OSP Medieval 3D Art 15th Century 'Englyshe' Plate Armour Pack

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This is a mirror of a thread of the OSP Author Baraban (he can have the thread reattributed to him on request should he become active again) at the M&B Modding section at the Total War forum (original thread here). The rest is quoted from the thread.


I received permission from Brendan (A2K) some time ago to edit the original base meshes and textures he and Narf made for the Prophesy of Pendor mod, on the condition that I don't release anything with his Prophesy of Pendor specific work in it, or anything that's already released by Narf in one of his packs, just the base items that are OSP along with the armour and textures I've reworked, and on the condition that I give them both credit for my work.

It's taken me over a month but this is just my first attempt to make some historically accurate (or as close as I can get) 'Englyshe style' 15th Century Plate armour for Warband and are taken from references from a few Osprey books and effigies posted online. Most of the plate armour I've done so far is from the era encompassing the Hundred Years War, although the last one is based on the armour worn by Ralph Fitzherbert who fought during the War of the Roses, so there's a good 50-60 years between the first and last sets of armour in the pack.


I have decided to release these to anyone who is interested in using them for personal use, or even in a mod, but in that instance I would ask that credit is given to all those who contributed.

This is still very much a work in progress as I usually mod for Medieval 2, and I'm still very new to the whole texture and mesh editing scene for all this, so please be gentle with the feedback.

You can download the brf file here at the M&B Repository:

I hope they're useful for someone?


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