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So here we are folks, the source for 1257AD. The source code is now opened source. Feel free to use it for whatever you want.

Assets (models, textures, scences, other visual material, ect.) are not mine to give away, and should get permissions from the authors to use it. You are however, free to use the assets if you are making an enchantment of 1257AD: re-polished, re-masters, ect.

Please give credit.

Source is on github:
Thank you very much for this. I've been playing this mod since the earliest releases, and it remains my most favourite mod for Warband ever.

Hope you guys come back for more awesomeness with Bannerlord.
help me please with source. I wanna change npc recruit  to native ( when they are in tavern) . I tried create new npc but they are not appear in tavern. I see new npc in recruit menu but I cannot hire them. or maybe can change  quantity of npc which can hire. Sorry for my bad English
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