomes a 2 hander with a more powerful attack.
If it's 2h-1h, it's the reverse.

I probably have a trigger error on the cavalry flail I forgot to remove. That's a very easy fix for me.
I am asking alot of people how to fix the flail issues and hope to release a new item_kinds1 by Saturday at the latest..


Sergeant Knight
Just two quick things I was curious about..

While doing a quest it set my relations from 0 to -99 with Neutral faction, when I tried to speak to the Mining Merchant he just says "Surrender or Die." Is this normal?

I was reading that when performing Musical pieces in Town I was supposed to be getting money each time based on my performance? I haven't received anything except for Bardic reputation and renown.


Knight at Arms
Which quest? and which mod and which version?
Since most characters in-game are fac_commoners, it's important that you finish that mission or some new characters  you meet in fac_neutral will give you that dialog surrender or die. There aren't too many characters in fac_neutral but I'd like to know who is.
Can you savegame and try to finish it through cheats then go back to your old game?
If it's neko, you should use the latest patch to fix that issue.
If Iniau, I need to fix that in a new patch as I think he's fac_neutral.

Music is underutilized.
It gives you renown and when you get really good, a small income.
I could increase the amount if you like.
I've done much more with the speech script.
They both depend on renown and persuasion for succes.



Hello, I just recently installed the reworked mod (stand alone) plus both patches and when I try to join a custom battle the game crashed out and I got this error:

Couldn't load "Textures/vaelicus_pictish_shield_ip__1_normalmap.dds

Should I have not installed both patches? I apologize if this is a noob question as I have just started to try out different mods for this game.  Any help would be appreciated. 


Just an update on my previous post. There are actually a ton of errors that pop up. I didnt write them all down since there was probably over 100 but here is a sample of some of them:

RGL warning
Couldn't load "Textures/roman_swods_spec.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/roman_swods_Norm.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/roman_swords.dds edx-1

Couldn't load "Textures/vaelicus_pictish_shield_ip__1_normalmap.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/vaelicus_pictish_shield_ip_1_18.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/vikingweapons1_spec.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/vikingweapons04.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/pino_tunic_smallring_fur_specular.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/pino_tunic_smallring_fur_normalmap.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/pino_tunic_smallring_fur.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/Vaelicus_briton_helm_tex6.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/swad_mail_shirt_a_specular.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/swad_mail_shirt_a_normalmap.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/swad_mail_shirt_a.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/WsumpterBrown.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/std_banners_kingdoms.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/WSteppeBrownPaint.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/sumpter_horse2.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/treesNative.dds
Couldn't load "Textures/skybox_cloud_06.dds

Other things that stood out is that it says RGL WARNING in the windows error box and in game there is something that says: edx-1 after every error in game.



Knight at Arms
This is news to me. I haven't been seeing that from my end.
I'll have to do some testing to see what happened in the latest V22 resource folder.
I might have forgot to load a Texture resource on module.ini.
Note that these will only cause a small number of weapons and armor to show white.
I have some new resources to
All these errors will print to your rgl_log which is in the top of your Warband directory.
It will erase the next time you launch warband.
If you wish, post your error list in spoilers or email them to me at gdwitt at gmail.
Next patch won't be until Saturday.


I am getting my screen flashing nonstop for about 10 seconds once per in game day. It happens just as a bunch of text comes up. This is in the latest version. Any way to stop this?


Knight at Arms
You probably have Cheats enabled.
Go to the camp menu, take an action, turn off cheat menu.
You can still use cheats like heal and see map with this off.
This just turns off developer features.

Right now the game is writing about 20 lines a second to the rgl_log which chews up cpu power.

Every night I've set a trigger to allow all the script to run political calculations, which are very long since there are so many Lords and factions in the game.


Knight at Arms
Update: I am still working on getting the flail working.
As soon as the developer and I get something working I will release a new patch.
I have a new script to use an item that works like a healing potion that I'm trying to figure out how to deploy.
The script was originally built from the horn, but I can apply it to other items.

Several other fixes.
I have a little free time on the weekends to work on things.
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