1866 - X-Mas Release (v0.8)


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Download: MBRepository (.exe)
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Mountfanblade (.exe)
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It has been a year since the American Civil War ended.  The fighting may have stopped back east, but it has begun anew along the US/Mexican border.  To the north, Apaches and Comanches fight to maintain their way of life. To the south, Mexico keeps a cautious eye on the ever expanding might of the United States. And everywhere, bandits, outlaws, and corrupt lawmen continue to pillage villages and rob banks.

Climb into your saddle and make your mark on one of the wildest places in the west.  Join the US army and become an honest man, or lend your hand to a bandit chief for a fistful of dollars.

1866 aims to bring the atmosphere of the most famous western movies to Mount and Blade. More than 65 brand-new detailed and realistic firearms await you. Whether you use them for good or bad is up to you.

Feature list:
  • New Firearms: More than 65 realistic, period-accurate firearms, including the famous Colt M1851 Navy and the Winchester 1866.  (More added!)
  • New Melee Weapons: Dozens of melee weapons have been added. (More added!)
  • New Clothing: Many new western outfits and hats have been added to bring you back to the old west.
  • New Factions: Four civilizations (The United States, Mexico, Apaches and Comanches) and three gang types(Outlaws, Bandits and Lawmen) to join.
  • New Scenes: Every town and village has been redone to make the player feel like they're in the old West.
  • New Troop Trees:  Varied troop trees designed to highlight each faction's strengths and weaknesses.
  • New Sounds: including distinct sounds for different weapons and voice acting for each enemy type.  (Improved!)
  • New UI: featuring art from famous western artists, the user interface is designed to bring the M&B feel into the era of the old west.  (Improved!)
  • New Effects: Custom weapon particle effects and animations.  (Improved!)
  • New Quests: including working wanted posters with bounty rewards and duels, stagecoach robberies, and bank robberies!  (Improved!)
  • New Map: Based on the border region of Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico.  Includes new icons for towns, villages, armies, animals.  (Improved!)
  • New Character Customization: including new faces, facial hair, and even customizable warpaint!
  • New Characters: Historical characters lead the armies of each civilization, and fictional companions can join your army.  (Improved!)
  • New Banking Features: For those of you who would rather put money in a bank than rob it.
  • New Hunting Features: Hunt the native wildlife to sustain your armies and for their valuable hides.
  • New Quick Battles: including Gettysburg, a Camp Defense during a Comanche Raid, and more to get you right into the action. (More Added!)
  • New Battle Scenes: Customized to recreate the wilderness of the American southwest. (More Added!)
  • New Music: brings the western atmosphere to life.  All music included is copyrighted and is by 1866 with permission. (New!)
  • New Bleeding Feature: Troops who have sustained heavy damage become less effective and will die after some time.  This does not effect the player. (New!)
  • New Skills: Stockpiling allows players to use larger bags of ammunition. (New!)
  • Shotguns: Shotguns can now hit multiple targets, but at long range the damage is greatly decreased. (New!)
  • New Enemies: A greater variety of enemies can now be found on the world map. (New!)
  • New Horses: A wide variety of horses historically found in the west are now available. (New!)
  • Hats with hair: At long last, hair is now visible under most hats. (New!)
  • New Animations: Animations have been improved to make the gunplay more realistic. (New!)
  • New Voice Acting: Voice acting for major factions. (New!)

1866 - version 0.8 new features list:
Some of changes made in v0.8:

1866 now has a lot of music tracks. They either made for this mod only or we have permission for them. We don't use any copyrighted songs we aren't allowed to use.
In battle troops with very low health fight less effective and die after some time. This does not effect the player.
There is a new skill called stockpiling. It allows to use larger bags of ammunition.
A much larger variety of shotguns is now available. They can hit multiple targets, but on long range the damage is greatly decreased.
More than a dozen new firearms have been added.
The map has a lot more small parties as enemies in early game.
Variety and Quality of horses is greatly increased.
Hair is now visible underneath most hats.
Gun animations have been improved.
Mountain Man starting class
Added the ability to leave factions early
Additional Map Icons
New Quests
New Companions
New Voice Acting
New Artwork
Dynamic faction relation
Improved Saloons - wine bottles, oil lamps, and improved lighting
New quest sound effects
New bullet sound effects
More LOD models to improve performance
Buffalo hunting

Also see:  1866 - Bug Fix List

Previous versions and their features can be found here:
1866 - v0.7

Known bugs:
Hunting (buffalo and deer) has some problems. We couldn't fix it before release.

Here's our updated contributors list:
(If you are not on the list and think we have forgotten you, we apologize. Send me a PM in this case.)
  • Highlander: Main scripting and contributions in all other categories
  • yellowmosquito: Modeling, voice acting, music, sounds, particle effects, troop trees, companions, faction characters, item balancing, user interface, banners, scripting.
  • Penis Colada: Mostly weapon modeling and balancing, some writing/spell checking, music, and other contributions.
  • Insomniac: Scene building
  • Red River: Scripting, Scene building
  • Njiekovic: Modeling (mostly scene props), story writing
  • Stavaas: Modeling (mostly scene props)
  • Dain Ironfoot: New animations and miscellaneous other contributions
  • dstemmer: Scripting, (explosion, bullet dust effects)
  • Barf: Hats with Hair!, Models, Effects, Music
  • Kartoffel: Modeling, Re-texturing, Normal Maps, and overall beautification
  • abominog: Scene Building
  • GetAssista: World map
  • Buxton: Some modeling
  • -IYI-O-R-T-: Indian face textures, donkey model
  • Ursca: Modeling (especially waistcoats)
  • Nethoras: Double Barreled Shotgun
  • Ettubrutesbro: Remington Rolling Block, Mortimer Revolver, Colt Revolving Rifle (model only)
  • Domovoi/Harry: Modeling (Allen T Pepperbox, Beaumont-Adams)
  • Walzou: Modeling (large map icons)
  • Rize: Scene building
  • Andrea Matthews and Brian Rockholt: Wonderful Native American flute music. www.busroads.com
  • Saregona: Textures from Better Horses Mod
  • rejenorst: Voice acting
  • Peralta: Lamp scene prop, Uniform Textures (WIP)
  • Sockeye: Hats (WIP)
  • captain lust: Russian Hat
  • lumikant (and pals): Voice acting
  • Wakarusa: Music
  • Kevin MacLeod: Music
  • wickedshot: Faction color chooser
  • Yiyang Chen: Faces

  • Early Testers: Akselst, dstemmer, Gunfreakt ,Haya, izaktj, Karbine, night raider, Pellidon, Richard Shru, scalded, The Man With No Name, vonBlood
  • Music contributors:  RATMdude92, El Duke, Doren, buzbybadman, Hyper-Shadow-Death, J Graham (ChemicalReaper), CL Underwood (WoodyForrest), Deniz Akbulut (Intero), SageRiku, DJB00n, Roverbreath, proud

Version 0.7 Downloads: 27,609  [20,192 (mbrepository), 4,421 (mountfanblade), 2,996 (megaupload)]

BTW: Merry Christmas













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Awesome, downloading now! Can't wait to try! too bad it's gonna take awhile to download.


Knight at Arms
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congrats highlander, great deal of effort you put in. Also Penis Colada added awesome new guns. But the biggest improvement is "horses" to me.  And that's YM's idea.

From scene building perspective:
1-Town and Castle sieges improved.
2-U.S villages are modernized.

Merry christmas to all  :!:


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I cant wait! I'm really looking forward to my better Jeremiah Johnson Character! Bwahahah!


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Paint my tits red and call me Wellington! This is ****ing awesome! I know I won't have much sleep this night:grin: Thanks guys:grin:


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Congratulations 1866 team on the new release. Having spent only a few minutes with it I can tell it has improved a good deal. Keep up the good work.


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Its awesome so far! I made a character named Jeremiah Johnson and the rifle I started with was a Hawkens. Coincidence?