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Thoughts? The perspective the creators of the movie take are obvious if you've watched it, but I don't think that it's a problem, since they are arguing a point. Some have said that it is stupid because these people they are interviewing are uneducated about the topic, but I don't care about how these people are reacting, I care about the validity of the argument.
Could there be some illogical appeal to emotions? Could be.
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As for the OP; I think that's a rather poor way of tackling the stuff. Interviewing random bystanders? **** that, we have scientists and actual philosophers for those kind of opinions.
While I don't think that interviewing bystanders with potentially no training or knowledge on what constitutes a defensible position makes a good video, it is still integral to the process of seeking a answers. While many of the answers will often be repeated (and are also oft the ones which don't have much support), some do shed light on how to approach this question from a different angle. The entrenched positions we have now didn't just spring up from two small groups of highly trained medical and philosophical professionals (though some of it inevitably did), much of it came about through the contribution of many people, some who have no formal training in logic or the medical field (or likely both) yet still said something profoundly important on this subject.

We should judging the answer on their soundness, but there isn't anything wrong with this approach if that standard is held up.
I think I experienced a serious change in perception whilst watching this.

I went from "Man the people in front of this camera are horribly uneducated" to "Man the guy behind this camera is horribly stupid, manipulative and dishonest".

So probably not what he was looking for when he made it.


Oh, and because no one's mentioned it so far, this is a "hurrrr durrrr anti-abortion" video, despite the fact that it takes a good ten minutes to get to the point (if you can call an idiot interviewing random morons a point).
Wait a second. Isn't this that one guy who went on that show with Kirk Cameron to "prove" God existed but just made himself and Cameron look like bat**** nutso's?

Edit: Ray Comfort, that's the name,
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