2 weeks since the last hotfix, 7 weeks since the last full update

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What are the chances that we can get an update on how the bugfixes are coming along that cropped up with the code refactor? There are some really good games coming up starting next month with Baldur's Gate 3, followed by Crusader Kings 3 in September. I've been an ardent follower of Bannerlord since the announcement 8 years ago and a fan of M&B since 2009. I want to enjoy putting some hours into the Post-refactor build, but I'm curious if I'm going to get much time to delve in before I get sucked into the world of Larian's first D&D crpg offering next month.
From what I've read there won't be a plethora of new content in this refactor patch so you'd probably be safe to just go for the other games for now and come back when the content starts rolling in again.
The content has never been rolling in though, they have just re adjusted the economy mostly.

I have a glimmer of hope that the refactor actually made it easier to add new content and maybe they are mostly done doing bug fixes and performance enhancements as callum cited for the reason that we haven't seen much content so far.

All that glimmers isn't gold, but maybe.
No worries, there will be new features within the next 1-2 years, like stuff we already had in Warband. I bet they are working hard on new repetive quests.

Until then, fanboys will still compare it to good and honest EA games and claim that games like Factorio/Rimworld/YouNameit didn´t leave EA status in like 5 years, doesn´t matter that Factorio (or other good EA games lilke Rimworld/Kenshi) never claimed they will or that it only costs 15€ :smile: Or that those games are really developed by small indie devs.

I´m totally sure, that Bannerlord will be a good game in around 1-2 years IF they release the mod tools, so people can fix this game for free. You don´t need 80+ devs, you need 1-3 who are really interested in the game, and those are the modders. Only modders were able now to fix known bugs. As if TW care about the formation bug (just known for like 3 months now?), lol!

All those "promised" Gamescon features, just gone. If a another big company would have made this, the **** storm would be real, but it´s just this small TW indie game company. We need to forgive them.

I mean Total War games still have bugs, and those are also big games, and they are not EA games! We can hope for paid DLC from TW for stuff that was in Warband already, I would be thankful..


Mexxico will tell tomorrow:

"We need more time, more bugs whatever"

Mark my words, TW has build a good engine, they have no clue what to do with it. Their com manager already said, they want a more action paced game" They have no clue what their Warband fans liked about the game. They want the money.

Graphisc and their untrue EA description get the sells :wink: . The next update will give us nothing but MAYBE known bug fixes which modders did already months ago. But still believe in them! TW is the best company in the world!
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Just to make it clear, his words aren't company's words he says they include a lot of personal thoughts. He kindly requested not to quote on his word, tho you just broke that :sad:
Guess its hard not to quote the only interaction people have had with TW during an EA.... How people still defend this situation is beyond me. guess some people dont have to earn their money and thus are ok with being conned by marketing
hey ! it's summer vacation . every day fix -> a week -> 2weeks (Ramadan)-> refactoring(?) -> summer vacation.
they already sold too much 6mil more. need time to rest time :smile: $$$
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