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No. Not hype. I've done about 150 so far. England's done, and I'm halfway through France. And the mod can use all the ones from my Scotland mod, Scotland 1269 at Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Nexus - Mods and community ( check out the pictures with lots of banners in) although some are from a later part of the medieval era. So whether or not the mod can see the light of day, at least all its little pixel soldiers will be fighting under the right banners. If you have a decal for a chicken let me know, as I could use it for a Luxemburg shield. otherwise.........
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The chicken decal is a must. Lord Ferdinand we're looking for coders, mappers, 3d modellers, artists, researchers, and indeed some people to help out with the banners because we have a lot even for vernon to handle.
Very excited to see what comes of this project and if it will live up to 1257AD for WB but yet even from the general idea of this mod gets me hyped and especially with the better engine of bannerlord I am excited to see more development
@Linir you are most welcome to join - simply join the discord and get in touch with me and I'll be sure to get you on the team. As far as orders they will be in the game in some form the order of aviz might own one or two fiefs as a vassal of portugal.
hey, do you guys know how to change the amount of days in a week or months in a year in bannerlord? It would be a great addition to anymod.
Do you even know the config file where those files would be to edit?
Hey guys! I are doing a really important work, first of all.

Im just thinking, maybe it's a good idea to start with making a map of Europe, rename factions and towns. There is a map of Europe made by chinese modders I believe, also there is a realistic armor mod too. Therefore, we can get a playable start and just add thing to it.
This: https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2345

From the screens I can tell that it's more like up to 14th century armor/weapon mod, but still it's a start.

Well, again, you are free to do as you desire, but I'd suggest to build the essential things, glue them together and it's will be the first playable medieval mod for Bannerlord, which probably will draw some attention to the project.
Getting a mod out early and getting a mod out finished are 2 different things there would certainly be attention at launch but just like with vanilla bannerlord it will immediately die down there is no reason to do it
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