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Summary: [battlelord] EA server not let me in, game optional reset at every start, l3 disbling option
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Hello, as i wrote in summary, I am a ps5 player and i need to fix some issue, also I have a suggestion.
1- EA servers very often don't let me get in and get stuck into loading page.
It happens many many times and it's very frustrating.
I play from Thailand and my ping on eu and na servers isn't good at all, so I like to play on a server in which my ping is low sometimes.

2- the game reset option in every reboot.
That's sometimes including armory settings, but not every time.

3- in warband there is an option allowing to disable l3 first/third person switch.
In battle lord this option is missing, but it's very needed, because l3 activate casually the first person during combats ruining the fight.

That's it, I hope this post could be useful to solve this issues.
I play wb an bl since more than 10 years (on and off), I love these games and I want them to grow on ps network also.
Thank you
1) Are you still experiencing server issues?
2) We would like to hear more details about this. How many times have you tried this and faced the same issue?
3) Pushing L3 button while in a fight changes the camera mode.
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