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[WB] [SP]1468 AD Middle Europe - new historical mod


Download - full version of 1468 AD Middle Europe mod


Download - My music patch for true medieval feeling in game


New historical mod from Middle- Europe in XV. Century. New factions, map, historical lords.... As base for modding I use module system from Native Mod Compilation, so module gameplay upgrades for better playing like PBO, Diplomacy, etc. are imported too. Included tons of new equipment (my own and OSP). MP units use new item too, similar like quick battle units and new quick battle heroes. The ultimate goal of the mod is to provide absolute historical accuracy within the gameplay framework similar to the Native with many improvements and tweaks, new units and textures and many more. Mod is complete and released. Enjoy    :wink:

New map
New 6. factions
New troop tree all faction
New troop tree for player faction
Changing of equipment for player faction troops
Court Chancellor, Chamberlein.... (If you play as ruler)
Historicaly corect lords
Every lord have unique equipment
New Ladies and NPC
New pretenders
New mercenaries
New bandits with Bosses
New companions
New items
New banners
Some new texts
Economy improvements
Productive enterprizes in towns
Better recruiting system
Pre Battle Orders
Battlefields tactics
Bank of Caladria
Deployable Pavise

Kingdom of Bohemia
HRE Austria
HRE Saxony
HRE Bavaria
Kingdom of Hungary
Kingdom of Poland



Native Mod Compilation - Full 1.0 BETA 2 by Bismarck
"Battlefield Tactics Kit" by motomataru
"Bridge Battle" by Arch3r
"Custom Commander" by rubik
"Deployable, destructible pavise" by Cartread
"Diplomacy" by Waihti
"Duel Kit v0.5" by MartinF
"Garnier's Bank of Calradia"
"Module System" by Taleworlds
"Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment Kit" by Caba`Drin
"Training Fields" by lucky lancer
"Warband Entrenched" by Tempered
models and textures:
Lord Szentgyorgyi
Sorry if I forgot somebody!
Known bugs
If you picked in character creation menu "You father was: Impoverished noble", so sometimes banner page is not correctly display, so better way is pick another option.

Raudentius, yes, just me...  :grin: :grin: :grin:
Played around a bit with the mod and i have to say that it looks pretty good this far. Haven't found any bugs yet wich i am wery thankful for. Some more pic's than the ones you have would be good tough.
He he, yes, but say this to Hussites...... :grin: :grin: :grin:  And Czech state was in special situation ruled by heretic king Jiří z Poděbrad. German emperor never rule Bohemia, only as Bohemian King like Kaiser Sigismund after 20 years of war... :grin:
German emperors didn't hardly rule over anything within the empire's border most of the time.
As you said there were some kings of Bohemia who were German/Roman emperors/kings at the same time, like Sigismund, or Charles IV.. Also Bohemian kings were among the electoral princes.
Yes, you have right, but all this is common facts, which not must be discuss here. I´m originaly plane create mod from Hussites war, but I have trouble with making wagon wall scene, so I decide create mod from late era, with still strong hussites influence.  In 1468 start war between Bohemia and Hungary and this conflict have priority for me. I plane only one faction for HRE and because was still lots of free space on the map, then I create 3 factions for HRE. :grin:  Btw. I´m study historian from Czech Rep. so discussion about Bohemian-HRE relations and electional system of HRE(Kurfürsten etc.) are pointless...
Only found one bug so far, aside from choosing father as an impoverished noble, and that is an error in the script overlay. Script wasn't coming up at all, and upon checking the log I found everything that should have popped up along with several dozen error messages in a row. Otherwise it works fine  :smile:
Yes, I try fix this bug in module system, but I have no luck yet... BTW. my main mod Heart of Europe is released too! Look here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=171177.msg4133268#msg4133268
Raudentius said:

Are you sure that houndskull/pigfaced bacinet was still in use in 1468 in Middle Europe ? Because I never found any source that could have proved it. This kind of bacinet was quite obsolete in the second half of the XVth century and many fighters prefered to wear a sallet, with or without a visor and/or an aventail, for better mobility and protection.

Anyway, if you have any source that could prove its use, I would be glad to you to show it to me ! Because if you mean to do an historial mod, you must do it as historical as possible !
Soon after 1450 the "great bascinet" was rapidly discarded for field use, being replaced by the armet and sallet, which were lighter helmets allowing greater freedom of movement for the wearer. This is true, but in Bohemia and Poland was still commonly used in 1468.
Okay, that could explain why so many polish reenactors wear this helmet for XVth century reenactment. I thought it was more a personal/esthetic choice better than for historical accuracy, because I'm in lack of sources for Middle Europe and thought this helmet was not in use anymore.

I trust you :wink:
and on trade? I can play and have a great patrician company of trade, can arrange caravans either on horseback or by boat, or you did not even give a look at it?

why do I see so many cool mod, but not one that tried to improve the trade.
I am not seeing any combat messages, although they all go into the log. This is only in this mod.

Also, in Hungary, Buda and Pest (which is misspelled) are on the wrong side of the Danube river. Buda should be on the West side and the castle should be Buda Castle.
In my eternal search for great historical mods to play and "live" with my alter egos, maybe I have found another

maybe a new descendant of Hindefuns the Clever, mighty Angle warlord of 7h centory Britain, and Ambrosius Pellicano, italian mercenary in Anno Domini 1257, will come in the Renaissance times to wield again his sword, fighting for some kingdom?

We will see. For now i will take this 3d in my favd. After have tried, I will say more.

O===||:::: A T A C U !!!!!!!! !::::>
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