15. Infanterie-Regiment

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"After a long period of darkness,
the eagle shall rise again."

We are the 15. Infanterieregiment, a prussian line regiment.
We were a clan for Mount&Musket since August 13th, 2011
have gone through hights and debts and have even been disbanded for a while,
but have been refounded and shall now try to bring glory to the Prussian Kingdom!​


Just contact one of the Officers below on
Steam and ask to join, you'll be asked a few questions and
if you sound like you fit our expectations,
you'll be introduced into the regiment by the person you contacted.

Atheon Shaan

This regiment is a good choice if you're looking for a regiment
which leaders take their task seriously, where discipline and order are important
while still having a fun experience in playing regimental events.


The Infanterie-Regiment „Prinz Friedrich der Niederlande“ (2. Westfälisches) Nr. 15
was an Infantry-regiment of the Kingdom of Prussia and later of the German Kaiserreich.
Founded in 1813 as the "3. Reserve", its called the "15." since 1815 and in 1826 it
got the extra name "Prinz Friedrich der Niederlande" (Prince Frederik of the Netherlands).
Since 1820 it was stationed in the city of Minden.

[size=11pt]List of  big battles:

Battle of Waterloo, June 18th, 1815 (Victory)
Battle of Missunde, February 2nd, 1864 (Defeat)
Battle of Düppel, April 18th, 1864 (Victory)
Battle of Dermbach, July 4th, 1866 (Draw)
Battle of Kissingen, July 10th, 1866 (Victory)
Battle of Laufach, July 13th, 1866 (Victory)
Battle of Aschaffenburg, July 14th, 1866 (Victory)
Battle of Tauberbischofsheim, July 24th, 1866 (Victory)
Battle of Metz, August 14th, 1870 (Victory)
Battle of Colombey, August 14th, 1870 (Victory)
Battle of Loretto, October 6th, 1914 - May 21st, 1915 (Victory)
Battle of Verdun, June 11th, 1916 - August 8th, 1916 (Defeat)

The 15. was dissolved at December 5th, 1918.
There is still a monument for the regiment on the place
of its former barracks in Minden, Germany.




Oberst [Ob] (Colonel) - Regimental Commander

Oberstleutnant [Oblt] (Lieutenant Colonel) - Second in Command

Major [Maj] (Major) – Third in Command

Hauptmann [Hm] (Captain) – Fourth in Command

Leutnant [Lt] (Lieutenant) – Fifth in Command


Fähnrich [Fa] (Ensign) – Officer Candidates

Feldwebel [Fwb] (Seargent) – Senior NCO, Drillmaster

Korporal [Ko] (Corporal) – Junior NCO


Gefreiter [Gef] (Lance Corporal) – Enlisted Men First Class

Gemeiner [Gem] (Private) – Enlisted Men

Rekrut [Rek] (Recruit) – New members without knowledge of the basics


Oberst Skass

Feldwebel Atheon
Feldwebel Shifty
Korporal TheBard
Korporal Laumudreki

Gemeiner Empyreus
Gemeiner ConCron
Rekrut Magee
Rekrut Ran
Rekrut PelajaaXXX
Rekrut FinnishJaeger
Rekrut Brock
Rekrut Iain
Rekrut Christophe_Stekla

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