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1. As a Prisoner, you must follow the rules given by the warden. Failing to do so results in being killed by the guards.
2. As a Prisoner, you can win by killing all the guards or reaching the win area with all alive prisoners.
3. As a guard, listen to the warden at all times, failing to do this results in slay and/or team swap.
4. Guards must state the reason for killing a prisoner in chat.
5. Prisoners may be killed with a weapon out or a weapon on the belt but make sure to warn them first.
6. Punching and kicking are not a killable offence.
7. If the prisoner hides any weapon the guard has one second to kill the prisoner or it counts as RDM.

Usefull terms to know
KOS (Kill on sight)
RDM (unjustified kill)
Acc RDM (accidental kill)
Mass RDM (Muilitplable Rdm's in a short period)
O66 (kill all remaining Prisoners)
Slave (A person with limitations in-game as punishment)
CW (Community Warden; takes over the warden’s duty when admins are absent.)
Detour (A person who goes the wrong way)​


Roleplays List
Neon Roleplay
: Jail siege where they use 2 teams, Prisoners and Guards. The Prisoners spawn inside the prison and are given set orders by the warden in which they will have to wait to do a successful riot. This allows them to capture the flag . Guards have to stop the Prisoners from doing a successful riot. Normal Jailbreak rules still apply.

Jail Race : A roleplay that contains a race between the prisoners on admin-horses.

Jail Purge : Roleplay where 1 OP person is clearing everyone on his path with shotgun and banhammer while being fired by prisoners with shotguns and rocket launchers or even charged with sabres that deal great damage.

Jail n Seek : Admin kidnaps one prisoner and hides him somewhere on the map. Prisoners storm the fort to rescue him before it's too late!

Jail Run : Prisoners run an obstacle course while being fired from above. The prisoner who reaches the win cage can not be killed and has a wish.​
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