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1429: The Lily and the Lion is a project to improve upon the already fantastic mod 1429: La Guerre de Cent by FantasyWarrior by adding realistic elements of 15th Century France, in the form of: historically accurate characters and banners; reworked companions inspired by history, literature, or our own imaginations; re worked troop trees and items; changed party/garrison sizes, income and upkeep. The mod is largely in French at the moment, but a translation is in the works. As this project progresses hopefully even more features can be added later. Anyone who wishes to help can contact me, and we would be happy to have the help. Right now, we could use some help putting some polish in our "rough draft" banners, if anyone would be willing to help with that. One problem i'm currently having is lords from different factions using the same banners, so if anyone can help with that it would be much appreciated.
Hello this is me who made a comment on Mod DB, i would gladly help you. For me all the lords list have to be redone cause they are not all historically accurate, and banners boards (banner a banner b etc...) should be done by faction, cause its a mess working in all the faction's banners at the same time. The world map have to get improve especially for Brittany, some cities especially in Brittany have to be replace or changed. The first thing to do is to remade the lords and companions list to make them historical. I know nothing about module system so i don't know how to get the current list of lords but if you gave them to me i can make this for you.

I already got most of the names of the lords of 1429 i just got to get the listings for Brittany, Burgundy, France and England.

For France i have an ancient work list of 52 lords, it is quite a lot, i think they are less in the last version of the mod.


This is what we are currently working on as well. Ive got the english mostly done, and im working on the french at the moment, then i will do burgundy, and finally britanny. i would be happy to take a look at your list and start putting them in the mod. i was planning on putting Pierre d'Arc in at the very least as well. Do you know how to change what banners lords use? Right now I have to Breton lords using 2 the exact same banner as 2 English lords and I want to assign them to use different banners. What I mean is that I changed the 2 banners to make them historically accurate for the English, and the Breton lords are using the same copy.
OK i will give you my names for all the factions and you take them as you want, i toke the most popular ones so it will be listed by order of renown with the family links wrote beside between (***).

To change the banners you have to find the banner sheet or board (banner a banner b banner c) where it is, this is DDS files so you have to use Gimp or Photoshop with a DDS plug in and then change the banner with the one you did; if you have two same banners you have one chance on two to replace the good one the first time cause you'll know just once you test in game.

There is banners of all faction on all the banner sheets that's why its pretty a mess to make good work 100 % historically accurate with perfect heraldry if you follow the order of the banner sheets. When i did this work i had banners of france burgundy and england in the same first sheet so with all my layers and all heraldry symbols it was a crazy heavy file and totally boring to navigate in my layers and it was so boring i gived up (i had to remake the lords list too same time and it was hard ressearch work) huge graphical work and huge historical ressearch =>  :mad:. The best thing to do is to make the banners one by one or by faction and then replace them in the banners sheets.

I'll edit this post with the names and with my files with heraldry banners.

About Joan of Arc brothers: they where two in his household retenue, this could be really nice to add them as specials npc in her army :idea:
Pierre et Jean d'Arc alias "du Lys".

One maintains that Joan's brothers, Jean and Pierre, were attached to her military household. They were the 2nd and 3rd sons of Jacques d'Arc and Isabelle Vouthon alias Romée.

The youngest, Jean du Lys, alias Little Jean, was named in 1452 Bailiff of Vermandois and Captain of Chartres. In 1457 he was made Captain of Vaucouleurs which he held for 10 years before his retirement. Jean d'Arc may be remained without posterity so he had no heir to become the parish priest of Domrémy.

The younger brother, Pierre, followed the Maid until Camping where he was captured with her. He was ruined after paying his ransom and ended his life in Orléans. The Duke of Orléans gave him the Ile-aux-Boeufs (a large island of pastureland that was situated on the Loire a little up river from Orleans). Charles VII bestowed upon him the perception of a right to collecting Tolls in the district of Chaumont. He became a knight of the Order of the Porcupine, created by Charles d'Orléans. He had a son curiously surnamed "The Maid" who died in 1501. 

As this extract, much of my informations come from this very nice french site happily traduced in english too http://jean-claude.colrat.pagesperso-orange.fr/index-angl.htm


we were thinking of doing that actually, adding them in as her companions. maybe even jean de metz and bertrand de pouelengy. anyways with the banners, what i meant is, those lords literally use the same exact banner, the same copy of the same banner. i changed 2 banners that changed the banners of 4 lords. lol ive been using that exact same website.
those lords literally use the same exact banner

Didn't know you can assign one banner to multiple lords, probably a script ?

we were thinking of doing that actually, adding them in as her companions.

Yes it would be nice to add them with Jean d'Aulon too, good you found this site: it is the best on the subject ! I've made a pretty nice list of france vassals maybe there's too much :mrgreen:.

Charles VII de France

1 Jeanne d'Arc
2 Jean II de Valois dit "d'Alençon" Dukes of Alençon
3 Jean de Dunois btd of Orléans
4 Etienne de Vignolles (La Hire)
5 Jean Poton de Xaintrailles
6 Gilles de Rais

7 Louis de Culant
8 Jean de Brosse cousin
9 Jean de Culant frère
10 Charles de Culant premier fils
11 Philippe de Culant second fils et frère

12 Charles II d'Albret

13 Louis d'Amboise
14 Pierre d'Amboise

15 Jean IV D'Armagnac
16 Bernard VIII D'Armagnac (frère)
17 Jean IV de Termes d’Armagnac
18 Géraud de Termes d'Armagnac (frère)
19 Thilbault de Termes d'Armagnac (frère)
20 Renaud de Termes d'Armagnac (frère)

21 Charles Ier de Bourbon
22 Louis Ier de Bourbon-Vendôme
23 Pierre de Beauvau
24 Jean V de Bueil
25 Raoul VI de Gaucourt
26 Jacques de Chabannes
27 Guy III de Chauvigny
28 Jean Foucault
29 Jean de  Gamaches
30 Nicolas de Giresme (chevalier hospitalier,chevalier de rhodes)
31 Guillaume Bellier, Grand Veneur du Roi.
32 Pierre Bessonneau, Maître de l'Artillerie.
33 Jean Malet de Graville, Grand Maître des Arbalétriers.
34 Guy XIV de Montfort-Laval Breton et français
35 André de Lohéac (petit frère) Breton et français
36 Christophe d'Harcourt, Baron d'Avrech.
37 Gilbert Motier de La Fayette
38 Bertrand V de La Tour d'Auvergne
39 Jean de Linières
40 Ambroise de Loré
41 Charles II de Poitiers
42 René d'Anjou
43 Robert de Baudricourt
44 Jean de Metz
45 Bertrand de Poulengy  
46 Denis de Chailly
47 Guillaume de Cernay
48 Guillaume de Chaumont-Quitry
49 Bernard de Comminges
50 Raymond-Arnault de Coarraze
51 Girault de La Paillière
52 Louis de Waencourt

And the list of Burgundian Lords it was not easy but i had a genius idea go there http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Knights_of_the_Golden_Fleece The french version of this page is more detailed.

Philippe III de Bourgogne "Philippe le Bon"

Nicolas Rolin Chancelier

1 Antoine de Toulongeon Maréchal
2 André de Toulongeon (frère)
3 Jean II de Luxembourg
4 Pierre Ier de Luxembourg
5 Jean de Luxembourg († 1466), dit « Hennequin »
6 Baudot de Noyelles
7 Jean de Villiers de l'Isle-Adam
8 Pierre de Bauffremont
9 Guillaume de Vienne
10 Régnier Pot
11 Jean V
12 Roland d'Uytkercke
13 Antoine de Vergy
14 David de Brimeu
15 Colart de Brimeu
16 Jacques de Brimeu
17 Jean de La Trémoille
18 Guilbert de Lannoy
19 Antoine Ier de Croÿ
20 Jean II de Croÿ
21 Robert de Masmines
22 Baudouin de Lannoy
23 Philippe de Ternant
24 Jean V de Créquy
25 Jean Ier de Neuchâtel
26 Frédéric IV
27 Simon VIII de Lalaing
28 Jean IV de Melun
29 Jacques de Crèvecoeur, Seigneur de Crèvecoeur
30 Jean IV de Vergy
31 Jean de Luxembourg († 1466), dit « Hennequin »
32 Charles de Bourgogne
33 Rupert IV
34 Thibault VIII de Neufchâtel


The idea is to not have them use the same banner cause it doesnt make sense for breton lords to be using the same banner as english lords. do you know where you can change this at? like for example it says something like: lord 1: banner 23, lord 2: banner 45, lord 3: banner 16, etc. do you know how to add companions to lords?
Sorry i don't know nothing much about the module system and how the banners are assigned i'll try too ask but the modding is always to find by yourself :neutral:

The same family Lords can use the same banner.

I've redone and verified your english Lords list it was very good, i just changed 6 names: anachronical or whatever i've wrote why i changed in the file and i can certify you this list is 100 % Historically accurate. I have almost finish the Breton Lords i will edit this post this evening.

John of Lancaster, Duke of Bedford
Jean de Lancastre, Duc de Bedford

Sir Thomas Chaucer is Speaker of the English House of Commons fought in france only in 1415 -> replaced by Richard II Woodville

Added this Lords in place of anachronic Lords or inexistant ones

Matthew Gough
Thomas Kyriell
Jean Beaufort
Thomas Beaufort
John Fitzalan, 7th (14th) Earl of Arundel (1408-1435)
Richar II Woodville 

1 Richard of York, Duke of York HIGH RENOWN
2 John Talbot HIGH RENOWN
3 Sir John Fastolf HIGH RENOWN
4 Edmund Beaufort HIGH RENOWN
5 William de la Pole HIGH RENOWN
6 Humphrey of Lancaster,Duke of Gloucester (1391-1447) HIGH RENOWN
7 Thomas de Scales HIGH RENOWN
8 Richard Woodville AVERAGE RENOWN
9 Richard le Strange, 7th Baron Strange (1381–1449) HIGH RENOWN
10 Sir William Glasdale HIGH RENOWN
11 Edward Neville, Neville was knighted sometime after 1426 LOW RENOWN
12 James Fiennes, Lord Say and Sele (1394-1450) married to Emeline Cromer. AVERAGE RENOWN
13 John Tiptoft HIGH RENOWN
14 John Holland HIGH RENOWN
15 Thomas de Courtenay LOW RENOWN
16 Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland (1394-1455) AVERAGE RENOWN
17 John Mowbray, 2nd Duke of Norfolk (1389-1432) HIGH RENOWN
  John II Mowbray, 3rd Duke of Norfolk (1415-1461) 14 years old in 1429 :-S can be a quire but not a Lord.
18 Thomas Clifford LOW RENOWN
19 Henry Bourchier AVERAGE RENOWN
20 Reginald Grey, 3rd Baron Grey de Ruthyn (c. 1362 – 30 September 1440) HIGH RENOWN
21 Thomas Stanley (1er baron Stanley) HIGH RENOWN
22 Sir William Trussell AVERAGE RENOWN
23 Sir Robert Roos ???? -> John Fitzalan, 7th (14th) Earl of Arundel (1408-1435) AVERAGE RENOWN
24 Sir Owen Tudor or Owen ap Meredydd, commonly called Owen Tudor AVERAGE RENOWN
25 Sir William ap Thomas LOW RENOWN
26 Sir Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury (1400-1460) AVERAGE RENOWN
27 Sir John Radcliffe AVERAGE RENOWN John Radlicffe will marry with the daughter of Walter Fitzwalter.

Sir John Radcliffe of Attleborough, Norfolk, had an admirable career as a soldier and administrator in the service of the Lancastrian kings of England. His assignments took him into all the dominions of the crown: Ireland, Wales, Normandy, and Gascony. While Sir John's life is of considerable interest in its own right, his career both exemplifies as well as personalizes the English military experience of his lifetime.

28 Sir William Fitzhugh, 4th Baron FitzHugh (c. 1399 - 22 October 1452) was an English nobleman AVERAGE RENOWN
  Richard Woodville AVERAGE RENOWN (father)
29 Richard II Woodville (1er comte Rivers) (can use son and father with same name) LOW RENOWN
30 Thomas Dacre, 6th Baron Dacre of Gilsland (27 October 1387 – 5 January 145:cool:, was born at Naworth Castle, Cumberland AVERAGE RENOWN
31 Sir John Grey (c. 1387 – 27 August 1439) AVERAGE RENOWN
32 William Bonville, 1st Baron Bonville, (c.1392/3 – 18 February 1461) AVERAGE RENOWN
33 Sir Thomas de Rokeby ???(died 1356) -> Thomas Kyriell AVERAGE RENOWN
34 John Sutton de Dudley, Baron Dudley (1401?-1487) AVERAGE RENOWN
35 Thomas Montacute HIGH RENOWN
36 James Fitzgerald ??? -> John Beaufort HIGH RENOWN
37 Richard de Beauchamp, (13e comte de Warwick) HIGH RENOWN
38 James Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley (c. 1394 – 22 October[1] 1463), also known as "James the Just" HIGH RENOWN
39 William la zouche ???(died 19 July 1352) -> Thomas Beaufort AVERAGE RENOWN
40 Sir oliver St John ??? -> Matthew Gough LOW RENOWN
41 Sir John Seymour (1400-1464) AVERAGE RENOWN
42 Sir John Blount (John Blount, 3rd Baron Mountjoy (c. 1450 – 12 October 1485)) -> Thomas Blount (1378–1456) LOW RENOWN
43 Robert Willoughby (1452-1502) -> John Willoughby LOW RENOWN
44 Sir William Oldhall LOW RENOWN
45 James Tuchet, 5th Baron Audley, 2nd Baron Tuchet (c. 1398–1459) distinguished veteran of the Hundred Years' War
46 Sir Rorbet Howard of Tendring (1385–1436) marry to Margaret de Mowbray (1388–1459) LOW RENOWN
47 Bertrand III de Montferrand, 1st Baron of Guyenne. HIGH RENOWN
48 Walter Hungerford, 1st Baron Hungerford (1378–1449) HIGH RENOWN
49 John De Vere, Twelfth Earl of Oxford (1407-1462) AVERAGE RENOWN

optional Walter Fitzwalter, Lord Fitzwalter LOW RENOWN John Radlicffe will marry with the daughter of Walter.

Breton Lords

1 Jean V de Bretagne, Duc de Bretagne
2 Arthur de Monfort dit Arthur de Richemont
2 Richard de Montfort (frère de Jean V et Arthur de Richemont)
3 Bertrand de Dinan (Maréchal)
4 Jacques de Dinan, seigneur de Beaumanoir (petit frère de Bertrand)
4 Jean de Penhoët (amiral)
5 Alain IX de Rohan
8 Jean II de Châteaubriant
9 Rolland de Coëtmen
10 Charles de Penthièvre
11 Tanneguy III du Chastel
12 Olivier de Coëtivy http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olivier_de_Co%C3%ABtivy (grand frère de prigent)
13 Prigent VII de Coëtivy
14 Tugdual de Kermoysan Breton
15 Jean III de Rieux
16 Pierre de Rieux
17 Henri Penmarc'h
19 Jean de Kermellec
20 Guillaume Du Guesclin
21 Jean d'Acigné
22 Jean D'Ancenis
24 Geoffroy de Malestroit
  Messire JEAN BUDES

it doesnt make sense for breton lords to be using the same banner as english lords
I totally agree with that, i think father and son can have the same banner.

I'm going try to see with module system how does the banners works, and to see how many lords there is in each factions of the last 1429 version.

Here is a nice tutorial on module system: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,240255.0.html


so we now have an email: [email protected] this is the best place to inquire about helping with the mod. my partner on the mod is going to run the email address and he is the one more versed in history than i am so you should talk to him about all these suggestions Armaury.
I will put the names list in dropbox and send an email. I've take a look in module system files and its quite hard to understand the code from a first sight, i've found the lords list in module_troops.py. It seems there is 50 lords for france, 51 for england, 18 for brittany and 16 for burgundy. I think that could be a nice thing to add NPC in lords' party like adding their son or lesser noble under their command.


Sorry I have been busy with school lately, but that is something we would like to do if we can. I would need to learn how to do that first though. Just finished the English Lords today, working on the French at the moment.
I'm redoing the faces of the Lords with the face editor to do that tick "Edit Mode" on Taleworlds Launcher and then Crtl + E under the editor to get the face code. I'm trying to dispatch my heavy huge banner file into one by faction to put in dropbox later this week end.


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You'd get more feedback and help on this if you posted a list of features, a better description, credits, current team, screenshots and such.


we are going to look into making our page better when we get a chance. i have been really busy with the mod itself that i havent put as much time into our page.
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