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15ème Régiment d'Infanterie Légère

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15ème Régiment d'Infanterie Légère


"No sooner had the 15e Légère and 33e Ligne arrived and
deployed than they marched on the enemy, nothing could resist their attack.
The 15e was directed at the bridge and chased a corps 10 times more numerous than they, penetrated Sokolnitz,
intermingled with the Russians, slaughtering with the bayonet all that dared oppose them."

Light Infantry

Traditionally light infantry (or skirmishers) were soldiers whose job was to provide a skirmishing screen ahead of the main body of infantry, harassing and delaying the enemy advance. Light infantry often fought in close co-ordination with line infantry, where they could screen the line infantry from harassing fire, and the line infantry could intervene to protect the light infantry from attacks of enemy cavalry.

More often than not it was the light infantry storming the gates of farms and towns. For example at Waterloo the gate of Hougoumont was stormed by the 1st Light Regiment, and the gates of La Haye Sainte was attacked by the 13th Light. In La Haye Sainte the French broke down the outer door of the passage through the stables. It was here where both sides crossed bayonets. The attackers were pushed back but the French light infantrymen climbed up onto the roof of the stables and fired down into the yard at the German riflemen. The riflemen attempted to block up holes in the walls made by artillery fire but the French scaled the walls and bursted into the farmyard.

Napoleon's light infantry enjoyed a great reputation in Europe. Prussian general Scharnhorst maintained that the individual French soldier, epitomized by the light infantryman, had decided most of the tactical engagements of the war. Scharnhorst wrote:

"The physical ability and high inteligence of the common man enables the French light infantryman to profit from all advantages offered by the terrain and the general situation, while the phlegmatic Germans, Bohemians and Dutch form an open ground and do nothing but what their officers order them to do."

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French light infantry.                 
Battles and combats of the 15ème Régiment d'Infanterie Légère
  • 1797: Gradisca and Trebbia
  • 1799: Tidone River, Trebbia River, and Novi
  • 1800: Monte-Cenis
  • 1805: Amstetten and Austerlitz
  • 1807: Koenigsberg
  • 1808: Evora and Vimeiro
  • 1809: La Corogne and Misarella
  • 1809: Donawerth, Thann, Landshut, Ratisbonne, Eckmuhl, and Wagram
  • 1810: Cuidad-Rodrigo
  • 1812: Smolensk, Moskowa, Mojaisk, and Krasnoe
  • 1813: Lauenbourg, Grosmulseau, and Hambourg
  • 1814: Anvers, La Rothiere, and Monterau
  • 1815: Ligny, Wavre, and Namur


Cpt  Penn
Cpl  TerrorFish
Cpl  WeedWacker
SoD  Ceres97
SoD  Delta
SoD  Gorbatsjov
SoD  Haggisman
SoD  Johnny M.
SoD  Samurai
SoD  SilentPain
SoD  Tallest
SoD  Xelop
                      [br]Sdt  Edymion
Sdt  GameFreaker
Sdt  Ori123
Sdt  Pavel
Sdt  Vhasj

Ct  Boltonbulls
Ct  Otto
Ct  Facebook
Ct  gosh_mate
Ct  MakeCake



Warm up & Briefing - 18:30 GMT
Archers Monday Linebattle - 19:00 GMT

Warm up & Briefing - 18:30 GMT
47th Tuesday Linebattle - 19:00 GMT

Formations training - 18:00 GMT
33rd Wednesday Linebattle - 19:00 GMT

Melee & Shooting practice - 18:00 GMT
95th Thursday Linebattle - 19:00 GMT

Warm up & Briefing - 18:30 GMT
K-KA Friday Linebattle - 19:00 GMT

Warm up & Briefing - 19:00 GMT
Crusaders Saturday Linbattle - 19:30 GMT

Warm up & Briefing - 18:00 GMT
33rd Sunday Linebattle - 19:00 GMT

Banner & In-game name

This is the banner we use for our character:


Your characters name will be this:


Here is an example of the rank worn by Capitaine Penn:  [15eme]Cpt_Penn


Always follow orders, and do not ignore them to suit your needs.
We expect all members to be mature during linebattles and trainings

All members are expected and required to be civil towards other members and all players of NW.

All soldiers are required to regularly attend the trainings, and expected to fight off the enemy with great courage!


Everyone in the regiment can recruit people, to do so you just follow these guidelines.

[list type=decimal]
[*]Ask for his/hers Steamname.
[*]Invite the recruit to the Steam group.
[*]Ask if they have TeamSpeak3. If not give them the link to the download http://www.teamspeak.com
[*]Give the recruit the TeamSpeak3 server adress (picnicparty.teamspeak3.com).
[*]Showing the recruit this thread for information would be a good idea
[*]Give the recruit the password to 15eme_Official server.

Our Pirate_Battle_1 server is a great place to find eager recruits, so visit it regulary!

Our servers

Currently we have two Napoleonic Wars servers and one TeamSpeak3 server up and running:


The good ol' Pirate_Battle_1 server.
This server is suppose to be a lot of good naval battles.
Also this is where we find most of our recruits.


This is our training server, we use this to get our men into fighting condition.
When the server is not being used for training, it is a public siege server.

TeamSpeak server adress:

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