16th Middlesex (London Irish) Rifle Volunteer Corps [6+ Years Old, 200+ Members]

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Over the past 155 years, the London Irish Rifles have gained 65 battle honours with London Irishmen serving in the Boer War and throughout the First and Second World Wars - probably the Regiment's most
famous battle honour was gained in September 1915 at the Battle of Loos, when men of the London Irish Rifles kicked a football into German trenches, thereafter entering immortality as 'The Footballers of Loos'.


The London Irish Volunteers were founded at the Freemasons’ Tavern, Great Queen Street on the 5th of December 1859 during concerns over the threats posed by Napoleon III, and which prompted the rise in the Victorian Volunteer Movement. The Marquess of Donegall presided at the original general meeting.

The formal formation of the Regiment took place in February 1860, and at that time was named the 28th Middlesex (London Irish) Rifle Volunteer Corps. The original maximum establishment was a Captain Commandant, 1 Captain, 2 Lieutenants, 2 Ensigns and 200 men of all ranks. Its first uniform was grey with green facings, and a triple sprig of silver shamrock in metal, together with the old fashioned shako bearing a bunch of cock’s feathers. The Regiment’s first parade numbered 60, with the Marquess of Donegall as Commandant.

Enrolled members had to pay an entrance fee of 1/2 a guinea, and also an annual subscription of 1 guinea. Honorary members paid 5 guineas, and 1 guinea annual subscription and were allowed to wear the uniform of the corps with the exception of the cross belt.


Freemasons’ Tavern.

On becoming a battalion in May 1860, the designation “London Irish” was recognised for the first time. Eight companies were then composed before increasing that number to nine at the end of the year – numbers being then replaced by letters. The first Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, Field Marshal Viscount Gough, was appointed in May 1861. In 1865, 62 recruits from the Government Clothing Factory completed ‘G’ Company and at that time some questions were raised in the press whether the London Irish had abandoned their strict rule of only recruiting Irishmen. In 1866, the Battalion consisted of 10 companies, increasing to 12 in the following year – each company comprising approximately 100 men. In 1870, there was an alteration in uniform, which now included emerald green facings and a silver shamrock on the shoulder strap and, in May 1871, Snider rifles were issued to the London Irish.


Officers' uniforms.

Later in 1871, Prince Arthur (Duke of Connaught) became Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, and he would remain so for the next 70 years. In 1872, after several changes in address, the HQ of the regiment moved again back to the Strand where it then remained for more than 20 years. At that time, the strength of the battalion had fallen to 786 men, after a number of resignations (from a peak of 1170 in the 1860s). The Marquess of Donegall continued as Commandant for several more years until ill health struck and he was eventually succeeded in 1883 by Colonel James Ward.

In 1877, the officers’ uniform was ordered to be the same as the 60th Rifles and other standards were changed so that men could not be less than 5 foot 6 inches or more than 5 foot 10 inches in height. On the occasion of the Duke of Connaught’s marriage in March 1879, the officers of the London Irish Rifles presented him with a silver table centre-piece with the names of the officers then serving being engraved thereon.

On the 3rd of September 1880, under the Cardwell reforms and along with other Middlesex regiments, the Battalion was re-numbered as 16th Middlesex (London Irish) Rifle Volunteer Corps, and in 1881 became a Volunteer Battalion of the Rifle Brigade. ♔


Private Riflemen

Rifleman (Enlisted in the regiment are known by and hold the rank of rifleman.)

Boy (Recruited at an age that is unfit for regular rank. Once fit for duty: promoted to rank of rifleman.)



Bandsman (Considered equal to rifleman. Performs musical and communication tasks of a battalion.)


Bugler (Considered equal to rifleman. Performs musical and communication tasks of a company.)


Pioneer (Considered equal to rifleman. Performs engineering and construction tasks of a battalion.)

Non-commissioned Officers


Colour-Sergeant (Senior N.C.O., a long-serving sergeant, a rank held with prestige. Given to sergeants who have displayed exemplary service.)


Sergeant (Senior N.C.O., sergeant represents a senior role of responsibility. Maintains profiency, discipline, and order of a company.)


Acting-Sergeant (An acting sergeant is a temporary appointment given to a corporal, as to fill a post and duties held by a sergeant.)


Corporal (Corporals show an adept and consistent ability in leadership and responsibility.)


Acting-Corporal (A rifleman earmarked for corporal, those given this temporary appointment show a capacity for leadership and responsibility.)

Warrant Officers


Sergeant-Major (Senior management role focussing on the training, welfare, and discipline of a battalion.)


Bandmaster (Senior playing musician of a battalion. Commands and orchestrates the band of a battalion.)

Commissioned Officers


Lieutenant-Colonel (Commands a battalion.)


Major (Typically second-in-command of a battalion, or commands a company.)


Captain (With more experience comes more responsibility. Typically commands a company, or made adjutant of a battalion.)


Lieutenant (Typically second-in-command of a company. Senior subaltern rank.)

2nd-Lieutenant (Newly commissioned officer of a company, 2nd-lieutenant is the first rank held on commissioning. Lower subaltern rank.)

Marksman Badges

Musketry is trained regularly within the regiment. Those who score the most during these marksman contests will be awarded a marksman badge. These badges will only be awarded during and through training. Once a man with four marksman badges reaches his fifth, he will hold the title of "Best Shot of Company". The title is held until another man bests the current holder, in which the new victor will be assigned the title; previous title holders will simply be reduced to their fourth marksman badge and will have to re-earn the title. "Best Shot of Battalion" is held through a monthly competition only among those who have earned "Best Shot of Company" or their fourth marksman badge, and the winner will recieve said title for that month and for as long as they win each monthly competition.


Marksman Badge.


Good Conduct Badge.

Good Conduct Badges

Good conduct badges are awarded to enlisted men for good conduct during service in the regiment. Each badge will be awarded based on time within the regiment with no act of insubordination or malconduct that requires disciplinary action during said time periods. Any of such will result in a badge to be removed, and for a renewal of the current time period. Those would then have to start from the last badge earned and work their way up again.



To supply Soldiers for our Volunteer Battalion

with the Rifle Brigade in London.


There is a Place in the Ranks for You!

If you are fit, come and fill it!!


You need not be Irish in order to join.

You become Irish by adoption.

Below are the companies to enlist into and their typical roles within the 16th Middlesex (London Irish) Rifle Volunteer Corps:

"A" Company


Skirmishers. Light infantry and riflemen units. Through the use of rifles and skirmish lines, deliver powerful volleys unto the enemy. Survivability is key component of skirmishers and being able to reload and fire promptly, utilising cover and terrain, is part of the normal routine of a skirmisher's duties.

"B" Company


Mounted Infantry. Cavalry and line infantry units. Cutting down the enemy with fervor through decisive charges or carrying out determined engagements with bayonet and ball, mounted infantry must be especially capable for combat on foot and horse.

"C" Company


Artillery. Artillery units. Cannons, howitzers, mortars, and explosive crates are all part of the arsenal of the artillery. Artillerymen must have keen awareness of the battlefield around them, from spotting incoming fire from enemy arty as well as locating enemy infantry to destroy.


Add any of the following London Irish officers to enlist.

Captain Jetch Lieutenant Stealth

2nd-Lieutenant Burlap Lieutenant Dalley


-Wednesdayss 8PM EST, Wednesday Linebattle [size=7pt][https://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=41794.0] .[/size]

-Fridays 8PM EST, Picton's Friday Linebattle [size=7pt][https://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=41896.0] .[/size]

-Saturdays 8PM EST, Saturday Linebattle [size=7pt][https://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=42209.0] .[/size]

-Training on off days typically on Monday and/or Thursday; 1v1's and special events also take place on off days.

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2nd-Lieutenant Jetch and Sergeant Stealth hold out in an captured enemy redoubt, and defeat a force of thirty plus in the resulting firing and melee, with only six of their own. November 4, 2014.

Rifleman Theo shoots an enemy infantry company's officer from a range of about 200 yards, causing the enemy officer's soldiers to panic, rout, and desert along a riverbank in which the shot was taken. December 30, 2014.

Engaged in shooting and suppressing advancing enemy lines, Rifleman Cactus targets and shoots a flanking enemy line company's officer causing them to retreat from the flank allowing a relief column to provide support. January 10, 2015.

2nd-Lieutenant Jetch, alone in a forward position, was charged by four enemy cavaliers in a melee after his rifle company had taken severe casulties and was in hasty retreat; he stabbed the first through the chest with his bayonet as he tried to ride him down with his sabre, then the dehorsed second cavalier thrusted towards Jetch's groin and was swiftly parried and stabbed through the chin, Jetch then dropped his bayonet to cut down the third with his officer sword, whilst the final man routed to enemy lines. This act thus earned 2nd-Lieutenant Jetch a Distinguished Service Order. March 24, 2015.

2nd-Lieutenant Jetch shoots an enemy light cavalry's leading officer with his pistol, whilst scouting enemy lines ahead of his company. The enemy officer saw Jetch scouting and rode ahead of his own company to run him down, but instead was shot and killed by Jetch with his horse to run away riderless and stray; Jetch then returned to his company and friendly lines, unscathed. April 25, 2015.

Rifleman Davos shoots multiple enemy officers causing enemy disorder and multiple retreats. He pressed many enemy lines from advancing, showing extraordinary marksmanship during an enemy engagement. May 8, 2015.

Rifleman Alex shoots an enemy battalion's second in command, at a range of about 300 yards. The officer was scouting ahead of his battalion and was either not aware of the incoming fire or he did not see it as a threat at such a range; He was shot in the head and fell immediately. June 5, 2015.

Sergeant Stealth led the company of rifles under heavy enemy infantry fire, after the officer commanding was shot and pulling him to safety under fire, to hold out over a river crossing against odds of three to one. He led the rifles to inflict heavy casualties among the enemy infantry, with minimal losses. None of the enemy infantry could cross the bridge connecting the river together or make it across the river with small boats; Stealth's maneuvers, along with his company's marksmanship, massacred the enemy infantry, and caused the final stray to rout; most importantly Stealth prevented the enemy from crossing over the bridge. Stealth's bravery and leadership with maintaining and maneuvering his company to hold out the strategic position, instead of retreating and allowing the enemy to advance and take over the town, proved his gallantry. This act thus earned Sergeant Stealth the Victoria Cross. June 6, 2015.

Lieutenant Jetch lead a minuscule company into a retreat from a larger enemy line infantry company that baited the enemy to over-pursue and thus be surrounded, take heavy casualties, and eventually taken prisoner. The retreating rifleman were sometimes overtaken in the melee or shot but Jetch held with very few numbers to eventually achieve this feat. Jetch saw a friendly standard banner with his spyglass and realised a friendly infantry column can intercept the pursuing enemy. Immediately afterward, unfortunately, Lieutenant Jetch was wounded from battle by the enemy artillery's explosive shot that landed right into the ranks of the intercepting friendly line infantry. June 10, 2015.

With enemy skirmishers firing from a hill position, 2nd-Lieutenant Stealth led his men on a charge in the face of heavy enemy fire to take their hill position, and retreat and rout the enemy skirmishers and enemy line infantry supporting them. Stealth's company took minuscule casualties taking the hill, as the enemy skirmishers did not focus on Stealth as he advanced, instead firing their volleys on distant friendly lines. Stealth personally slew several of the enemy skirmishers and infantry with his bayonet during their retreat. June 29, 2015.

Four infantry companies and an artillery crew were pinned down under heavy fire at their dug-in position against three enemy infantry companies and a small band of enemy rifleman and dehorsed cavalry. After several exchanged volleys, a charge order was given by the enemy and a large melee ensued around the friendly artillery position. The friendly light infantry company was given an order to counter-charge the encroaching enemy companies, taking immense casualties. Rifleman NickyJ showed extreme profiency and gallantry with his bayonet, holding off against dozens of belligerents. He kept the enemy back, fighting and spearing off multiple opponents with his bayonet. Even after many friendly companies fell, NickyJ continued his order to the very end. After stabbing down several in the melee, holding off against several at a time alone, he was sabred down the back and wounded. This act is thus pending a Distinguished Conduct Medal for Rifleman NickyJ. July 18, 2015.

Rifleman Jenkins displays his gallant marksmanship during an enemy engagement, shooting two enemy infantry company officers, causing disruption amongst the enemy. August 15, 2015.

Rifleman Clark shoots an enemy heavy cavalry company's leading officer, causing them to commit a disorganised charge and to take immense casualties. Clark's marksmanship proved to be one of the deciding factors to victory during an enemy engagement. August 29, 2015.

Bugler Person saves two friendly rifleman's lives during an enemy engagement. An enemy light cavalry company was charging and engaging a friendly infantry and rifle company; when Person, whom a bugler of the friendly rifle company, shot two enemy cavaliers with a pistol in a close melee, saving two riflemen's lives. September 22, 2015.

Rifleman Calcium shoots two enemy artillery officers on command, leading to the rest of his rifle company to take the battery, rendering an enemy artillery position defunct. Calcium's marksmanship was shown to be a key action during an enemy engagement, severely hampering enemy artillery. October 16, 2015.

Lieutenant Jetch and the remaining of his minuscule rifle company stand ground at a captured enemy artillery battery, and defeat a force of approximately three times their numbers. This in part of Jetch's extreme proficiency of swordsmanship, cutting down several waves of enemy infantry with his sabre including an enemy field officer whom dared to face Jetch individually before being cut through by the throat. Jetch's actions during this engagement earned him the Distinguished Service Order for the second time. October 18, 2015.

Corporal Cactus displays exemplary marksmanship during an enemy engagement. Upon being given the order to fire at will by his officer commanding, nearly every one of his shots inflicted casualties unto enemy artillery and infantry companies. Cactus impressed his rifle company with his extreme proficiency with his rifle, and raised morale. October 18, 2015.

Acting-Corporal Dylster targets and shoots an enemy infantry company officer at a considerable distance, approximately 200 yards, when the enemy officer was scouting ahead of his infantry with his spyglass. December 5, 2015.

Rifleman Vick fires at an enemy artillery crew at a range of 100 yards and succesfully delays their operation with his marksmanship, shooting enemy cannoneers. January 6, 2016.

Rifleman Dusty targets and shoots and enemy field officer at a range of 200 yards. The enemy field officer was behind lines on horseback, and his death had contributed to disorder amongst the enemy. January 12, 2016.

After taking fire from an enemy infantry company at 150 yards, Rifleman Renault and the surrounding friendly rifle company return fire on their retreat. Renault being credited for shooting the enemy officer leading the company, causing enemy panic and disorder. January 12, 2016.

After the friendly light infantry company merged onto the flank of an enemy batallion with artillery, that which was left unguarded, Rifleman Avatar displayed keen marksmanship; credited with continuous kills among enemy infantry attempting to push and defend their flank. January 19, 2016.

Upon arriving onto the hill Rifleman Gavin shoots an enemy officer, who was scouting from an opposite hill position. The enemy officer's death caused chaos to spread throughout enemy ranks. Unsure what to do the enemy company's second in command marched his company along with several others off the defensive hill position and into a valley. When they reached the middle of the valley several volleys were exchanged, and Gavin shoots yet another officer. Enemy morale then diminished, and a mass route ensued. Seeing no other alternative the two remaining enemy companies charged. During the melee engagement Gavin managed to save several of his fellow riflemen with his bayonet profiency, before he was wounded. These actions thus earned Gavin the Distinguished Conduct Medal. February 19, 2016.

Acting-Corporal Wheedle with his company charged an enemy artillery battery that kept friendly infantry columns from advancing. Wheedle charged towards the artillery battery spearing several of the enemy artillery's infantry down with his bayonet before being wounded. During the melee, Wheedle came into hand-to-hand combat with an enemy artillery officer whom which he struck down. March 12, 2016.

During a skirmish with an enemy line company, a melee ensued with bayonets after several volleys were exchanged. Rifleman Melon was charged by five enemy line infantry and in several seconds brought four of them down with stabs to the throat and gut with maneuver. The final one he then parried and ran through. March 24, 2016.

While a friendly artillery battery entrenched themselves across the onlooking bridge to defend it, enemy infantry, remains of an earlier enemy offensive, flanked from the nearby forest thicket into the relatively unguarded friendly position. Several shots were exchanged during the fighting; Rifleman Vick of the friendly battery charged forward and managed to rout the small band of enemy infantry during their attack. March 27, 2016.

Rifleman Gunner from the remaining miniscule line company were relieved into a friendly artillery position, during which the friendly artillery battery was charged by enemy infantry. During the melee, Gunner took down several opponents individually with his bayonet. The position was eventually overrun and Gunner wounded. April 12, 2016.

As the enemy artillery battery were entrenching their positions with engineers, Rifleman Doer was credited to have shot the enemy artillery officer of the battery. This caused the enemy confusion and lowered their overall effectiveness. AprN/A 16, 2016.

After seeing several members of the friendly rifle company die to a fortified enemy garrison, Captain Jetch charged through passageway leading to the enemy garrison with fifteen enemy line infantry inside; alone he grabbed a bayonet and took the group on in the chaotic melee allowing the rest of the friendly companies outside to swoop in. Jetch's leadership allowed the building to be mostly cleared, however a small enemy group remained wounding Jetch however abandoning their garrison. Jetch's bravery during this engagement earned him the Distinguished Service Order for the third time. April 23, 2016.

During an enemy attack on a friendly artillery battery, enemy riflemen began advancing towards the battery on the slope reaching it. With less firepower and a slope preventing artillery firing on the enemy riflemen, Sergeant NickyJ charged his friendly line company pushing the enemy riflemen off the slope and to a rout. NickyJ slew several during the melee with his bayonet. May 6, 2016.

After enemy artillery fired upon friendly rifle companies several times, Rifleman Skipperwarp9 and Rifleman Blitz manage to shoot two enemy artillerymen from a distance of 200 yards; this rendering the enemy artillery defunct. May 31, 2016.

After taking casulties from enemy fire, Captain Jetch and Corporal Wubba alone charged a group of enemy infantry. A melee ensued, Jetch and Wubba took down the entire group without a wound while being outnumbered heavily. Jetch stabbed and speared several in the melee using his bayonet with Wubba using a sapper's axe from an artillery battery cutting down the remainder. During the melee, both displayed gallant behaviour against odds against them, the numbers were seven to only the two. June 17, 2016.

Rifleman Klinky charges into a group of enemy infantry forming to fire on his officer, saving his officer's life for the moment before the officer was later wounded. Klinky was thus wounded during the melee in the attempt to save his officer. For Klinky's selfless bravery, he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal. June 21, 2016.

With superior ground, Lieutenant Stealth and his company were able to rout two enemy line infantry companies. The retreating enemy lines fell back to their fortified artillery position, and instead of pursuing the retreating line infantry, Stealth led his company to flank behind the fortified artillery position. Once Stealth and his company reached the crest of a hill upon the flank, Stealth's company inflicted severe casualties the enemy; with momentum Stealth had gave the order to charge. During the charge Stealth’s company took miniscule casualties in the melee, whilst inflicting many casulties upon the enemy line infantry and artillery. During the melee Stealth himself cut down several enemy infantry with his sabre. June 25, 2016.

During a skirmish against enemy infantry the regimental colours of a friendly infantry company was lost. Later in the engagement Colour-Sergeant NickyJ, from the company that lost its colours, bravely retook the regimental colours during a melee against the same enemy infantry force. June 28, 2016.

As the enemy light infantry company came up and over the hill, a friendly light infantry company came bounding over to meet them. A volley was exchanged between both sides with the enemy infantry retreating below the hill after the engangement. During the exchange Rifleman Brood was credited with shooting the enemy light infantry company's officer. September 7, 2016.

A friendly artillery battery became isolated on the field, waves of enemy infantry then advanced on the friendly redoubt. The crew of the battery held against waves of enemy infantry, repelled the enemy reinforcements, and succesfully defended the position. During the engangement, Captain Jetch, Acting-Corporal Baxby, and Bugler Person were noted for their gallant behaviour during the enemy attack. November 4, 2016.

During an engagement with enemy infantry, Corporal Cubicon displayed proficient skill with his bayonet, striking down six opponents in succession within the melee that ensued. December 10, 2016.

Following the capture of an occupied enemy outpost, the enemy launched several assaults to retake the position. Each enemy assault causing a number of casulties for both sides. In their final assault, Rifleman Arya and TomSnow, alone, were credited to routing the approaching enemy infantry company. Arya and TomSnow were the last men among the garrison, and once they appeared to fire their weapons, the enemy infantry company then routed after their shots. It is thought that the enemy infantry mistook Arya and TomSnow for a much larger prescence, they both nevertheless held the outpost for the day with friendly reinforcements. February 21, 2017.

After seizing the enemy artillery battery, an enemy infantry company began a counterattack to retake their artillery battery. The artillery battery itself was pitted on a slope, the reverse slope and flanks of the battery was covered in fortifications and sandbags preventing retreat, trapping the friendly infantry that captured the battery inside. The enemy infantry inflicted some casulties on the men trapped inside the battery. With no way to fight back, a surrender seemed imminent until Rifleman Gunner freed the men inside by destroying the barricades on the left flank. Gunner was able to slip out of the way from the incoming enemy fire allowing him to safely free the men trapped inside. Upon the destruction of the obstructing barricades, the men inside the battery slipped out from the left flank, and charged the enemy infantry causing them to rout. March 3, 2017.

Upon the redoubt being captured, Rifleman Gunner defended it with exceptional prowess running through and defeating multiple enemies with his bayonet as they attacked the position. April 4, 2017.

Rifleman Neiqq showed valiant bravery in a melee against a group of enemy infantry, fighting outnumbered and besting several of the enemy. May 2, 2017.

With a friendly artillery battery being assaulted by enemy infantry, Acting-Corporal Dalley demonstrated extreme proficiency with the bayonet spearing down multiple opponents contributing to the friendly battery being held. May 16, 2017.

Lieutenant Stealth and Bugler Person together hold off multiple groups of enemy infantry in melee whilst being alone and cut off, successfully fending off the enemy and safely retreating to friendly reinforcements. May 19, 2017.

A friendly infantry company attacked the enemy artillery battery, with devastating volleys into the enemy infantry defending it, inflicting many casualties as well as sustaining their own. A rifleman of the friendly infantry company, Rifleman Bardic, successfully fought hand-to-hand with his fellow riflemen outnumbered two to one by enemy reinforcements. As one of the few of his company, he and a few others valiantly defeated and held against overwhelming numbers of enemy infantry. June 10, 2017.

Rifleman Llama targets and shoots an enemy artillery officer at over 100 yards causing mass disruption and panic amongst the enemy artillery battery. July 7, 2017.

Thick columns of enemy infantry were significantly worn down due to accurate artillery fire from Captain Jetch, him scoring over thirty kills with round shot in a large skirmish. July 7, 2017.

Rifleman BigBig spots an enemy infantry column from over 150 yards leading to that group of enemy infantry being routed by subsequent cannon fire. If not for his perception, the enemy infantry would have advanced uncontested towards friendly artillery. July 14, 2017.

Nearing the end of the battle, after friendly infantry took severe casualties, whilst dealing their own; Captain Jetch manages to cut down seven men whom came to fight him at the artillery, alone. July 25, 2017.

Sergeant-Major NickyJ successfully shoots the enemy officer at 100 yards, thus disorganising the group of incoming enemy infantry. August 8, 2017.

When the friendly infantry company was pinned from enemy infantry fire, Rifleman Bluebat manages to score a cannonball right through the middle of the enemy infantry's ranks causing them to rout. August 18, 2017.

As the artillery was on the move to support friendly infantry, it was ambushed by enemy cavalry. Rifleman Rms16bot was credited to building the makeshift fortifications in a knick of time that prevented the enemy cavalry from successfully sacking the artillery. August 26, 2017.

The artillery was charged by enemy cavalry and infantry. During the fray, Rifleman Ely shoots down an enemy infantryman as he was rushing towards 2nd-Lieutenant Doer of the artillery. August 29, 2017.

Fierce fighting on the streets erupted with a melee against enemy infantry on a pier. Whilst Captain Jetch was in melee, him and his opponent slipped off the adjacent docks into the water below. Whilst him and his opponent were fighting below, Rifleman Gunner saw this and jumped down into the water and speared Jetch's opponent during the melee. September 6, 2017.

When the artillery moved into position and was in the process of unlimbering, it was ambushed by enemy cavalry. The artillery took very few casualties whilst routing the enemy cavalry, this in part due to Pioneer Blitz's proficiency in erecting fortifications which prevented the enemy cavalry from swarming the artillery's crew. September 9, 2017.

Rifleman Theo shows profiency on horseback as he spears down multiple opponents in a melee, making use of his horse's stout nature trampling over enemy infantry. September 26, 2017.

With an ongoing battle against enemy infantry and artillery, Rifleman Gunner throughout displayed extreme proficiency and valiant effort with a howitzer. Throughout the battle, enemy infantry and artillery would face massive losses as a result of Gunner. Without his accuracy the enemy infantry would have defeated ours whom were outnumbered and thus taken the day, the artillery needed to do its role and prevent this. Gunner did prevent this and as a result earned him the Distinguished Conduct Medal for the second time. October 6, 2017.

As the artillery unlimbered, Rifleman Morgan spotted enemy infantry deploying across the field 200 yards forward. Firing his musket, he felled an officer to a score of cheers by his comrades as the enemy unnervingly marched forward. October 10, 2017.

Defending an artillery position from incoming enemy infantry, Acting-Corporal Vick showed proficiency with his bayonet and bravery when outnumbered. Vick fought off and bayoneted seven men on his own. October 21, 2017.

With his company taking severe casualties in a melee against enemy infantry, Boy Yete pushed forward and took down five men on his own with his bayonet. November 11, 2017.

The last man still fighting in his company after suffering heavy losses, Rifleman Kat charged a group of enemy infantry to protect a relief column of infantry. In the melee, Kat struck down six enemy infantry by himself before being wounded by friendly fire. November 17, 2017.

Whilst an engagement against enemy infantry on a bridge began to occur, Rifleman IronMelon managed to conceal himself underneath. As the melee broke out, IronMelon sprung from underneath the bridge and swayed the fight in our favour. December 5, 2017.

A group of enemy infantry were garrisoned inside a building and fiercly held onto it. Whilst the company took many casualties attacking it, Rifleman Cobloot stormed inside the building taking the initiative. He alone created the opening for the rest of his company to flood through and capture the building. December 9, 2017.

As the battle was beginning and whilst both sides were preparing formations, Acting-Corporal Vick fired his musket scoring a kill at over 200 yards. December 19, 2017.

During an engagement with enemy infantry, Bugler Eraamion was able to shoot an enemy officer at a significant distance through proficient marksmanship. January 12, 2018.

Rifleman IronMelon, during a fight against enemy cavalry, bayonets a cavalryman's horse with the rider falling swiftly to the ground. This drew the attention of two more cavalrymen who then rushed towards IronMelon to cut him down in response. IronMelon feinted going towards the downed rider to draw the two further in. He then bayoneted each rider off their horse. February 17, 2018.

During an enemy attack on the artillery battery, Rifleman Crimer and Rifleman Cobloot both held off much more than their own striking down at least six soldiers each. Due to their bravery and skill with the bayonet, the enemy attack was repelled ensuring the day's victory and the gun's safety. March 2, 2018.

When his company was given the command to charge a group of enemy infantry, Rifleman Twai swayed the fight back in his company's favour after nearly faltering; Twai taking down a handful of men himself with his bayonet. March 27, 2018.

During a sustained battle, Rifleman GermanGunner on a howitzer of the artillery scored dozens of direct hits. GermanGunner would rout enemy regiments on his own through his expert gunnery at the howitzer, any enemy regiment coming within range of him would fear taking countless losses. GermanGunner's proficiency with the howitzer during the battle earned him the Distinguished Conduct Medal for the third time. April 11, 2018.

Fighting withdrew from the open fields and river bend into the centre of the town. There, groups of enemy infantry garrisoned the many houses that resided within; the houses were subsequently sieged. Acting-Corporal Vick and Acting-Corporal Person during the engagement were noteworthy for their bravery and prowess in clearing these houses, both of them leading groups inside with initiative and weapon in hand. April 13, 2018.

When seeing his officer fall to approaching enemy skirmisher fire thus causing disarray, Corporal Vick then carried out command of the rifle company to exact revenge on the enemy skirmishers and push them back immediately. Vick advanced towards the slope of enemy skirmishers forcing their retreat whilst gunning down the enemy officer himself, whom carried out the order, with his rifle. Vick then relieved command accordingly to his superior, upon order being established, afterward. April 17, 2018.

Whilst attacking the enemy artillery position, a retreat order was given to link up with the remaining reinforcements that were separated. The enemy infantry pursued the retreating group and a fighting withdrawal occurred. During the retreat, Rifleman Twai was able to draw out and bring many enemies out of the fight whilst allowing his comrades to withdraw safely. Twai's actions led to the pursuing enemy infantry to break during the following melee. Twai himself was able to strike down four men, alone, with his bayonet. April 21, 2018.


[size=14pt]Battalion State.

16th Middlesex (London Irish) Rifle Volunteer Corps.

4th Volunteer Battalion.

Captain Jetch, DSO and Two Bars.



Sergeant-Major NickyJ, DCM.


Pioneer Clark.


"A" Company.

Lieutenant Stealth, VC.

Sergeant Cubicon.

Acting-Corporal Ajax.
Corporal Dylster.
,, Wilzer.

Bugler Mumbleford.

[size=12pt]Rifleman Abday.
,, Alex.
,, BreadHead.
,, BrooD.
,, Calcium.
,, Captaintbag.
,, Cow.
,, Chuck.
,, Dante.
,, DoNotDisplay.
,, DrDimples.
,, Duvet.
,, Eagle.
,, Echo.
,, EDP.
,, Ely.
,, Freakish.
Boy Frosty.
Rifleman GabinusTitusBatiatus.
,, GhostSnake.
,, HawkJerky.
,, Hipester.
,, IronMelon.
,, Jeffers.
,, Jimmy.
,, Joey.
,, Kaiwea.
,, Keeno.
,, Knuckles.
,, Kou.
,, Llama.
,, LouisToffee.
,, Lucero.
,, MacDonaldson.
,, MadDog.
,, MasterWes.
,, Mark.
,, Marx.
,, McJohnson.
,, Meaty.
Boy Milo.
Rifleman Mrgigs25.
,, Owen.
,, Pappenheim.
,, PieMan.
,, Poopdawg123.
,, Raptor.
,, Roark.
,, Roxas.
,, Ryan.
Boy Samuel.
Rifleman Schwartz.
,, Sh1mbo.
,, Shusho.
,, Skipperwarp9.
,, Sky.
,, Slypher.
,, Specever.
,, Telvanni.
,, Tstorm.
Boy Val.
Rifleman Valpen.


"B" Company.

2nd-Lieutenant Dalley.

Sergeant Tylenator.

Acting-Corporal Blahxblah.
Corporal Wheedle.


[size=12pt]Rifleman Aereto.
,, Albert.
,, Antoni.
,, Apple.
,, Arya.
,, Ben.
,, EliteBlitz.
,, Cakes.
,, Crimer.
,, CTRanger.
Rifleman ****.
,, Elmsley.
Boy Engels.
Rifleman Fetus.
,, Fox.
,, Froggywam.
,, GranolaMonster.
,, Hurdles.
,, IceCuck.
,, FriarJimmy.
Boy Joe.
Rifleman Josh.
,, Leech.
,, Luigi.
,, MarechalMurat.
,, Martin.
,, Mattyhealy.
Boy McCoy.
Rifleman Mitch.
,, Moobudder.
,, Morgan.
,, Naens.
,, OWNBlackGunsQC.
,, Picton.
,, Posh.
,, SewerPancakes.
,, Sheamus.
,, Shekels.
,, Thunderbeu.
,, Travis.
,, Tushedo.
,, Twai.
,, UglyPineapple.
,, UnRuleD.
,, Yaddar.
,, Yattie.
,, Yaver.
,, Yourself.
,, Walker.


"C" Company.

2nd-Lieutenant Burlap.

Acting-Sergeant Wubba.

Acting-Corporal Baxby.

Bugler Eraamion.

[size=12pt]Rifleman BigBig.
,, Boose.
,, CanadianMoose.
,, CattleMan.
,, Chukklez.
,, Cobloot.
,, Crazy.
,, Dagger.
,, Favela.
,, Gunner, DCM and Two Bars.
,, Hannibal.
,, iiBambie.
,, Jenkins.
,, Kat.
Boy Kay.
Rifleman Led.
,, MacMillan.
,, MouseSmasher.
,, Neiqq.
Boy Punksnotdead.
Rifleman Rms16bot.
,, Rolf.
,, Ross.
,, Superball.
,, Toast.
,, Tuxedo.


"D" Company.


Acting-Sergeant Vick.

Acting-Corporal Person.


[size=12pt]Rifleman Bardic.
,, Blitz.
,, Bluebat.
,, Cmt.
,, CowboyVipa.
,, Dartfish.
Boy EthanTil.
,, Filth.
Rifleman GhostRider.
,, Goldberg.
,, Gotz.
Boy Grant.
Rifleman Gwajax.
,, Hamilton.
,, Julian.
Boy Matt.
Rifleman MichiganLaw.
,, Murch.
,, SidDoktor.
,, Simão.
,, SisterFister.
,, Suros.
,, Swaggasaurus.
,, Syrador.
,, Theo.
,, ThePaleWizard.
,, Theo.
,, Throopper92.
,, TylerFlynn.
,, UsinKrelt.
,, Yete111.


Notes cont.

              GOOD CONDUCT BADGES.
Number of Riflemen in possession of :---                     
              One Good Conduct Badge 38
              Two    ,,        ,,          ,,      14
              Three ,,        ,,          ,,      14
              Four  ,,        ,,          ,,      15
              Five  ,,        ,,          ,,      5
              Six    ,,        ,,          ,,        0
              Total number with Badges 86

                MARKSMAN BADGES.
Number of Riflemen in possession of :---                     
                One  Marksman  Badge  11
                Two        ,,                ,,        6
                Three      ,,                ,,        4
                Four        ,,                ,,        11                                                                                               
                Total number with Badges 32

Various screenshots from our members.











Froi said:
Damn, you got rekt that hard when your men had muskets?

Would be fun to see you guys get charged by cav when all you have are rifles to melee with.

It was just a fun "dicking around" - round after the end of a linebattle; people were frozen and glitched on horses. It wasn't serious.
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