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Download: M&B Repository (.exe)
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              FileFront (.exe)
      md5: 45edb7acadaff1c465ba8a639289086c

It has been a year since the American Civil War ended.  The fighting may have stopped back east, but it has begun anew along the US/Mexican border.  To the north, Apaches and Comanches fight to maintain their way of life. To the south, Mexico keeps a cautious eye on the ever expanding might of the United States. And everywhere, bandits, outlaws, and corrupt lawmen continue to pillage villages and rob banks.

1866 aims to bring the atmosphere of the most famous western movies to Mount and Blade.  Climb into your saddle and experience one of the wildest places in the west.  You'll ride into El Paso a stranger, but will you ride into the sunset as a legend of the west?

Feature list:
  • New Firearms: More than 65 realistic, period-accurate firearms, including the famous Colt M1851 Navy and the Winchester 1866.
  • New Clothing: Many new western outfits and hats have been added to bring you back to the old west, including some historical military uniforms for the United States and Mexico.
  • New Melee Weapons: Dozens of melee weapons have been added.
  • New Factions (major): Four civilizations (The United States, Mexico, Apaches and Comanches) and three gang types(Outlaws, Bandits and Lawmen) to join.
  • New Factions (minor): Renegade Confederates, Indian Raiders, Mexican Imperialists, and Scalphunters now roam the map. The player can be friendly or hostile with these factions, and even recruit troops from them.
  • New Scenes: Every town and village has been redone (once again!) to make the player feel like they're in the old West.
  • New Troop Trees:  Varied troop trees designed to highlight each faction's strengths and weaknesses.
  • New Sounds: including distinct sounds for different weapons, ricochets, and explosions.
  • New UI: featuring art from famous western artists, the user interface is designed to bring the M&B feel into the era of the old west.
  • New Effects: Custom weapon particle effects and animations.
  • New Quests: including working wanted posters with bounty rewards and duels, town shootouts, stagecoach robberies, bank robberies, and ambushes for honorable/dishonorable characters!
  • New Map: Based on the border region of Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico.  Includes new icons for towns, villages, armies, animals.
  • New Character Customization: including new races (American, Mexican, Native American) for both sexes: improved faces, facial hair, and even customizable warpaint!
  • New Characters: Historical characters lead the armies of each civilization, and fictional companions can join your army.
  • New Banking Features: For those of you who would rather put money in a bank than rob it.
  • New Hunting Features: Hunt the native wildlife to sustain your armies and for their valuable hides.
  • New Quick Battles: including Gettysburg, a Camp Defense during a Comanche Raid, and more to get you right into the action.
  • New Battle Scenes: Customized to recreate the wilderness of the American southwest.
  • New Music: brings the western atmosphere to life.  All music included is copyrighted and is by 1866 with permission.
  • New Bleeding Feature: Non-player Troops who have sustained heavy damage become less effective and will die or lose consciousness after some time.
  • New Skills: Stockpiling allows players to use larger bags of ammunition.
  • Shotguns\Dynamite: Shotguns can now hit multiple targets, but at long range the damage is greatly decreased. Dynamite excels at taking out large groups.
  • New Enemies: A greater variety of enemies can now be found on the world map.
  • New Horses: A wide variety of horses historically found in the west are now available.
  • New Animations: Animations have been improved to make the gunplay more realistic.
  • New Voice Acting: Voice acting for all troop races and sexes.  Command sounds have been added for male troops.
  • Improved Flora: Better plants from the American Southwest.
  • Death Cam: So you can watch your troops continue the fight when that stray bullet takes you out unexpectedly.
  • Faction Relation Cooldown: The relation impact of your actions fades with time.

Version 0.9.0 new features:
Nearly every scene retouched and improved
Town Shootouts
Faction relations work better
Bounty hunters now set up ambushes on the world map for players with a reputation for being good or evil
Player can recruit troops from minor factions on the map if relations are high enough
Play as a female
Faction cooldown now makes it difficult for the player to have permanent friends/enemies
Wanted quest enhancements
Prisoner Suit, Union Suit
New Music
Glove enhancements
New compass
Companion NPC adjustments
Map Icon enhancements
Troop adjustments
Economy and item adjustments
Decreased horseback penalty of pistols and carbines
Zombie Quick Battle
New hats (banded hat, top hat)
Particle effect enhancements
Animation enhancements
New sounds
New saloon decorations
Improved map icons
Optimized textures
New guns
Changed descriptions of some location prosperity
Removed rugs from main floors of saloons
Entry Point fixes in towns
Higher resolution saloon art
Canyon Texture improvements
Command Sounds for each race
New starting character options
New Voice Acting
New scenes
El Rio Bank
Better Flora
Improved World Map
Players can besiege friendly towns, hotels, and banks at will
Players can freely choose the culture of their faction if playing as a "bandit". (This allows them to choose which troops can be recruited.)
Death Cam
Faction Renamer
Faction Color Chooser
New Faces
More parties to encounter on the world map
Random battles are now sized appropriately depending on number of participants
Merchants have returned to the town scenes

Version 0.9.0 bug fixes:
Fixed bug where error would display when robbing bank
Fixed the building in Tull and El Paso where players got stuck in the door
Replaced "Motel" wording on map icons to "Hotel"
Linda Snorklin dialog fixes
Stockpiling Ammo pricing and weight adjusted
Melee weapon fixes
Weapon animation fixes
Particle Effect Improvements
Light Dragoons can now upgrade into Cavalry Officers
Buckskin Bill quests now correctly complete when reaching maximum relation with Bill
Fixed a bug that prevented some NPC functions from occurring (including rehires)
Fixed a bug that spawned the NPC companion in the wrong spot in towns
Troops should now all make the correct battle sounds at the correct times
Townspeople no longer talk about tournaments
Spelling errors
Many gender/race related dialog errors fixed
Many scene issues fixed
Training arrows  no longer invisible
Terrain dependent battles are back
Fixed a bug where some commander's rooms in towns/forts/hotels would not have working inventory chests
Fixed a bug where the player was not able to recruit troops from settlements that they controlled
Companions should no longer bleed in dialog
Raised army wages that the player receives
Readjusted troop army wages (lower level troops cost more, high level troops cost less)
Hunting counts should be resolved
Invisible deer riders no longer scream and bleed
Fixed the dreaded "0 damage" dynamite bug
and many other minor fixes

Previous versions and their features can be found here:
1866 - v0.8
1866 - v0.7

Contributors list:
(If you are not on the list and think we have forgotten you, we apologize. Send me a PM in this case.)
  • yellowmosquito: Scripting, modeling, voice acting, music, sounds, particle effects, story writing, troops/characters, item balancing, user interface, banners, and overall polishing wherever needed.
  • Highlander: Main scripting and contributions in all other categories
  • Penis Colada: Mostly weapon modeling and balancing, some writing/spell checking, music, and other contributions.
  • abominog: Scene Building
  • Insomniac: Scene building
  • dstemmer: Scripting, Town shootouts, particle effects (explosion and bullet dust)
  • Red River: Scripting, Scene building
  • Njiekovic: Modeling (mostly scene props), story writing
  • Stavaas: Modeling (mostly scene props)
  • Dain Ironfoot: New animations and miscellaneous other contributions
  • Barf: Hats with Hair!, Models, Effects, Music
  • Kartoffel: Modeling, Re-texturing, Normal Maps, and overall beautification
  • GetAssista: World map
  • Buxton: Some modeling
  • -IYI-O-R-T-: Indian face textures, donkey model
  • Ursca: Modeling (especially waistcoats)
  • Nethoras: Double Barreled Shotgun
  • Ettubrutesbro: Remington Rolling Block, Mortimer Revolver, Colt Revolving Rifle (model only)
  • Domovoi/Harry: Modeling (Allen T Pepperbox, Beaumont-Adams)
  • Rize: Scene building
  • Walzou: Modeling (large map icons)
  • Saregona: Textures from Better Horses Mod
  • rejenorst: Voice acting
  • Sara, Whitney, and Kaylee: Voice acting (Thanks girls!)
  • Peralta: Lamp scene prop, Uniform Textures (WIP)
  • Sockeye: Hats
  • captain lust: Russian Hat
  • lumikant (and pals): Voice acting
  • wickedshot: Faction color chooser
  • Yiyang Chen: Faces

  • Early Testers: Akselst, dstemmer, Gunfreakt ,Haya, izaktj, Karbine, night raider, Pellidon, Richard Shru, scalded, The Man With No Name, vonBlood
  • Music contributors:  RATMdude92, Kevin MacLeod, Andrea Matthews and Brian Rockholt (Native American flute music - www.busroads.com), Wakarusa, El Duke, Doren, buzbybadman, Hyper-Shadow-Death, J Graham (ChemicalReaper), CL Underwood (WoodyForrest), Deniz Akbulut (Intero), SageRiku, DJB00n, Roverbreath, proud

Version 0.7 Downloads:  27,609  [20,192 (mbrepository),  4,421 (mountfanblade), 2,996 (megaupload)]
Version 0.8 Downloads: 122,879  [87,230 (mbrepository), 29,749 (mountfanblade),  ?,??? (megaupload), 5,900 (filefront)]

Total Downloads:          150,488 

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Sergeant at Arms
This is SO much more amazing thanks to my new found knowledge of a 50 fps increase by setting the max fps to 10000.

Lord Benrir

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Wow, already released! :smile:
I've been looking forward to this! Especially the town shootouts. ^^

P.S: Is it already Christmas again? :grin:

EDIT I: Haha, great! I just got arrested on charge of:
2 count(s) of first-degree murder on an officer of the peace
11 count(s) of first-degree murder
1 count(s) of assault on an officer of the peace
4 count(s) of simple assault

The judge posted my bail at 500 dollars and 49 cents.
I don't think I'm welcome in Bishop's Lodge anymore... :razz:
Lord Benrir said:
Wow, already released! :smile:
I've been looking forward to this! Especially the town shootouts. ^^

P.S: Is it already Christmas again? :grin:

EDIT I: Haha, great! I just got arrested on charge of:
2 count(s) of first-degree murder on an officer of the peace
11 count(s) of first-degree murder
1 count(s) of assault on an officer of the peace
4 count(s) of simple assault

The judge posted my bail at 500 dollars and 49 cents.
I don't think I'm welcome in Bishop's Lodge anymore... :razz:

This was the first thing I did. :mrgreen:

But there are problems too. I get lagspikes everywhere but the FPS rate is 50-70 at every scene. Any solution ?[/b]
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