1866 - Scene Releases (v0.9.x only)


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Since a Scene has no Code and does not effect game play in any way except for making things look better for you guys I've
decided to release any scene I've Updated or Completely redone.
This is good as you don't have to wait for the next patch or major Release and you get to play in the areas as I make them but then again
you don't have to download and use these as you could always wait for a Patch/release.

Also let me know what you like/dislike about any new scene :smile:

To use the new Scenes just place them into "Mount&Blade\Modules\1866\SceneObj" directory and overwrite old file and away you go.
NOTE: Adding a updated Scene does NOT mean you have to start a new game just keep playing as normal.

Scene releases

Hotel Del Rio  & Hotel San Casteabro Commander Rooms Download here (.rar)


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If you crash on any of these scenes after installing them, report those crashes in this thread.  Do NOT report them in the bug report thread.


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I just noticed that one of the ladders in Puerta del Desierto is partially stuck in a wall at it's upper end, which makes it hard to climb all the way. It's one of the rightmost ladders when you stand in front of the pueblo, facing it. The ladder from first to second floor.

Very neat and very well done scene! :smile:



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It is not on filefront anymore. Have you removed it? Or is it implemented in the last version of 1866?