1st European Native Pro League Tournament 11.2010

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Maybe Taleworlds will provide some prizes for the winner of this tournament! i will write confirmation later!


1. 1 - 12 november - at these days clans can send their application for participation. (http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,143741.0.html)

Application should be written this way:
1.1. Clan name
1.2. Clan tag
1.3. Leader of the clan, his substitute, their contacts (as much as possible plz)
1.4. If clan has their own server, write it's name here, with location of the server
1.5. Confirmation, that clan is agree with tournament rules.
1.6. Clan banner
2. 12 - 14 November. Organizers make the schedule of the tournament, match regulations, and other details. Then schedule will be posted on forum.

3. We plan that all matches will be played within one month.

4. Tournament mode is - Full Double Elimination , and all clans will be randomly divided into groups to play the first turn of the tournament.

5. Five days are given for one separate match, no rematch, absense of one clan is a default defeat for this clan. So clans should have 12 players for each match. If they have less then 12 playes, other clan (with full team) can choose - to get default victory or to play the match versus incomplete team. Match begins when both clan leaders write in chat - "[clantag] READY". Other players arent allowed to write in chat.

6. For better coordination of tournament, the special subforum is created, steam community

7. Minimal number of players for one match for one clan - 12. If both clans can provide more players - then their clan leaders can discuss it. If one clan has less then 12 players, other clan can decide to get default victory.

If during match one player is dissconected, then one player can join from reserve. (3 players in reserve are allowed. they could be in game as spectators, anyway spec camera is locked to teammembers view)

Battle rules - http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,143736.0.html

9. Map-list:
Ruined fort
Field by the River
Nord Town
Port Assault
Snowy village

10. Result of each match should be posted in special topic on tournament subforum with screenshots.

11. Here is the list of forbbiden glitches, exploits, bugs and etc. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,143760.0.html

12. Tourney moderators\arbiters: BlackCorsair (main admin) and here is the list of all other arbiters - http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,143930.0.html
So if u need an arbiter for your match - call any guy from this list. But if u trust to your opponent, then don't waste the time of arbiter. For example i doubt that we need an arbiter in match RS-22nd.


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The subforum for old matches topics was created.


I moved all old topics there and opened them, so you can have some flame wars there.
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