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Good evening,

As the title implies, I'd like to know what is the status of the mod, is N0ught still actively working on it? Last version dates back to January 2017 and the forum hasn't seen too much traffic. I am aware of the discord channel but I'm not a Discord user myself, hence why making the question through here.

I love Solid & Shade, is pretty much the only reason why M&B classic is always installed in any of my laptops or PC. What N0ught created with his dedication is simply one of the best mods I've played in my whole life, there is something to S&S I can't simply get in any other M&B mod. So I hope N0ught is doing ok and of course I hope he's still interested in working on S&S.

And my second questions is: I'm starting a new game since I got the S&S itch. And since I'm a little bit rusty since my last S&S playthrough I wanted to know what are the best starting choices for Antihero. I know the guide explains a lot but honestly I just want to get in and play, can't force myself to do my homework hehe!

If someone wants to answer that one I'd really appreciate it!

Anyways, I hope S&S is still kicking and even if not I will play the hell of it every now and then, is just that good.
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1: the mod is still thumping away, and Discord is a neat platform you should start using imho.

2: I almost always play as an antihero and have found that being a troubadour or smith for money helps a lot. For an (moderately) easy start and quick access to the Red Death, I also usually start as a gravedigging son of an executioner.