12th (East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot Guards

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[size=36pt][size=14pt]The 12th (East Suffolk) Regiment of Light Infantry

We are an EU Regiment that is quite small. We only have about ten members but we are recruiting members as you read this.

Our members are:

Col JerkLibeSki
Capt Excusite Dog
Capt Chant

Ensign Podge

Pfc Harrinator
Pfc Zair Zanerthage
Pvt Shimazu
Pvt Vannister
Pvt Lord Byron
Pvt Calvin DuPlouy

1. Members should speak English
2. Have fun
3. Members must obey orders from commanders or NCOs
4. Don't be an idiot
5. Don't troll other regiments

We are part of the IG community and we normally merc for people.

If you want to join add [12thES]I am not Immortal on steam.​
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