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1st Regiment of Light Foot of His Most Royal Majesties Britannic Army of Europe

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1st Regiment of Light Foot of His Most Royal Majesties Britannic Army of Europe
Description: The 1st Regiment of Light Foot is an in between regiment of regular foot and rifleman/skirmishers. Light Foot fight in both styles and will fall in line with other regular/light foot when either of our numbers shrink during a battle. We are part of His Most Royal Majesties Britannic Army of Europe, http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,243344.0.html . This is a fictional regiment obviously, I love history but I didn't want to adhere strictly to how a regiment was. Just wanted to create my own.

Joining: Anyone in NA welcome(I just makes scheduling things easier), just post below/PM me what name you want to go by, where you live in NA, you're steam name, if you have participated in other regiments in NW or AFOI or any other mods, and anything else you would like to add.

Training: I would like to hold training on Monday afternoons but if enough people want it on another day/time I will consider it (just have to work it in to my schedule is all).

Rules: Just basic human decency is all I ask, that you attend at least 2 training's a month, and follow orders. I can't stress that enough, I want this to be fun but if people are just screwing around no one will have much fun. This is not Call of Duty or Battlefield you do not go off on you're own and fight. Teamwork or "Gung Ho" in Chinese will be our motto.

Warrant Officer (Officer in training)

Enlisted Men;
Staff Sergeant (Administrative role I will delegate to one person I'll describe the specific job to said person)
Private 1st Class

Current Roster
Major Doc_Grindle (Me)​
Captain Guy5253​
Captain New Player​
Additional note, the first two people to respond will be my Captains. From there its at the discretion of us three who is promoted. Since this is a work in progress a few things are currently missing.
Hello i am fairly new to shot and shell well more precisely brand new so i would like to sign up with your regiment

Steam name: Guy5253
No past experience on Shot and Shell
Willing to listen to orders
Will not break server rules such as Team Killing or Racial slurs or anything of the sort.

Any other information you need i would be happy to supply
Sounds good to me I'll add you to the roster and I will be sending you a message with some more detailed information. Welcome to the regiment.
Quite new but played mount and musket and veteran to other mods i would like to join

Steam: Colonel_Will(though prefer pm)
Experience in Shot and Shell:None(though had plenty in Mount and Musket)
Experience in other mods:The Deluge,Native,Mercenaries, and a little Chinese Battlefield
USA Location:Wonderful Pennsylvania
Will be a loyal soldier(it makes it fun) and will not TK or TW.

(note i mainly play at night around 7:00 p.m. and on weekends most of the time)
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