16. Bayerisches Infanterie-Regiment, Battalion Nr. 1

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About Us: The 16. Bayerisches Infanterie-Regiment is a Line Infantry regiment that fights for the Königreich Bayern (Kingdom of Bavaria). At the time after Napoleon's Russian campaign, Bavaria chose to fight against France, and had opened war with them by the Battle of Leipzig.

The highest level of this regiment is "Battalion." The Battalion, being the 1st Battalion of the regiment, is led by an Oberst Leutnant (LtCol equivelant). The Battalion is intended to be split into three seperate formations, or "Kompanies." A Kompanie is considered full when it has 13 members assigned to it (12 Rank and File, 1 Officer). Kompanie A is intended to be the "Grenadier Kompanie," Kompanie B is to be a "Musketeer" Kompanie, and Kompanie C is to be our "Rekrut/Inactive/Reserve" Kompanie.

  • Battalion "Stabs"
    • Oberst Leutnant
    • Fähnrich
  • Kompanie A, "Grenadier Kompanie"
    • Hauptmann
    • Vizefeldwebel
  • Kompanie B, "Musketier Kompanie"
    • Oberleutnant
    • Feldwebel
  • Kompanie C, "Militz Kompanie"
    • Unteroffizier


- Oberstleutnant (OberstLt)
- Hauptmann (Hptm)
- Oberleutnant (OLt)
- Leutnant (Lt)

- Fähnrich (Fahnrich)
- Vizefeldwebel (VFw)
- Feldwebel (Fw)
- Unteroffizer (Uffz)
- Korporal (Kpl)

- Stabsgefreiter (SGfr)
- Obergefreiter (OGfr)
- Gefreiter (Gfr)
- Grenadier (Gren)
- Musketier (Mkt)
- Rekrut (Rkt)


[b]Desired Name:[/b]
[b]Your Age:[/b]
[b]Previous Experience:[/b]
[b]Your Steam Name:[/b]

  • Roster:
    Battalion "Stabs"
    - OberstLeutnant DaMonkey
    Kompanie A "Grenadier Kompanie"

    Kompanie B "Musketier Kompanie"
    - Musketier Krieg
    - Musketier BattleBoss
    - Musketier Erik Wulff
    Kompanie C "Militz Kompanie"
    - Rekrut Sven Rössner
    - Rekrut Hendrik Maier

    Awards and Titles:

    Bavarian Merit of Honour: Awarded to Capitain Thomas of the 9eme Legere Infantry.

    Blue Ribbon: Awarded to: Soldat Erik Wulff, Soldat Skylin, Gefreiter Krieg Crämmer.
Desired Name: Hendrik Maier
Your Age: 13+
Previous Experience: 1500 hours
Your Steam Name: I'm in your friends list :grin:
[Fabio] said:
Desired Name: Hendrik Maier
Your Age: 13+
Previous Experience: 1500 hours
Your Steam Name: I'm in your friends list :grin:

Thanks for your enlistment in the regiment! Your application is currently under review.

On a Side Note, thanks for the good-uh ruck-uhs.
Good.. luck.. I think?

Anyways, I'm glad to fight alongside some of the first Bavarians in the community. (Watch it take off now, because Monkey did it.)

Although.. I am sad to report that the Bavarians didn't number their regiments, nor did they have a 16th one. (But that matters not!)

Vive la France! Vive la Bavière!
If that last sentence is wrong, blame Google

After action report for the Linebattle:

I am certainly happy with the role the 16te played as part of the Battle. The Battalion was ordered to mount horses and to act as the Army's cavalry support. Under my orders, we took cover behind the reverse slope of a small creek on the left flank of our allied forces to ensure we could easily counter any opposing cavalry advance. Upon seeing an exposed Austrian Infantry Colour, I ordered the men to move forward. We captured the enemy colour, destroyed the enemy Jager Kompanie along with most of a Kompanie of Grenadiers, we then recovered the King's Colours of the 42nd Highlanders and pushed on to the enemy artillery battery. We decommissioned the enemy artillery, and then retired to the rear of the army with the captured colours. We then began the next day of battle protected the center of the army. Upon spotting enemy Heavy Cavalry threatening our Artillery positions, I ordered the charge of the cavalry about double our size, and while we were forced back they were rendered combat ineffective and forced as foot soldiers. Medals were awarded to various people, including the Bavarian Merit of Honour going to Capitain Thomas, of the 9eme Regiment. The following rankers have earned a form of accolade: Soldat Erik Wulff, and Gefreiter Krieg Crämmer.

Oberst Leutnant Hein Könitzer,
Battalion Nr. 1, 16. Bayerisches Infanterie-Regiment, 4e Brigade d'Infanterie
September 11, 2012

p.s. I would like to extend a tribute, of some sorts, to the victims and families of the 9/11 attacks, and the following casualties thereafter.
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