EU Siege Open [14e] [DN] 04/11 Friday Siege of Château Gaillard [Weekly]

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Greetings everyone, the 14e Gaming / Le Duché de Normandie is glad to announce its first event on Mount and blade 2: Bannerlord

"The Siege of Château Gaillard"

That event will take place the 25th of November at 20:30 CET and every friday afterwards

Map : Unknown

Mod : Siege


The Siege of Château Gaillard is an important event of the 1202-1204 war of The Capetiens-Plantagenêts conflicts. The French King, Phillipe Auguste, has decided to invade Normandie on the year 1202. One of the main invasion's objective is the take of Château Gaillard on the shore of the Seine river. The great fortress, considered impregnable has been siege for 6 month. We are the March the 6th of the year 1204, and the assault will be lead on the castle. Attackers and defenders, Ready your weapons, as on this day, the Seine will turn red, and Château Gaillard will host it's bloodiest battle!

General Rules:
  • Be respectful to everyone, any bad behaviour will be punished
  • Only clans who have been accepted can participate
  • Do not share the server's password to non invited clans/persons
  • Accept the invitation to our steam chat when you are being accepted to the event
Specific Rules
• Attackers can only leave spawn as a squad of 5 minimum
• 30% max archers for each clans
• Infantry can't pick / or use bow or crossbow
• No cavalry
• Defenders can't leave the castle or the nearby objectif outside of it


Clan NameCaptainNumber of MembersClan Banner
14e Gaming - Duché de NormandieSuchet

Clan Name CaptainNumber of MembersClan Banner
Le Royaume de BretonnieGilles80-100


Clan Name :
Leader steam ID :
Number of Player :
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Clan Name : [LO] Ordre du Lion d'Or
Leader steam ID : [IVe/LO] Louaran :
Number of Player : 15-20
I agree to the rules : As always


Clan Name : [LO] Ordre du Lion d'Or
Leader steam ID : [IVe/LO] Louaran :
Number of Player : 15-20
I agree to the rules : As always
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