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19te Prussian Infantry

        The 19te Prussian Infantry was formed by our first Hauptmann, Joshly, and a small number of members in April 2011.  They, being veterans of other Mount and Musket regiments, wanted to create an atmosphere of respect, fun, and entertainment while playing MM.  They achieved this by focusing on using great teamwork and tactics while playing the game.  Two years later, our goals remain the same – to provide that same sense of comradery in and out of NW and into our other games we play.  Our rank structure promotes a meaningful, but not overdone, organization and couples with our focus on using historical line tactics.

        We boast over three years of experience, and over this time, the regiment is anything but average.  We consistently welcome new players and focus on bringing gentlemen in that mesh with our attitudes and ideals.  Many of those members have stayed and remain here to this day.  Rank advancement is possible – we have no set limit for any ranks, and take those that can showcase their capabilities in and out of game, and have shown dedication to the regiment over time.  We respect and ask that all new members respect everyone I this community, and we endeavor to achieve this goal daily.  In addition to our consistency in Napoleonic Wars, we play a wide variety of games and encourage members play together.  We have members that span multiple time zones, so in the event you’re staying up late, we are certain that you will have someone to play with!  Our current list of games changes consistently, so if you are even remotely interested in playing with us, please contact one of the recruiting liaisons below!



    There is a simple process for any and all interested in joining the 19te.  When you go to our website, http://19te.enjin.com, you’ll see a “Join Here” tab.  Press that and fill out the forms. Please be mindful of the general rules at the top of the application when you apply.  Although we have fun, we ask that all members follow the rules and adhere to them.  If you have any questions or would like to play with us to get to know how we operate, please add one of the many Recruiting Liaisons on Steam, shown below.  Furthermore, our TeamSpeak is ts3.1stepi.com.  We use that in conjunction with Steam to coordinate events and trainings.  We ask that all members try to stay in and socialize with our members.

Countries Represented in the 19te



Recruiting Liasons

North America
19te_Hptm_Patriot- (eX_Patriot)
19te_Lt_Moldplayer - (Moldplayer)
19te_Hsr_Lt_Mustakrakish - (19teMusta)
19te_Hsr_Fw_Davith - (Based God Royal)
19te_Hsr_Uffz_Winterly - (Winterly)
19te_Pfd_Gfr_Sir_E-Man - (Sir E-Man)

European and Middle Eastern Timezones
19te_Hptm_Patriot- (eX_Patriot)
19te_Lt_Moldplayer - (Moldplayer)
19te_Hsr_Fw_Davith - (Based God Royal)
19te_Gfr_Norwegian - (Norwegian)

Oceanic Timezones
19te_Lt_Moldplayer - (Moldplayer)
19te_Ofr_Gosling - ([BTTLSTAR] Ása-Gosling)


(Rkt):  A Rekrut is the 19te’s entry position of the regiment, the member has officially passed the applicant stage into joining the ranks. The person will be promoted to Soldat when they demonstrate a good understanding of our formations and regiment in its entirety.

(Sdt): A Soldat is an official soldier of the 19te. Soldats have a basic understanding of formations and the organization of the regiment. They are known my some members and come to events consistently.

(Gmr):  A Gemeiner is classified as an exceptional Soldat who have progressed through their learning of basic commands and are working on understanding the organization of the regiment better, taking leadership in a pinch, and learning the more complex formations.  These men differ from Gefreiters in that they still have things to learn, but are well on their way.

(Gfr):  Gefreiters are members that understand all ranks and, for the most part, ranking structure.  They rarely falter and demonstrate their understanding by taking commanding positions when all officers are down.  These men are allotted opportunities such as having a designation at this point of their career.

(Ofr):  Obergefreiters are our most seasoned soldiers.  They conduct themselves without flaw, know all formations and the organization of the regiment, and are the perfect example for newer members.  This prestige rank is for only those members who have shown themselves worthy of such an honor.

(Uffz):  Unteroffiziers are newly-commissioned officers.  They look after the lower ranking members by ensuring they follow orders, display good conduct, and maintain discipline within the ranks.  They are beginning their career in leading the line, conducting trainings, and assisting in general administrative items.  They are also seen as a point of contact for recruitment, events, or other items that newer members may be interested in learning.

(Fw):  Feldwebels are our senior NCOs.  They look after the Unteroffiziers and assist the Leutnants with administrative items.  They are trusted officers that lead trainings and linebattles, assist in creating events, and typically are entrusted with much more responsibility, should they be interested (e.g., forum management).  Furthermore, they typically handle the unruly or ill-disciplined members, if necessary.[/td]

(Lt):  Leutnants are the first executive rank in the officer corps.  They lead the administrative duties such as linebattles, forum/website management, relations with other regiments, and are a standard of our core values in the regiment.  They work together with the other officer corps to hand out tasks as necessary and continually think of ideas to better serve the regiment.

(Olt):  The Oberleutnant is the “Lead Leutnant”.  Instead of being second-in-command he is the chosen Leutnant to guide the rest.  The Oberleutnant is well respected inside and outside of the regiment and will work in tandem with the Hauptmann to make decisions and follow through on actions.

(Hptm): The Hauptmann is the leader of the regiment, who gathers the opinions of other officers and, though not being a “tyrannical position,” ultimately has the final say and runs the show.[/td]


Monday Linebattle (hosted by Deutsche Legion [DL]): 2pm EDT / 7pm GMT / 6am AESTTuesday Training: 3pm EST / 8pm GMT / 6am AESTOccasional Group Play / Gaming Event (includes 1v1, training, or linebattle)Thursday Training: 8pm EDT/ 1am GMT/ 11am AEST
Tuesday Hardcore Linebattle (Hosted by NA Hardcore Admin.): 8pm EDT/ 1am GMT/ 11am AESTFriday Hardcore Linebattle (Hosted by NA Hardcore Admin.): 9pm EDT/ 2am GMT/ 12pm AEST
Saturday Combined Training: 3pm EST / 8pm GMT/ 6am AESTSunday Linebattle (Hosted by 25th): 2pm EDT/ 7pm GMT/ 5am AEST
Group Game NightsGroup Game Nights


1.  Members will be respectful at all times. This means getting along with every player - public or not. We do not tolerate discrimination or malicious insults. If you are to have an argument, do it in a respectful and professional manner. We will take pride in our public image and will remove any who choose to stain it.

2.  Members will always play fair and respectfully. We do not tolerate actions such as cheating, dragging rounds out, fake surrendering, and Teamkilling. Teamkilling is forbidden in every form except a genuine accident.

3.  Members will follow orders when they are given, by officers and Admins alike. We do not have time to listen what you think is best after the orders are given. Instead, remember it or write it down. We will have a time and place for suggestions. If you are instructed by an Admin to do anything, you will abide.

4.  Members are required to use TeamSpeak for Trainings and Linebattles (English only during events). We also encourage the use of TeamSpeak for any games you might be playing, but understand if you want to play alone.

5.  Although it is not a rule, it is good conduct to inform an officer when you know you cannot attend or will be late to a training or event. This can be done through a post in the forums, a message on steam, or a simple chat on TeamSpeak.


We encourage all prospective members to apply on our website. On there are calendars that display event times, friendly conversations, and tons of other things we use to manage the regiment. It is a great place with many tools and our official roster.

If you are interested in joining you can apply on the website, found by clicking the Prussian eagle below. Please fill out the application it directs you to. Remember to provide as much information in the application as possible, with more information it is easier to understand what you are looking for as a player. We will be instantly notified upon its submission and providing we are not busy, we can take a good look at it.

*[As of Dec. 15, 2012] After your application has been evaluated, the officer corps will keep track of the events you've participated in. You can see the applicant list with the event number in the "Officer and Help" Teamspeak channel.  After 7 events, you will be evaluated based on your performance and personality, and the officer corps will make a decision.*


Thread composition credits:
Images - DeciBit, Windflower, and Lawrence
Content - Joshly with recent revisions by group in 2014.





19te in the "Party Box"

"Roble Leading the Geese"--Taken by Rogov

"Patriot, Dashing as Ever"--Taken by Rogov

"Charging--Taken by Rogov

"Big Prussian Column"--Taken by Rogov

"Bath Tub Defense!"--Taken by Rogov

"Taking Ground!"--Taken by Rogov

"Onward and Upward!"--Taken by Rogov

"Hey Pal! While Getting Clubbed"--Taken by Moldy

"Present!!"--Taken by Menelaos

"A Good 'Ol Napoleonic Standoff!"--Taken by Menelaos

"Firing in Unison!"--Taken by Menelaos

"Ready to Roll Out!"--Taken by Menelaos


"19te Prussian March"
Made by Menelaos, Steve, Patriot, and SoulShaper, commemorating our 1 year anniversary

19te Four Year Anniversary: Inspections
Grand Theft Auto Online - Veterans of Fallujah: Ep. 1
[td]"Steve and the Unruly Canadian"
Made by NilRaven, showcasing some of Steve's antics

[tr][td]"19te Prussian Infantry 4/19/12"
Made by ThePHOXMan, showcasing some of our teamwork!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJR_PaqwaXU&feature=player_embedded[/td][td]"Napoleonic Wars 8Lr vs 19te (05/06/12)"
Some great work by the 8Lr recording and and battling against us! Good show!

[tr][td]"19te Funny Moments - by Mold (08/25/2014)"
NW and other misc. game fun.

"19te INSPECTION!!! *Round 1* - by Mold (09/13/2014)"
Round 1 of a regular mini spectacle we do during events and trainings.  This one didn't end so well.....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXZg9-IG5Vw[/td][/tr][tr][td]"The Last Pony - by Mold (10/25/2014)"
Full invasion just got real....Warhammer40k v My Little Ponies.  So long Rainbow Dash!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSELmO0l2H8[/td][td]19te Four Year Anniversary:
Inspections - by Mold

Inspections through the Ages: NW - by Mold
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oMTXLPZPvu8[/td][td]Funny Moments w/ the 19te - by Mold
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=g2nQeviTI6w[/td][/tr][tr][td]"Shadow's Promotion"
Made by NilRaven once more, showing his true dedication to his previous Olt!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7FqbtdfYX8&feature=player_embedded[/td][td]"19te in Action: Bagpipe Assassins - by Mold (08/06/2014)"
Some 19te "strategic placements"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSUSPINplvQ[/td][/tr][tr][td]Hilarious Gaming Moments w/ the 19te - by Mold
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jkY9vmBQRJ8[/td][td]19te Four Year Anniversary: Zombie Horde (Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars) - By Mold
https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1wOuBHwZkTY[/td][/tr][tr][td]"19te INSPECTION!!! *Round 2* - by Mold (09/20/2014)
Round 2 of these inspections...these went a little better!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpcj2I4C2xo[/td][td]"Funny Gaming Compilation"
Snippets from Playing Games with the 19te! (BF4, Star Trek Online, War Thunder, Mount and Blade)


Moldplayer's Youtube Videos and Imgur
Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo9IU00FwyTYMSfsKZO5n1A
Imgur: http://lizardo954.imgur.com/all/#1

Thread composition credits:
Media - Windflower (header), Moldplayer, Menelaos, Rogov, and many others (pictures/videos)
Text - Shadow

19te Regimental History

The Gaming Community

2011 – Humble Beginnings and Future Leaders/Relationships
Commanding Officer: 
Hauptmann Joshly
Executive Officer(s): 
Oberleutnant Ryan,
Oberleutnant Steve
Founding Members: 

Founding and Success in Mount and Musket: Battalion
        In April 2011, Joshly formed the 19te from the few members that went with him from a mainly European Prussian regiment that participated in Mount&Musket events.  Over the next few months, the 19te strived to create a regiment that had – up until this point – never been done before by founding itself on the core values of integrity, sportsmanship, and fun inside and outside of events. The likes of Patriot (current Hauptmann), Moldplayer, Roble, and Shadow (current Leutnants), and many other gentlemen began during this year. The 19te saw a surge of attendance and prowess under the leadership of Joshly and Oberleutnants Ryan and Steve (at different times) at the helm.  In both the North American and European fronts, the 19te participated in numerous linebattles, 1v1s, and competitive events. These engagements exemplified the 19te’s commitment towards conduct, proper formations, and strong melee background.

Prussian Army
        During 2011, the 19te grew close with another regiment, the 1. Ostpreussische Infanterie (1stEPI), led by Hauptmann Argos and later Major Avoric. They consistently ran together in trainings and events as 2011 wore on. This friendship would soon blossom into a close relationship with the 1stEPI, which stands the test of time and games. They founded one of the oldest armies in the game – The Prussian Army. Founded on principles of striking a balance between unity and independence, the 19te, FK, and 1stEPI created an army that was organized on democratic rules and principles, and not through hierarchy. Both the 19te and the 1stEPI remain members today. The units trained together and routinely had discussions to solve common problems. Both regimental tactics and the North American Hardcore linebattle rules were created during the fledgling months.

2012 – Transition, Change, and Progression
Commanding Officer: 
Hauptmann Joshly
Executive Officer(s): 
Oberleutnant Steve,
Oberleutnant Hippy,
Oberleutnant Shadow,
Oberleutnant Oda

[size=12pt]In Review
        The year of 2012 was certainly a time of transition for the 19te. Three Oberleutnants took and then passed on the position to the next in line. During this time, there was much growth in the regiment. The 19te continued to build on their foundations of good conduct in and out of linebattles, focus on fun and organization, and grew upon the community the 19te created. The 19te expanded into the other areas of the gaming community in Mount and Blade with games such as Mount&Gladius, Full Invasion, and North&South, to name a few. The 19te also grew into a gaming community. Part of the growth as a regiment was due to playing other games and bringing in members that were veterans of other communities. The executive officers saw to it and instilled a sense of community responsibility not seen in other groups today. The 19te set a trend towards acting just as disciplined in as well as out of game.

[size=12pt]Pfunder and Husaren
        In early 2012, the 19te added new detachments to the company. These detachments gave veteran members the opportunity to focus on other areas of the battle other than line infantry. These "Pfunden" (Artillery) and "Husaren" (Cavalry) comprised of veteran members (Sdt+ - gradual change to Gfr+), many of whom still play today in some capacity. The 19te became well known for their artillery capability under the leadership of Joshly and the cavalry benefited from the contributions of Hippy and other members. Our current Hauptmann, Patriot, currently serves as the most veteran Hussar. Our stability at Pfunder has now been found again under the leadership of Joshly and Aussie (Roble's currently on LOA).

[size=12pt]Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars
        The 19te made a smooth transition to the NW playing-field. Armed with more members than could be handled, the regiment started up much more advanced orders such as “fire and advance”, “cavalry blob”, and the ever-famous “goose wheel” became 19te-staples. Many events stayed the same, and the 19te handled the changes by adapting to the new developments, and remaining true to the foundations made in 2011.

2013 – Consistency
Commanding Officer: 
Hauptmann Joshly
Executive Officer(s):
Oberleutnant Oda,
Oberleutnant Patriot

[size=12pt]2014 – The Change of the Guard, Age of the Leutnants, and Resurgance

Commanding Officer: 
Hauptmann Joshly,
Hauptmann Patriot
Executive Officer(s): 
Oberleutnant Patriot,
Oberleutnant Nixa ||
Leutnant Aussie,
Leutnant Roble,
Leutnant Shadow

[size=12pt]2015 – Expansions and "New Blood"

Commanding Officer: 
Hauptmann Patriot
Executive Officer(s): 
Leutnant Moldplayer,
Leutnant Aussie,
Leutnant Roble,
Leutnant Shadow,
Leutnant Mustakraskish

Currently being compiled...

[size=12pt]2016 – TBD

Commanding Officer: 
Hauptmann Patriot
Executive Officer(s): 
Leutnant Moldplayer,
Leutnant Mustakraskish


[size=36pt]Historical Significance with Pictures

History of the Prussian Reserve Army, Napoleonic Wars
Introduction to the Prussian Reserve System (Krümper System)

        Upon defeating Prussia in the early Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon Bonaparte I remembered the legacy of Frederick the Great and wanted to ensure that Prussia never again poseed a threat. Thus, the terms dictated to the Prussians at the Convention of Paris were harsh. Prussia's 220,000 man army was to be reduced to 42,000; 22,000 could be infantry. Thirty-six battalions of infantry remained out of the 175 that Prussia previously fielded. The cavalry fared little better, being reduced from 38 regiments to 19. The artillery was also reduced proportionally. Despite the severity of these reductions, the once mighty Prussian army was merely down, not out.

General Gerhard Johan von Scharnhorst, the Army Adjutant General was one of a number of officers charged by King Frederick William II to find out what was wrong with Prussia's army and fix it. Scharnhorst's solution to the issue of force reductions came in a memorandum published July 31, 1807. He proposed establishing a system where every infantry company would yearly furlough 20 of its senior and older soldiers. At the same time this company would receive 20 recruits as replacements. The cycle would continue year after year and had the effect of placing the most experienced soldiers into a reserve status. The reasoning was that these individuals would need little training upon mobilization, to the extent that they could be used as cadre for new units as well.

This system, although ingenious, was not new. It had been discussed as far back as Frederick the Great, and had even been implemented in individual regiments. However, Scharnhorst’s plan was to implement it throughout the Prussian State. After little arguing, Scharnhorst was allowed to implement the plan. It was subtle enough that it would warrant little attention from the French, and still conformed to the treaty regulations. Due to this system, by 1811, more than 30,000 soldiers were ready for deployment at a moment’s notice, yet the regimental limit had not been breached. Thus, the reserve regiments were created.

History of the 19th Prussian Reserve Regiment, West Prussia (At a Glance)
4th Westpreußisches 2nd Posen

Commanding Officer - Oberst von Stengel
Total troop count - 2,447 (includes officers and soldiers)
Composed of three battalions - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Significant Battles (1813, 1814) - Dresden, Leipzig, Capitulation of Erfurt, Fanvillers and Sarrechamps, Laon, and Paris
Stationed in West Prussia. See map link below for more information.

In 1813, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd infantry battalions formed the 7th Reserve Infantry Regiment. In 1815, the 7th was activated and became the 19th Infantry Regiment.

19te Prussian Regimental Pictures

19te - Post 1814 Reform
19te - First Battalion
19te - Second Battalion
19te - Third Battalion

Thread composition credits:
Images - Please find the credits at the top of the "19te Uniform Picture" images
Historical Regiment Text - Sources from online and revised by Herr Oberst, Inn1x, Moldplayer, and Shadow
Gaming Community Text - Patriot, Joshly, Moldplayer, Nixa, and Shadow
Thanks guys :smile:

stewart29th said:
Good luck 19te in the DLC! You shall do fine no doubt! And that picture looks very familiar :wink:

Of course Stewart XD.

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how much does it cost

Not entirely sure yet, but speculation has it anywhere from $5-$15 or so

Special congratulations to our new Olt, Shadow!

One of the best regiments in my opinion :wink:! joshly mowing downing people on cannons while we deliver volleys to the enemy. Good riddance shadow
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