2015-6 Brytenwalda Reworked pulling together the best features of BW submods +

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New submod Standalone v26 and Patch has been released here!  v27 should be out in April.
Compatible with Warband 1.168 as well as most earlier editions.
This submod is only built for singleplayer right now, though I think multiplayer might still work.

Great documentation and verified download is here:
I also keep a version here that I might not be as updated:

Backup for version 26a:
RECOMMENDED: 1. Download BW Reworked Standalone No music v25 (or the highest number you see).
2. Download the latest patch and merge the folder with the Standalone.
3. If you have already downloaded music from BW, cut and paste that Music folder into the mod folder at the same level as resources.
4. Post your findings to the boards.

Be sure to pick the last patch on the page that is not a sub-submod you don't want.
Last Patch Update November 27, 2016. Recent patch: Jan 23.

Error Reports please post in this thread: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=340983.new#new
Source files here: http://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/5997/?

Brytenwalda Reworked: Experience Dark Age England, Scotland and Ireland

Brytenwalda Reworked 2015-6 Submod Description
First of all, this mod builds on all the great work done by the Brytenwalda team and seeks to keep the spirit and focus of their efforts alive. It includes all elements of Brytenwalda 1.41 with a large number of content and tweak revisions and only a small number of script revisions. I adds onto 1.41 new scripts by TML from 2013. It includes all the graphical enhancements of Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05 at the permission of Brujoloco.
The Goals and Vision of this submod:
1)  To make Brytenwalda more accommodating to newcomers while keeping the intricate historical and political character of the submod alive. 1.41 and Repolished are intentionally realistic, meant to simulate the reality of struggling in the dark ages. It also gets boring quickly to some.
The competition in payer attention from games is much higher than it was 4 years ago. Players expect to accomplish something in an open world like this within 7 days of playing. 

2) To allow players to accomplish things in a shorter period of time. The time frame I have in mind is 1.1 game years to the founding of a kingdom on easy settings and a significant reduction for other settings.  The majority of the script tweaks will make the game about 15% easier on settings. Money will be about 15% easier to make. You will need that and far more to successfully hold onto a kingdom.

3) Make the late game accessible. For me, the running one’s own kingdom is the most exciting part of this mod.  However, doing this without cheating seems virtually impossible. Holding onto a kingdom established without more than 200,000 in savings and huge army was not possible in earlier versions. Many scripts have been altered to make things easier:
• Good Lord conversion is easier with high persuasion skill and RTR
• Adjusting “Campaign AI” has a major effect on the ability of enemy factions
• Better returns on building investments
• Lords are now fixed in character-type/renown. Spreadsheet with all their settings is possible.
• Many other dynamics that will allow you to survive longer as a faction leader.
Older players may argue that this makes the game too easy. However,

4) Immersive Realism to me is ruined by using cheats. I would like all players to be able to play without being tempted to use cheats. As it stands, the game is too punishing and even boring for many experienced players. If players believe the mod has reduced the intrinsic cheating of the AI, they will be less likely to cheat.

5) Simplicity when possible. The scripts in the game are very complex and can overload the game causing stuttering. A number of quests failed regularly due to complex scripting. The most troublesome have been commented out, while others are streamlined or made to run at night. Also, item weight penalties are now based on a simple script rather than the arrangement of items in itemkinds.

6) Transparency. I have added clues in-game to help players make vital decisions. NPC morale and a few other factors appear in-game. Dialogs drop many more quest hints.  Also, making decisions about buying and selling is a huge part of the game, so I standardized and published a list. I plan to publish clear guides to all the quests and other features in the near future.

7) Amplify the effect of acquired skills and traits (RTR, reputation) whenever possible in scripts. Currently, intelligence and charisma skills at high levels only have a minor impact on gameplay. It would be nice to see them make a difference in the game. Since player traits are so important to outcomes, wealthy players can accelerate trait acquisition. Special merchants and quests now feature items with significant bonuses to traits.

8 ) Encourage a diversity of strategies. Banditry or extended Freelancer were necessary shortcuts in earlier versions However, the path to success as a trader, enterprise developer, slaver, ransomer, book reader, warrior or warband leader are now easier. I want players to discover new paths to success and hear about it on the forum.

9) Bring Quests back alive. Most quests have been improved to different degrees:
• Beowulf Sword: Completely revamped with new side quest added
• Arrians: New giver, more challenging, better outcome
• King of Rheged: New dialog and outcome
• Odin’s Cave: Bodyguards, new loot
• Roman Baths: Tied to Hadrian Wall Quest, bodyguards, better loot
• Hadrian Wall: You don’t need to conquer London. Dialog revamp.
• Celtic “Sacrifice” Quest: Revamped, new rewards
• Help Pyr the Elder: excellent items and scripting
• Neko and Cantabrian warriors: debugged and dialog revamped

10) Less Violence: Some players and player parents object to all the bloodshed. All weapons but knives can now toggle to a blunt mode. A scripting project has been started to allow the “use blunts” command to cause most agents to use an alternate form of their weapon that is blunt. There is also a new line of blunt-only weapons.

11) Support for submodders. BW141/Repolished were very difficult for submodders to work with. The biggest change is that the module_items and module_troops have been revamped to features names that are very similar to the names of items and troops seen in-game. This took an enromous amount of time and debugging. Additionally, I have translated as much as I could into source files and have published them on a regular basis. You can access sources files at the link under my profile or http://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/5997/?. I can easily support old and new submods with the new layout. Examples:
-100 Companion submod was recently added.
-Itemkinds1 is much easier to search and directly edit in text. All itemkind classes share a common stub such as kni, seax, sword, shsword,ax,shield,helm,cap,mail,tunic, hammer for blunts, etc.

Partial, Short Changelog (as of Oct 11, 2015):
New Overhead spear animation that works
New Game Icon revamp. Credits largely go to Kraggrim.
Troops have been revised to use ethnically-sensitive gear. Redleg was very helpful with some of the troop upgrades.
New troop trees, esp for Picts, Fresnas, Irish, Briton factions.
New weapons and armors. My favorite is the cavalry flail.
Shield diversity. They are fewer but have diverse stats, requirements and quite are few elite shields are available in quests.
Large shields now require shield skill 3 primarily because the overhead animation cannot be removed for those with the big shields.
Diverse and new gear for tournaments. Bets and Rewards have been upgraded.
Several new books. New read times. New effects of books.
New feature: books from Abbots dialog feature
Prisoner Management Skill added back in and revamped
Agility removed as an attribute to accelerate skill progression. Text file available to add it back in.
Skills-Attribute relation revamped to allow specialization. More skills are now party skills.
Mercenary revamp: New gear, all have blunts, much easier to find and recruit in taverns
Added 5 stable ransom brokers in Loidis, Cirren Cester, Monid, Temair and Caisel
Captives sell at 50% higher rate
New Meshes for authentic dark age swords courtesy of Gothic Knight (Still not released)
Wages reduced slightly; Leadership has larger impact on wage reduction.
Most common TweakMB changes have been included into the game files since the TweakMB database is out of date and causes file corruption now.
Made enterprises more lucrative depending on town. You need to think about the best enterprise for a town rather than just picking wine or beer-makers.
Published standardized trade-item list
Kidnap, Escort caravan and escort herd quests yield gold and XP much higher depending on quest distance
Impossible quests have been made rare or made easier. Ex: Train Troops quest should not require troops higher than level 29 be delivered
Reduced size of Lord parties by 10%
Hunting map smaller, 2 new types of wild animals to hunt
Make Peace quest yields 2X RTR if you refuse the money reward.
Lowered costs of manor and mill improvement by 20%
Increased return on all investment buildings by about 25%.
Reduced Imod price increase for high-quality weapons and armor at normal merchants
Added 8 special merchants selling items you can find nowhere else.
Spies give spotting skill bonus at sizes 4, 8 12. Wages much smaller except when on mission.
Many other special characters give party bonuses: camp women, caravan masters, cantabers, clerics, several others
Villages: I have removed some of the penalty for trading with villages. Village raids cause slightly less damage to them. High village relations yield better recruits at a higher rate.
Mission Templates:
Increased starting stamina points but they dissipate quickly with heavy armor
Made athletics have a 15% greater impact on stamina.
Made it 22% less easy to kill the horse of a mounted troop with all weapon classes
Spears were getting a 200% bonus. Now have a 140% bonus on damage
Reduced the damage from striking enemies in the back 40%
It's too easy to exploit this and surround enemy war parties.
New script to force troops to use their best weapon (common Native problem)
Formations are callable from within new menus, including ambush and camp defense

Brytenwalda Team (Idibil, Adorno, Caba, Moto, many others) from 2011-2014.
Kalarhan, Somebody and Antonis for scripting guidance.
HootMan for reliable, ongoing testing and graphics improvements.
Brujoloco for the graphical and scene enhancements from Repolished
Redleg, Kraggrim, Produno for significant contributions and guidance
Columbus, Trooper0077 and a few more I will add for task help and testing
TML and Foffy for the 2014 module system upgrade
Gigantic for major testing
Others: I still need more helpers and testerse due to time limits!!

Please post your comments or thought-out suggestions below:


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Looks good!  This submod has come a long way.  I think I will download the latest version and give it a whirl.  Thanks for the credit too.  I am glad I could provide a bit of help.

I have a question- which version of Warband do you recommend for this submod?


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I'm working with whatever Steam upgrades me to. I believe it's the latest edition. The recent upgrades have mostly been for new opcodes for Viking Conquest and are backwards compatible.
This mods itself still runs on 1.158 opcodes.
If a conflict arises, I'll do my best to get help to address it.


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I'm working on the next patch with release date goal of Monday.
New: Tournament characters and prizes changed
1 more new companion (not 74) modelled after Bronn from GoT. He's at level 17 and is a mercenary-type character.
Still trying to get the extra crew of mercenaries to show up in towns. You'll only get this to work if you are NOT playing with 100 companions.
Changed the timing of the scripts that caused stutter to a smaller window.
Weight-based system for armor-weapon penalties rather than a category system.
Continued improvements in items
Fixed the start of the Eadfrith and Neko quests.
Any small request you want me to squeeze in?


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I anticipate the next mod release will be Saturday October 31.
It will be savegame compatible.
I may get it out by Friday.
I will also try to include the new pack for realistic flails.
Flails are a great new feature of this submod.
They are one of the best weapons for cavalry seeking prisoners because they are 8% longer than longswords.

Special requests are still welcome.


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Sorry BW lovers.
The new submod will have to wait another week.
I'm having to address some new bugs from different sources.
I expect the submod will be released next Sunday.

Horned Helmets?
I have to save that for the Viking submod.


Hmm, can I install Reworked over BW 1.41 and Repolished? I would prefer not to re-download the whole standalone Reworked since I've already downloaded 1.41 and Repolished before.


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The Resource files have been different since May.
They are still very similar.

The standalone is not very large. It does not include the music which was about 35% of the file.
hello gwitt,then I see that you have reached your objective, and made a new Brithenwalda.

For what i have read, I prefer my usual: when a man has 52 yrs old has gained tons of patience then go to a game like Brithenwalda isn't a problem, but of course I will try your work and will give a better idea of what you have done.

Happy to have read you again, and farewell for now.


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We are on track to get a release of a submod tonite.
I will post in this thread so look here for any update.

Midnight update:
It is up and running.
The funny string bug is fixed!

The mod release will occur on Tuesday now.
I have a buggy new script that will make party movement speed more dynamic once I get it working.



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Hi folks,
I am still working with a few bugs.
There are some great revisions in this next update.
I won't be able to have the whole package together until Friday night, November 13.
Then you can roam Britain all weekend instead of Boston in Fallout 4.


Nice to hear you are having some good progress. I will take a look as soon i can get away from Boston  :shifty:
FallOut 4 is so damn good  :eek:!! and evil  :twisted:
but, there is always time for some M&B, of course.


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I'm Aiming for a release on Sunday November 15.
I've made some good progress, but am stuck with 1 thorny script.


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Putting all the pieces together is quite a chore.
I plan to release the next version in working order this coming Saturday(Europe time).

I have disassembled and reassembled several scripts.
I have added flails (very powerful) and 2 new high-level companions that are both expert trainers.
I did this because it's so hard to level up parties for the first 100 days or so of the game while you're below level 15.
One's a bandit, the other's a good guy, and they hate each other.
Neither are lords.
I have a third companion that won't appear yet. I need your input on what he/she should be like.

I have an innovative solution to the stuttering issue, but it will take 2 days to work out.
I am moving the big simple triggers over to the timed triggers section. Now we can control precisely when they go off so they don't overlap or intrude on day time.

New and improved party movement speed script that works for both you and all the other parties on the map.
You slow down due to excess weight and other factors.
You speed up in certain situations.
The loot cart speeds you up with heavy loads and slows you down with light loads.

Finally, I spent alot of time trying to make the 5 main quests dummy-proof.
They were very fragile and one false choice would cause them to fail.
You should do them because you will have a memorable encounter, get great gear and gain lots of experience.

I've a number of other fixes that are too small to mention.
The new mod will not be savegame compatible.

I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but the wait will be worth it.


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Here's the new Reworked submod v22 at last.
I will describe the changes in detail at a later point.
New map speed script.
New companions.
New weapons, especially 3 real flails.
See notes above.
Available here: http://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/5994/?
Pull in your music files from Repolished or BW. I will upload them in the next few days.
This pack is relatively small.
The game has been optimized to reduced stuttering.
Not savegame compatible with prior versions, although it is possible they might work.


Nice, much thx for you effort to make this mod even better!
I will give it a try as soon i can get my hands on it and give you feedback of course.
Are the next versions or the final one, compatible with this new version v22 then. what do you think ? ^^
Greetings :grin:


Knight at Arms
I can make this one savegame compatible with 21 if I work on it.
I just need at least 2 players asking for it.
So, yes, I will make future games savegame compatible with 22.

I will probably have a minor patch coming out next Wednesday.
I will post my changelog later today.

Note that the quests are all patched up. Give them a try and see if you can find any loops where things go wrong.
Quests are very time-consuming.
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