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1257ad future

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Just one thing: 1257AD is the one and only mod I kept wholeheartedly recommending to people asking me about good singleplayer mods. Since the very beginning. Thank you for all the work so far and for the tweaks to come. That is all.


If you'd stop 'n let it rot, ya should, maybe, give out some OSP packs, just sayin'.

Played this ages ago, t'was, by far, the best SP mod, though I 'ave never bin a sp man, rather a mp man, buh I did enjoy it immensely.

Check yu

Do you use a different random map generator then native btw? I read a coupla post above me about that they wer good? If so, share!


NOOOOOOOO WHY i loved this mod so much i have autism so i get stuck on 1 thing and that is HISTORY sad how its going to be in a hole soon. :cry: tis a sad day i was going to say to make the mod better but alas its gone. my last words to the mod. for so long you have lived made people happy about history. but yet your time has come and for that we all thank you with your presence and all the joy you brought to us all. rest well my friend and you will always be in my module folder even if you are dead. so that you may still be with us.


also why dosnt someone else take the mod and revive it so we dont miss it then if thay get board give it to another then so on


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I've played warband for 1000+ hours now, most of it in multiplayer.  I've just discovered this mod and I'm amazed at how wonderful it is.  It has so much detail and is truely engrosing.  Thank-you to the people who made it.  I'm looking forward to spending more time in singleplayer on your mod. 



nah I wouldn't want any1 else mess with the mod than tomas,othr and kuauik. thanks for the mod (even though u didn't add finnish tribes to it!  :mrgreen:) and take care.


Aw man, felt like i just started playing the mod :sad:... ah well thanks for the great ride and you can bet that i am gonna play this for a great while ahead :mrgreen:
Mount and Blade was like a dream come true for me (I used to draw soldiers and everything when i was little) and you guys made it even better with creating the mod and setting it in one of my favourite eras, and doing it f***ing amazing ! You put M&B:W on a divine level, myself and many others are grateful for your commitment and the work you have done..
I believe that I will always play it, and, I can promise that your work will be remembered !
Thank you ! ! !  :grin:

Пиво и чипс !


Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication u took warband to a high new level AD 1257 PoP Bryt and Europe 1200  the best mods (games) ever made.
good luck and God Bless!


was there ever a 1.0 version? but thanks you guys although i found mount and blade only about six months ago i love this mod and everything about it! :grin:


Truly, THE best mod of Mount and Blade. I even had the chance to play it back when it was started on the original mount & blade  and later on warband. The improvement was unimaginable, incredible. The fact that there is my home nation in the game and my favourite historical period with all that it has to offer is all that I could have wanted from mount and blade :grin:

Though I really wish you would continue rebuilding it for bannerlords release, I understand that it would take a heck a lot of difficult re-modeling and possibly scripting. But I just wanted to say, that this mod offered the most out of all and even while having fans with unlimited expectations, filled them all out.  :smile:

Thank you, for all your work and effort and all that I haven't mentioned :wink:


CenturionTaz said:
I saw some other versions of this game but was wondering did it stop at beta, or did it continue?

Where did you see the other version? Desura?
Because it will probably be extremely out-dated everywhere
except in these forums.


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The mod is alive and well, until bannerlord (what the hell does this mean anyway) anyway.
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